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Thread: EIC v2.0 | The Team, Credits and Artwork

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    Default EIC v2.0 | The Team, Credits and Artwork

    The EiC Development Team:

    • Bethencourt (Developer) v0.1 - 2.0
    • -TopCat- (Developer) v0.1 - 2.0
    • DoomBunny (Developer) v0.1 - 1.2
    • Archealos (Developer) v0.1
    • Harry Lime (Developer) v1.2
    • General Brewster (Developer) V2.5

    EIC Beta Testers and special Contributors:

    • Odinarius (Beta testing)
    • Ballacraine (Beta tester)
    • Dee Jay (Beta tester)
    • Fev (Beta tester)
    • General Brewster (Beta tester)
    • Halbard (Beta tester, writing)
    • Magicman2051 (Beta tester)
    • major_payne (Beta tester)
    • mattebubben (Beta tester)
    • panzer 4 (Beta tester)
    • Rick (Beta tester)
    • Von koh (Beta tester)
    • WilliVonBill (Beta tester)

    Special thanks to:

    • Argeus the paladin(Creative writing)
    • Lord Wiffleby (Creative writing)
    • Guy (Made those excellent sigs)
    • Magestryn (2d Artwork)
    • Erasmus
    • Grenadier Guard (Alpha tester)
    • WillowtheWisp (Alpha Tester)
    • Radious for his excellent mods.
    • Sir Digby Chicken Caesar for his Naval Crew mod.
    • Maxsim666 for helping us with the mameluke variant.
    • ToonTotalWar for his blood mod.
    • Baron Von Beer for his Deployment Zones Mod.
    • jarnomiedema for elements of his Graphical Overhaul Mod.
    • Primergy for his Better Grass mod.
    • All N:TW tool makers.
    • Thoragoros for help with the two rank fire.
    • EmperorBatman999 for his hats mod.
    • Mech_Donald for elements of his BSM
    • rikktherek for his smoke mod
    • tiyafeh for his animations mod
    • IceBear777 (Startpos editing)
    • All music courtesy of A-M Classical
    • Iutland for his flags mod
    • If I've forgotten anyone let me know immediately!

    Sigs and Artwork:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
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