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Mod name: Roma Vice Total War
Platform:Rome Total War and Alex
Release Status:0.87 released, 0.88 releasing within this week, 55% done
Modfolder Overwrite: no

Mod creator/Mod team leaders:Jmilan77
Mod team members:Finch, lolxdboy, pharoh, Royal_McKeogl, Dark_horse_sprite, Zack_stefy, Jpoon, OceanPhoenix, spw4274
Mod Description (3-4 sentences):Roma Vice total war aims to produce a more in-depth, realistic, graphicly pleasing version of vannila. The focus of the mod is around the Med and to Babylon to include Parthia. It uses all faction slots and models, and will also come with brand new scenery, brand new settlement lay outs, eg greeks will have an acopolis, and will hopefully will be the first mod to include fully implemented and working sea battles.

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Permissions: Permission by request only