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Thread: (SOI) needs music!!!!

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    Default Re: (SOI) needs music!!!!

    maybe we can 8use parts of this
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    Default Re: (SOI) needs music!!!!

    maybe we can use music from broken cressent mod. i think

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    Default Re: (SOI) needs music!!!!

    What do you guys think of these? Both are middle eastern (Assyrian) first one is a sad type of mood song other is more dance-y however you can just crop bits you need before any singing starts lool
    Let me know what you guys think, if you rekon they are crap i can try find others
    "The Assyrians , who were Christian, managed to survive in the lands of their forefathers (northern Iraq, north eastern Turkey and north-western Iran) until the outbreak of the first world war. Many people who are not familiar with the history of the people of the middle east confuse Assyrians with 'Syrians' or 'Arabs'. The Assyrians have a distinct historical and cultural identity which they have preserved under the banner of the Church of the east during the past 2000 years.

    Page 174 - The Australian people: an encyclopaedia of the nation, its people and their Origin - Cambridge University (New York)

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    Default Re: (SOI) needs music!!!!

    Depending on copyright-such stuff, I would say use music from Battlestar Galactica
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    seeing as the series takes place 150,000 years in the past and their religion/mythology is loaded with connections to real mythology/religion and they settle on our Earth

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    Icon1 Re: (SOI) needs music!!!!

    This is music of the legendary pc game Pharaoh:

    Pharaoh -- Theme

    Pharaoh -- Theme 2

    Pharaoh -- Jrj-Hb-sd

    Pharaoh -- Khepera

    Pharaoh -- Khu

    Pharaoh -- Amakh

    Pharaoh -- Amber

    Pharaoh -- Ankh

    Pharaoh -- Anquet

    Pharaoh -- Battle

    Pharaoh -- Bennu

    Pharaoh -- Daq

    Pharaoh -- Dd-m-ann

    Pharaoh -- Dust

    Pharaoh -- Geb

    Pharaoh -- Hapj-aa

    Pharaoh -- Isis

    Pharaoh -- Ja

    Pharaoh -- Jakb

    Pharaoh -- Sps

    Pharaoh -- Sstj

    Pharaoh -- Stha

    Pharaoh -- Waj

    Pharaoh -- Wadjet

    Pharaoh -- Nefer

    Pharaoh -- Smr

    Pharaoh -- Advent

    Pharaoh -- Agbj

    Pharaoh -- M-srf
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