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Thread: BUG REPORT Thread - Report the bugs you experience here

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    might be an error in the HRE names list. I will have a look at it when I continue work on Castille and Navarra next week (the files are with Vas at the moment, who is busy with the Bretons).

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    A noob to the forums. Thanks for the great work.
    I've played your mod through turn 30, but am getting fed up with an apparent bug in the money system.
    At random, whenever I try to make a ransom, demolish a structure, or negotiate a deal for money, the amount proposed doesn't appear in my coffers as expected. Sometimes the payments are a fraction. Sometimes the transaction is actually negative!
    As a consequence I have had to abandon the pleasure of that aspect of the game.

    If this bug exists in the original vanilla version, I never noticed it before.

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    What could have happenend:

    You have 'queued' units or buildings without having the money (stalled recruiting\building). the moment you receive some money, these stalled units\buildings will become active and the needed money is deducted from your treasury.
    Unlike RTW you can put units and buildings in the queue without money.

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    Aye, it must be what Gigantus says, if it isn't we haven't caused it ... for the simple reason we have no idea how to do such complicated stuff

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    ok just a little straightening needed
    trait decrease
    counts name
    feels unappreciated

    picture shows a guy going from angry to happy

    then below that it says

    this man is happy with the way he is being treated, and his loyalty has grown.

    lol not sure which happened as I wasn't watching his loyalty very close just before he got this so not sure if it went down or up.

    very nice mod runs very stable for me on Vista 32/64. sure look foward to being able to recruit mercs though. I remember seeing this mod awhile back and I think I asked if they would be recruitable through the pubs, the larger the pub /coach house the higher teir merc you can hire. Any thoughts?
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    Well, for your first thing: It's going up. His trait 'feels unappreciated' has decreased, thus he thinks he is appreciated now. That made him happy. Most of the times it happens when you use this general with fighting or build a lot of buildings in his governed settlement.

    For the second: I know there was some talking about that, but i don't know what the final decision is, if there is a final decision at all. Most important thing now is that Stig manage to get all mercs in game.

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    Oh good, mercs
    I really didn't get the mini-discussion about the "feels unappreciated" but I remember getting Trait Increase on the side bar thing and it was "Feels Unappreciated"
    I also remember one of my ports, Plymouth or the one between London and Plymouth right in the middle with the castle and the town next to it and a little island underneath (Castle starts with C) cant remember the name. The castle region's port was the colour of the coastline and nothing else. The next turn, it turned into what it's meant to look like.

    I played as English.

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    No idea what happened there Aeros. But if it turned out normal again it should not be dangerous :O

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    burgundy soldiers' armour has a purple/pink hue. is this intentional?

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    it looks cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syiedthebard View Post
    Erm, 'ello there. I'm just going to tell you all a bit about the bugs I encounter while playing your mod. I suppose, why not, yes?

    Here's a REALLY bad one: crashing upon entering a battle, but not just crashing, MY COMPUTER REBOOTS. X.X I've recreated it twice, now. Here are the details:

    Windows XP
    3 gigs RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE (video card)

    The battlefield is a wooded area a few squares east of Brussels. I'm Flanders: one general, one crossbowman, three light pikemen versus (and I think this is what the problem is) two rebel spear militia and one peasant unit. To my knowledge, they don't exist in the mod. I'm almost positive it's not the specific battlefield because I've recreated the battle in two different squares (had my army "push" the rebels into two different squares), but this may be the case. I haven't had the chance to fight any other battles, only autoresolve. If I can't fight any battles ANYWHERE, I'll update this post, as that would be pretty detrimental.

    Here's what happens: I get my army together and confront the rebels, then choose to fight the battle. As soon as the battle finishes loading, my computer reboots - it doesn't even SHUT DOWN or anything. It just starts from the boot/loading screen (where it tells you the BIOS and such).

    Hope that helps.

    Update: You can't fight ANY battles. I just tried to fight a siege battle upon Bremen (as Flanders again) and the SAME thing happened to me.

    How do i update my driver to stop this problem because i have the same problem.and please tell me in extremely layman terms to fix this issue if it fixable becuase i really want to play battles in this

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    Well find out who made your videocard
    Go to their website
    Download the latest driver
    Install it

    Step #1 is by far the hardest imo

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    I'm new to the mod, but I like the premise, and enjoy it's playability. I had the crashing problem entering battle screens and found that it affected my vanilla M2TW install too. Wiping it all off and beginning with a total reinstallation proved a satisfactory if time-consuming remedy.

    I am currently trying Flanders, and with ports and shipyards, I cannot train or create ships for my faction. Perhaps as Flanders seems to be a new faction, someone may have missed this detail?

    Burgundy will produce ships, if one plays long enough to get seaside territory (like Calais). I however think that because Burgundy was formed from the vanilla Venice faction, all the ships were what Venice would have built as a Mediterranean sea power, namely oared galleys.

    Colouring Burgundian units like Beaune wine is the antithesis of making Flemish units black and gold. Actual Burgundian banners and heraldry were not unlike England's or France's: a whole lot of blue and gold with bits of red and white in the borders. The Flemish colours at least mirror the favourite colours of Netherlandish heraldry: black lion on gold for Flanders, Gold lion on Black for Brabant and so on.

    Personally, having visited the Burgundian homelands and seen actual armour, surcoats and banners from the heyday of the the Valois period, I'd have given their roster noble knights and coloured them in a cooler colour closer to the French blue. Like it was done in RTW, (the Scipii being pure dark royal blue, the Brutii kelly green, the Britons sky Blue, and the Thracians as Cyan), it's possible to have more than one shade of blue. Someone designing another game some years ago gave their Burgundian faction a red or purplish red St, Andrew's cross on a white field. It was the actual factional jack (like the UK's union jack) that civil forces and militias carried to identify themselves with the duc's faction. Levies from the actual lands of the duc, carried the ducal stanard, which was actually a quilted confusion of arms combined from almost every duchy and county inherited by the ruling family.

    Too much information, huh?

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    Aye, but Blue and Red were all around. Besides Burgundy has a colour named after it, so that was in our eyes the best. We don't care that much about historical accuracy, playability is most important, with some historical facts.

    In my eyes RTR and EB were the most boring mods ever produced, because of their overdone historical accuracy.

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    That doesn't quite answer my problem about Flanders having fleets. As for the colours, the logic defies me, but, applying the validity of its purpose, one must believe that the Prince of Orange should have had the colour associated with his principality enblazoned all over his arms.

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    I'm afraid we Dutchmen are that mad:

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    I have recently installed this mod but i am facing an issue that whatever faction i play with i get stuck at 3rd turn , everything's fine till the third turn but as i hit end turn button at the end of the second turn the game just gets stuck at any faction.Nothing moves.I have tried reinstalling the mode.I am running Mtw1.2.

    Ps: With MTW 1.3 it was just giving a blank screen so i had to downgrade to 1.2
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    Hi all!

    I have run these mod with my old winows Xp and all was right, but now i have windows7 and i have some bugs..

    The "HYW" executeur file seems to run, but the "HYW.cfg" does only the picture, and then, ctd...
    I would like to know if these mod is ok with win7 or if i must take some other windows to play with?

    thanks for answers

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    I'd recon that if you can run MTW2 on Windows 7 this mod should run as well. Either way, I only have Win XP and have no idea how to fix this, maybe other mods have had similiar problems.

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