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Thread: Shogun: Crash on loading a new campaign.

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    Default Shogun: Crash on loading a new campaign.

    Hello everyone,

    I got Shogun Total War, and after installing it, I started a new campaign (I'm amazed by the immersion of the menu graphics and intro for the clans ). After the intro it showed the loading bar the crashed. I've installed the patch from the total war website, but it still doesn't work.

    I'm using Vista SP2 with a ATI Radeon XPRESS 240M.

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    Default Re: Shogun: Crash on loading a new campaign.

    try adjusting your options before loading the campaign. Try smaller units, less smoke, etc...see if it runs, then tweek it back up until it has problems again. go with bare minimum, then go up from there. It sounds like a graphic issue to me, as I had problems with it doing the same thing initially. lil tweek here and there and now its fine....may i ask which version you have? I have the warlord edition, which may be different. Good luck!

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