Mod Registration Form for Large Mods

Mod name: Napoleon: Order of War
Platform: Napoleon Total War
Release Status: BETA
Modfolder Overwrite: Multiplayer no longer playable with vannila players.

Mod creator/Mod team leaders: Marshal Beale
*Mod team members: Lord Mongsworth, Sean Cappone, JFC, Marshal Beale
Mod Description (3-4 sentences): Napoleon Order of War (NOW) is a complete overhaul mod for NTW. It is to give players new music, new UI, better AI, new playable factions, new units, and overal historical accuracy and gameplay improvments.

Other info on mod: Currently in BETA, we have so much more to soon be released.
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Download link(s):

Permissions: By Request Only Not to be included in any other mod, only through extreme conditions, and only if approved by Marshal Beale.