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Thread: Distant Worlds $29.99 (to download)

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    Default Distant Worlds $29.99 (to download)

    I post this because Matrix games have not only the flair of indi-games but unfortunately also the prices of indi-games. Ten bucks less is not much but for those who have thought about getting it maybe a criterium.

    Distant Worlds is an excellent 4X space strategy game that is out now for over half a year. It is in the moment the reference game of the genre and will remain it for a while (I think one can say so). The engine works similar to that of Paradox games. The maps can contain up to 1400 systems with planets, asteroids, moons. There are several dozends of ressources, about 20 species, about two dozend customisable ship classes and bases. The proportions are epic. The game has some flaws however. It can slow down over time. Some aspects of gameplay can be a bit repetive (like pirates, space monsters). The tactical options are also limited and a lot depends as in rts of the older generation on the right unit design and the right numbers at the right time. There is an expansion in planing that hopefully improves some of the weaker elements of the game.

    Matrix has reduced the price for 10 bucks for the coming days and I guess that Matrix will as usual go down again with the price (then maybe a bit more) around the Holidays in Winter.

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    Default Re: Distant Worlds $29.99 (to download)

    Thank you getting it now!

    I am convinced after pondering about it for weeks

    A good review for others interested

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