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Thread: Napoleon Mod Questions & Recommendations

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    Default Experience

    Hey guys i've tried searching for a mod that lets your units gain Experience faster but the only ones i've seen where that your men will start off with better exp if u have higher buildings or something like that is there a mod out there that your units will require less Experience to level up?? if so could you point me in the right direction. Or if there isnt one would somebody be able to make it? Ive never modded before and wouldnt know where to begin. Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Mod Manager...where can I find it?

    id like one, why easy when you can have it easier
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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by Danius View Post
    Is it possible to play as minor nations?
    Yes, husserlTW STARTPOST MOD

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    Default Two ranks fire mod

    Hi, where can I get a two ranks fire mod. I want only two ranks fire, not the mod Napoleon Empire Realism Mod.


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    Default Armed Citizenry Skins?

    Curious if anyone knows of any texture mods for armed citizenry. They look far to "put together" IMO. They need to look a little more different and more "civilian" like. They look like regular infantry as it is.

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    Default Re: Armed Citizenry Skins?

    Those French barefoot legs from the Italian Campaign may be handy for this project

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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations

    Can someone please, for the love of humanity, do something to nerf the assassinations? Please?

    I like the fact that the AI uses spies - it's one thing it does very well - but the monthly assassinations are silly. The poor Iron Duke has been reduced to hiding out between battles on a frigate anchored in the harbor.

    Is there some way perhaps to change the result - perhaps removing the "assassinated" general's zone of control for a turn or two? That would have some nice gameplay implications without being such a ridiculous pain the rear.
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    Default Removing Campaign Map Cloud Drifts/Atmosphere?

    Is there a mod or perhaps simple preferences.script line I can use to remove this effect from the campaign map? I suspect it will greatly enhance my games smoothness.
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    Default Firing drills

    Is there any way to get Platoon firing if your men are formed into two rank formations? Or some way to have your rear lines fire as well....We're talking strictly Line Inf, as Light Inf already use a mass fire type drill. I can understand not having 3 or 4 ranks ALL fire and I don't really want that. Is there a mod where the first two ranks fire??? Wouldn't that be somewhat accurate? Maybe for Elite units only??? If there's a mod out there, link it to me please...
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    Default Playing as Scotland in COTC + Scotland's Faction ID?


    I checked out the Released Mods forum looking for a mod that would enable Scotland as a playable faction in the Campaigns of the Coalition game mode. I couldn't find any. The ones I found only unlocked Minor Factions, not emergent ones.

    So my question is, is there a mod which unlocks Scotland as a playable faction in the COTC game mode?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Also, does anyone know what Scotland's faction ID is? For example, the Papal States is "ita_papal_states". What's Scotland's?
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    Default Re: Firing drills

    There is.

    I believe its made by Radious, go look for it in the mod section.

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    Default Re: Playing as Scotland in COTC + Scotland's Faction ID?

    Hussertw's mod allows you to play scotland and all the other emerging factions as well as minor ones

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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations


    I have one question. Is it possible to play modded versions via internet when both player of a game play the same mod? thx

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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations

    plz delete

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    Default DLC screwing up mods?

    With the new free DLC from CA (Imperial Guard) installed it seems that my games CTD's a lot on me with some mods installed. I don't mind playing vanilla at all, but it sure gets a lot more boring.

    Anyone has a little list with mods incompatible with the DLC? I sure would like to know which ones are safe to use and whatnot

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    Default More clear DLC issue:

    I don't intend to spam it, but I figured out an easier way to formulate the issue that's gnawing in the back of my dome;

    What mods will actually work with the release of the new DLC? You'd think that mods that only changes sounds and whatnot would work flawlessly, however I can't seem to run Brigadier's drum cadence mod now, and I was mainly wondering: will mods that's been updated after march 26th be DLC compatible?

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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations


    I d like to have a mod which allows to get rid of the GUI (or HUD) completely, inclusive floating flags by a single push on any key (F5 for example). Of course you should be able to turn it on again

    And it would be great if it would work in replay mode too.

    I know that it s possible to turn off most the GUI by pressing F5, F6, and F7 but there still remains some GUI elements at the bottom of the screen. And in replay mode it s impossible to get rid of the flags.

    I d appreciate any help. Thx

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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations

    Did cannons had infinite ammo at that time?

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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations

    Is it possible to make the multiplayer campaign all factions player playable and more than just 1vs1 ......make it 4 - 6 players etc? that would be the best mod for me !!!!!!

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    Default Re: Mod Recommendation

    Probably hard to do and if done would cause havoc for memory usage but, as a lover of historical accuracy and atmosphere, it would be really cool to see wounded limping to the rear and writhing on the ground, instead of every man 'lost' ending as a corpse

    Probably on a more realistic note, has nobody sorted out the 'whole file of 10 men or so being knocked down by a roundshot and then 6 or 7 of them getting up again' issue yet?

    I have read some battle reports of the era describe how the 'shock' of a roundshot hitting a man could "bowl over" his neighbours, but what happens in the game looks plain silly



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