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Thread: Anyone know what happened....

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    Icon4 Anyone know what happened.... Ramtha / Axe-Battler? He seems to be the only one who might be able to re-upload this mod. However, checking his profile reveals he hasn't been active for about 2 years.

    In addition, there is a vague reference in this forum ( to the fact that he might have been suspended from the forum?! If this is true, yes evil should be punished, but I am sorry to see support for this mod disappear.

    I have searched the internet for other places this mod might be uploaded. I have been on French, German, Russian, and Italian sites, and even what I think is a Japanese site. The links supplied in all cases are to Filefront; when clicked, Filefront states that the file is no longer available.

    Does ANYONE have a download of this mod that could be re-posted? Or know someone who might?

    If not, then this mod is really and truly dead, and moderators should move the Medieval Classic forum to the Cemetery.

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    Default Re: Anyone know what happened....

    I was wondering what ever happened to this Mod? Does anyone know if someone else is currently working on merging Medieval Total War Classic with Medieval Total War 2?

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