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Thread: Install idiocy

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    Default Install idiocy

    So I got Shogun Gold from GameStop's download service. I should have gone elsewhere right away when it offered "download insurance" for an additional $5, but I didn't. I downloaded an installer file that was about 800MB which I got fine using a download manager. But upon running it, it demanded I download another file (through the install program) called "ShogunGoldSetup_Eng.001" that is pretty gigantic. I have no idea where it's being downloaded from or at what speed or anything, it just gives the name and a progress bar, and it's failed about four times now.

    So basically, does anyone have this file? Could someone please host it on a decent server? I highly doubt this is piracy, and if it is, I hope CA is reasonable enough to blame the drooling chimps at Game Stop and their broken install program.

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    Default Re: Install idiocy

    It would be piracy, but I dont understand.
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    Default Re: Install idiocy

    Contact their Customer Support. They should be able to hook you up with direct links instead of the installer, but make sure the link to the .exe file links correctly. I have had the same exact issue with M2TW Kingdoms.

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    I just bought this myself and I'm having the exact same problem 8 months after the OP. Anyone know where I can get this file?

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