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Warpath Manual/FAQ
Does one for Warpath exist somewhere, or do we have to turn on advice and rely on that and tooltips and try to figure it out?

I ask since game functions have changed - generally streamlined - and just a few minutes looking at the expansion show tooltip errors, such as one referring to tax policy to set tax rates, which policy apparently doesn't exist since the rate is 100%.


Another example: bug or feature? When you conquer a settled region the information windows for farms, plantations, fisheries etc. are all blank. Does this mean they produce no food, wealth, or other effects (so you need to destroy them and build your own) or is this an oversight?

ANSWER: Although when you click for info they are blank, it looks like they count, though I only assume that its the same amount for settler and for native buildings. Also can't upgrade the settler structures. So it's just an error.

Not getting answers, but coming up with some bits and pieces as I go - below for comment.


1. Natives are faster walking and running than settlers - you can run if they chase you and can catch them if they try to escape you. Draw them out, ambush them, pursue if you break them but retire away quickly if you fail so you can try again. Active micro but it has an appropriate feel to it.

2. Distract the settlers and hit them in flank and/or rear, then sandwich from two directions. If their morale holds up, consider withdrawing to try again - the enemy may chase you and get out of position.

3. Shoot when they are not pointing at you, then back up quickly to avoid taking their volleys once they get oriented to shoot back.

4. Use guerrilla warfare tactics. You have time to sneak your troops into position - if they bombard your visible units with artillery then use the shift-click feature to have these move around to throw off the enemy aim, or tuck them behind a forest or in defilade behind a crest.

5. Avoid charging settler infantry frontally if possible (this includes squares). use the frontal force to pin if possible, then charge from another direction and they are disrupted enough to charge the pinning force in safely.

6. The morale of raw native troops is brittle. Concentration of units for a favorable combat can encourages them, but having a good general with morale boosts is key to giving them real resilience without chevrons.

7. Use cavalry to force settlers into square from outside musket range, then shoot up the square.

8. Bowmen are like submarines - walk them into firing position on a flank or rear, shoot in skirmish mode, and evade back or run away if they turn to counterattack. If the enemy is tied up in close combat to the front, charge in to strike them in the rear in hopes of breaking their morale. DUe to the 1 on 1 combat matching, if the enemy morale is solid and you are losing, run away.

9. Basic tribesmen are cannon fodder (don't let them know) to tie up one or maybe two enemy units each.

10. Save your better warriors for stealthy flank and rear attacks set up by your Bowmen - the Bowmen shoot, get in a few shots while enemy turns to respond, while shock assault hits their new flank/rear.

So far, 1 unit = 1 happiness (double the garrison potency of normal units in ETW). Tribesmen are the cheapest to buy, but any battered cadre is cost effective in maintenance costs. So far, cities seem pretty happy even without garrisons without special negative factors.

Only the capital can have all 3 building types. Therefore it's a good choice for a religious building to offset pioneer settlements.

SCOUTS: Did a little sabotage and assassination, but using up enemy movement staying in place seems the most direclty useful skill in war. Auto-reinforcing battles seems unaffected by Scout sabotage of armies.

RESEARCH: I think one Longhouse upgraded to Meeting Hall is enough. The tech trees are mostly one tech per level, so you research, build building needed for next level, do research, repeat - I find a second research town is often idle.

Put the Meeting Hall with a Shaman in the same region as a pioneer settlement and the Shaman offsets the Protestant conversion. This frees up the region capital for non-religious buildings, or you can take the religious route and load up on settlers without much unrest.

RELIGION: Non-Animist population causes religious unrest. Pioneers are Protestants so far as I've seen. Other than unrest, does the level of another religion affect the nature of rebels? I don't think so, since I got US Minutemen in conquered Florida with no Protestant connection.

=> AVOID CREATING UNDESIRED PRO-US REBELS (Tip): Invaded Lower Louisiana, the garrison surrendered and fled, but there was a US revolt (not clear why) and it is now American. It's probably a good design decision that none of the AI would take it as a gift, not even Spain taking it back rather than letting the US have it.

That rebels tend to be US seems like a game mechanic to show the evolution of the US - from the other side's perspective.