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Thread: The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath

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    Ive got this, i mean i didn't actually do it it just randomly awarded me it.
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    I seen how alot of people been playing to get that by playing as the Brits in campaign coalition, I dont think anyone really plays as France haha. Figures... anyways... if you want to actually EARN () the award, YOU WILL PLAY as PRUSSIA.

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    I havent attempted it yet, but if I do and start back up in NTW and try. It would be with PRUSSIA for sure.
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    You CAN earn it as nearly any faction (Except Austria... PLEASE not Austria) I prefer to play as Komrade Kingkrusher. (AKA...RUSSIA) Through farms and trade, IT HAS AN UNSTOPPABLE ECONOMY (No, seriously, I have been able to get up to 5 stacks simultaneously with my only real expansion being into the Ottoman Empire) Your armies are EVERYWHERE (You can take Moldova ON THE FIRST TURN and start a fight against the dwindling Ottoman empire...ON THE SECOND TURN, Plus, you can also assemble your troops to march into Poland...ON THE SECOND TURN. And plus, if you begin to lose, you have PLENTY of distance between your front lines and Moscow, where you will have a whole NEW stack waiting for the enemy. (Assuming your economy has not collapsed under the weight of 5 full stacks and a blockaded St. Petersburg...don't ask) Also, you already have, what, 12 territories off the bat? That's almost 1/4 of total victory at the beginning! Only France has an equal amount of starting territories, but if France descides to go maniac, it has to fight wars on all fronts! Russia, once it has dealt quickly with Finland and the Ottomans, only have to go one direction! FORWARDS AND WESTWARDS! You can bring all your armies to bear in the same front! And so long as the British don't try any cheesiness, with an unstoppable army and an unstoppable economy, you are set for European conquest!
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    Necro untill death :p

    Easiest way to get this: start as russia on easy/easy. Even with autoresolve you'll manage it in 2h

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    or do egypt campaign as france .

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    I did it and it was the best experience of my (NTW) life. GB victory. Long live the King.

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