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Thread: BEGINNERS Q: Install mods?

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    I downloaded two Medieval 1 mod. The other one has no readme and the other one has a readme but it is simply out of topic.

    Anyone know how to install a mod.

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    Hmm, where exactly start your problems?

    Usually itīs only one file and when double clicking the setup menu appears. Or if there are multiple files then you must find the setup-file. You only follow the various steps. Most mods have to be installed direct in your game-folder (example "C:\programs\Total War\Medieval - Total War")

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    Sorry if I replied too long I haven't had access on the net recently.

    Anyway, this mod I downloaded Sparta Total War it has the following files:
    custom, data, packs, preferences, saves. 300.bat, 300.cfg
    So basically I need to replace the files right?

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    you sure you arn't talking about a rtw mod?
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    Oh sorry it's actually a mod of something else!! :S It's because it's in the MTW download section.

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