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Thread: DarthMod Empire: Multiplayer Steam Group

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    Default DarthMod Empire: Multiplayer Steam Group

    STEAM GROUP of DarthMod Empire
    Be a member and challenge the Dark Side in real battles!

    How to Join?
    -Open your Steam client
    -Go the "Community" Tab
    -Write in the Search area: "DarthMod Empire"
    -You will find the group DarthMod Empire, click on it, join.

    How to play? (BETA)
    -Open DME Launcher
    -Enable Campaigns->Multiplayer
    -Find your DarthMod co-players in MP Menu of the game

    You can create a clan thread below and organize matches!
    -Issue a new thread and name it with your clan brand name.
    -Events can be organised between you either here or in the Steam Group.
    -Make members and collaborate here and in the Steam Group.

    Problems with desync when playing Campaign MP?
    Read this.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire: Multiplayer Steam Group

    Info updated. I hope DarthMod players can find each other in the MP lobby.

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