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    Author: Karamazovmm
    Original thread: Troubleshoot, or the What the heck happened!

    Troubleshooting guide

    Here are some common problems that people face with ETW

    Graphical Issues:

    Where is the Smoke! I can't see it!/My graphics options only go to medium not high or ultra!
    This was done with the intent to run NTW smoother in some systems, since this game needs every ounce of memory when crancking up the settings, this limitation was imposed. Now for the fix.

    You have to find the script folder, if you don't know where it is:

    XP - C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts

    Vista/7 - %appdata%\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts

    open the only file there and find this line

    gfx_video_memory 0; # gfx_video_memory , Override available video memory (bytes) #

    now to unlock things change the value 0 to 536870912

    ETW run slow, in my ubber gaming pc!
    If you have sli/crossfire, this is trouble, why? the drivers are not mature enough, the games don't scale well, there are tons of problems, do yourself a favor a buy a more expansive card next time. (don't trow stones, you this is true, and I'm not saying jeova, danmit!)

    Zabba has provided us with some quick fix, disable sli/crossfire. He run now at the decent speed that this game should get with his pc.

    If this is not your case, we have to check for latency issues and memory issues, and some other things.

    ETW is having strange issues like units disappearing, battle maps that are incomplete, cities in the campaign map that disappear, and other GRAPHICAL ISSUES.

    Quote Originally Posted by Totalheadache
    1. Dowload/Install Driver sweeper but dont run it. Download those ati drivers.
    2. Run setup of new drivers and then run the uninstall part. Will search your current install then auto-delete and say reboot.
    3.Reboot and press f8 as it is booting for safe mode. (You could also press del to enter bios but no need atm). It might be a different key press, dpends on your mobo and bios. Your manual should say. Btw reading a mobo manual, however dull is a good idea.

    read up on safe mode if you want.

    4. In safe mode run driver sweeper and search just for ati drivers. well u can do nvidia. but if it fresh pc they shouldnt be there!

    5. Then pc will want to reboot. Do so then run the setup of the drivers in question and install. Reboot y bobs you aunt and jane's your uncle Shouldnt take more than 10mins.

    Right for the nvidia guy you can do the same sort of thing but use device manager and goto where it says your gpu and then uninstall it.

    Then reboot and sweep for nvidia only. Reboot and try 181.22 as these drivers I think for nvidia gpu are best. But I know it's crap if you have to use old drivers when perhaps you want to play avp or mass effect2.

    Usually ctds with nvidia cards are either the drivers or new updates are interefering with any mods. If you have old mods installed then there is an update you might have to delete your script file, which is sometimes a hidden file located on your c drive in approaming. Or that etw is coded poorly
    But all in your cases making sure your dx is uptodate along with net framework/c++ runtimes is a good idea. Also latest physx.
    This also works:
    Quote Originally Posted by irishron
    Things listed that might work. are:
    Turn Shader 3 down to Shader 2,
    Use Windowed mode,
    Roll back your drivers,
    Windows 7, 64 bit,
    Add yours to the Nvidia Survey - see thread for link,
    And hope for the best.

    Not one is foolproof.

    I have an ATI card! And its giving me some strange issues like: CTDs when trying to change the graphical options, or sudden black screens, or partial screens
    you might have to disable or enable the AA in the catalyst center, doing this it corrects some graphical glitches like those mentioned.

    AA is anti aliasing, it means that when the card renders the picture, it gets more smoothed edges, due to having more triangles composing the picture, this is for both ATi and Nvidia.

    the catalyst center is located in the windows menu>programs>catalyst control center>choose advanced settings
    Now the program is open you take a look at the options to your left, click in 3d than go to Anti-aliasing, Ansiotropic Filtering, and check the "Use application settings" box. This should do the trick

    Some other things to try:
    Quote Originally Posted by Cainrae
    I have gathered a short list of things which helped me gain a solid 30-45 FPS boost on the battlemap and campaign map, i hope that some of you will have as much use of this, as i had.

    Best of luck, Cain

    1. Disable CrossFire, if you cannot find CrossFire in your Catalyst Control Center then it's because you ither do not have two cards in your computer, or, you like me own a card with two GPU's in it. If that is the case you need to disable Catalyst AI, i have tested with both "Disabled, Normal and Advanced" where the clear winner was Disabled, the reason being NPW is not yet optimized for CrossFire.

    2. Checked to see if i had two sound drivers installed (which in my case, i had)
    If you go into Device Management and then under Sound Devices, you should see one driver installed, if you like me have fx. Realtek and a ATI driver installed, then right click on the ATI Driver and disable it, the issue was mentioned on the AMD-ATI forums and the issue drains a lot of FPS because then sound plays in two layers, where one of them is silenced. This fix gave me a stable 20-30 FPS boost and the game is a lot more enjoyable.

    3. The driver setup is important, i for one though have not been affected by any driver related issues on the graphics card, i have tried suggested versions such as 9.6 and 8.5 with neither of them giving me any increase to preformance, but some cards may be affected and i recommend that you try these drivers, i have heard several people saying this fixed their lag/shuttering issues. Personally i run on 10.2 drivers.

    Hope the small guide can be of help to some ATI users with similar issues as i had, thanks to the Tech Moderators for their paticence to give me advice, i payed off big time!

    Sound Issues

    My sound is delayed, it has some strange things, like musket fire sounding awaful, etc...

    Quote Originally Posted by irishron
    Throw this one in the troubleshoot if you haven't. X-FI cards have to run Alchemy to have a chance in this game.
    2. Checked to see if i had two sound drivers installed (which in my case, i had)
    If you go into Device Management and then under Sound Devices, you should see one driver installed, if you like me have fx. Realtek and a ATI driver installed, then right click on the ATI Driver and disable it, the issue was mentioned on the AMD-ATI forums and the issue drains a lot of FPS because then sound plays in two layers, where one of them is silenced. This fix gave me a stable 20-30 FPS boost and the game is a lot more enjoyable.

    CTD Issues:

    ETW suddenly shuts down in the begining, I don't get to the menu screen.
    This can be solved by a simple reinstall. Now doing it the right way.

    1- you will need to donwload ccleaner (
    2- uninstall the game and steam, standard procedure.
    3- reboot
    4- go to the %appdata% ( put this in the search) and delete the creative assembly folder and the steam folder. (remember to enable hidden files and folders)
    5- use ccleaner to clean up the registry, and while doing that clean up the pc as well.
    7- install ETW and steam.

    This simple thing should solve a lot of your problems.

    Crash when trying to initiate a campaign/custom battle
    Steam is having some issues in downloading the game, some files might be corrupted.

    Verify the cache integrity of the game: go to steam>my games> right click NTW and go for properties. In there click the local files tab, and select "verify integrity of game cache..."

    General Issues:

    -Flickering issues: "I have bought a new monitor and now ETW don't work anymore."

    This is a common issue, and for solving this is a simple matter, go for the connection between the pc and the monitor, ETW don't have a good relationship with digital connections, meaning that you can be saved here if you have that old VGA cable.

    Another option here is to delete the scripts folder:
    go to the %appdata% ( put this in the search) go to the creative assembly folder>ETW>scripts delete the contents

    You don't have that? It gets though but can be pulled. You will need to try every port so that your connection stays without flicker, this is trial and error, but I don't know another method, you will have to try every connection and cable possible.

    My pc suddenly shut down when playing ETW
    The thing here is probably 3 things:

    1- Your PC is filled with trash (not meant to be offensive)
    2- your PC has a dust problem
    3- Your PC has a PSU problem


    1- Go donwload the ccleaner (, and clean the pc, registry, this program can do everything.
    2- Go take your pc outside and open it, get some canned air or vaccum cleaner (one that blows) and clean it up, for the coolers you will gently hold the fan in place and clean it with air.
    3- Your PC has a PSU that is malfunctioning/not powering it enough, and so it don't provide the juice needed for this game and so it shuts down the pc.

    If it still happening you will download the riva tuner and the speed fan utilities and will tell us how is the temperature in the pc. Then we can detect what component is heating.

    Steam Issues:

    Steam is giving me some strange error, and don't let me play the game!
    Go to the steam forums and solve it there.

    I have trouble installing NTW steam won't let/if steam is giving you the "busy server"/ will download all the fies but I have the retail version

    Quote Originally Posted by FroBodine
    It's working now. I just had to quit Steam and restart after entering my registration code. I guess you can't have Steam running when you try to install from DVD.

    Important safety tip.

    Also try uninstalling steam and installing it from the cd, worked for me with ETW.
    Quote Originally Posted by KaiserJoe
    Nah that didn't work, thanks though.

    I tried the steam fix for forcing a CD install -
    1. Close Steam (File > Exit).
    2. Go to the Start button and select Run (XP) or type Run in the Search box and choose Run from the list (Vista).
    3. In the Run window type:

    "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -install E:

    Replace E: with the CD/DVD drive you are installing from if is not correct.
    Replace C:\Program Files\Steam if your Steam installation is not in the default location.

    4. Press OK. Your installation should continue from the disc.

    I ripped my activation code! what do I do!! OOhh noossss!
    A tip from our beloved Tony:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tony83
    I thought I would share my experience here, for those who may have the same problem.

    My Imperial Edition of Nappy Wars was delivered today (hip hip hooray) but, living in the UK I'll not able to do anything with it until Steam unlocks it at 11:00 pm tonight (GMT), but no matter a few hours isn't going to make much difference really. nevertheless, I did have another problem in that when I was peeling off the sticker for the Unique Code for the Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars Units, part of the code came away with it making it unreadable - shock, horror!

    However, Sega Support ( have come to my rescue. After rising a Support Ticket with them and supplying them with a scanned image of my trashed Code Number, they responded and sent me a replacement within 15 minutes. How's that for service?

    Thankyou Sega.

    Steam is giving me the fritz! He wants to download things at the speed of a turtle!

    Try changing servers

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