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Thread: Bosnian Church & Bosnia Discussions (all off topic posts will be deleted and their authors court-martialed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thekingsmen View Post
    Bobovac is the fort and the real settelment is kraljeva sutjeska and it exists under bobovac im from there!Nikola vas an nominal king of bosnia he ruled the 4 banates that were left rom the "bosnian kingdom" who were actualy croatian lands who switched their oats to the bosnian ban/kings instead to the hungarocroatian kings.
    Bosnin banate was always an hungarian vassal same as those 4 banates even when it vas a "kingdom"

    You are imposing Great bosniak ultranationalist ilusions on us instead of the oficial mainstream opinions of all sane historyans!

    The Bosnian area between the 9th and 11th centuries was essentially under Croatian influence when not conquered by Bulgarians, Serbs, or Byzantium. After Hungary and Croatia effected their royal union in ad 1102, Hungary took over Bosnia and the Dalmatian cities in 1136. Bosnia was then ruled by Croatian "Bans" under joint Hungarian-Croatian sovereignty.
    I am sorry. I did not see this post. I will put you on ignore. I think i mixed you with someone else. I thought you was part of the team but I see now that you are another croat. I will put you on ignore because this what you are writing falls under croatian nationalism. With 99% of this the mainstream croat historians like Klaic and Sisic dont agree by far. I think only historians from nazi croatia would agree with this. Have a nice life and sorry for mixing you with someone else.
    kada se bjehmo svadili, tada nas Stjepan Rajkovic umiri i da nam nas grad Bobovac, a neda ga dati Ugrom.

    "And when we were in a quarrel between each other; Stijepan Rajkovic calmed us down. And we entrusted our capital of Bobovac to him after which he defended it against the Hungarians (King Tvrtko I Kotromanic 1366.)"

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    Dude it is from an american online encyclopedia
    Croatian nationalizm has nothing ti do with the truth all world knows.
    Tvrtko vas a ban then he crowned himself wit the serbian crown!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosnian_King View Post
    The Fojnicki grbovnik (the book with all the COA from the Yugoslav families) has been made after the medieval period. Not all the COA are historically correct. I totally agree with you o this point.
    But to say that they are all wrog is also totally wrong. Because we know that this lion is also present on the most of the coins of the Bosnian kings from the Kotromanic dynasty. This means that most probably this COA from the Fojnicki grbovnik IS historically correct.

    About the symbol of the Kotromanic family (the black lion) and the symbol for the Bosnian state (the six fleur des lilles); there is no discussion among the Bosnian historians. The Bosniak instite as well as the Bosnian catholic franciscans from Fojnica, Sarajevo and Kraljeva Sutjeska agree about this.

    This is why the fleur des lilles have been chosen for the symbol of the Bosnian state. All the statues which have been built for the Bosnian kings till now only have this symbol on it. It does not matter if those statues are built by Montenegrians or Bosnians. For example; the Serbian Academy of Arts designed the Montenegrian statue in Herceg Novi in honour for the Bosnian king Tvrtko I Kotromanic. But even they aknowledged that the symbol of the Bosnian kingdom has been the 6 fleur des lilles. Nada Klaic (Croat profesor), Dubravko Lovrenovic (Bosnian Croat), Ferdo Sisic (Croat historian) and Corevic (most important serbian profesor) all agree that the 6 fleur des lilles have been the symnol for the Bosnian kingdom from Tvrtko I till the end.

    But as Walahian said; this will be corrected. I thank you in anyway for the big effort you have put in this game. And I am sorry that I did not found this Bosnian medieval painting even earlier. As I said I was busy with my work and with other things. But I am very happy that finally this is coming to an end.
    A symbol yes but not the coat of arms of a state cuz there vas no bosnian state,only tvrtkos state and bosnia vas his centrl land where his family used to rule in the name od the king de jure when de facto it vas the posesion of the richest oligarh wich functioned as a state
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