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Thread: Napoleon Mod Questions & Recommendations

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    Default slower movement on campaign map

    i am looking for a mod that makes movement on campaign map slower. because with the 2 weeks per turn, and the attrition system, it should not be so simple to, for example, send your army through the alps. also i think it should ad more importance to think about where to place your armies, because once a city gets besieged, you will not be able to send reinforcements very quickly.
    hope some modder could do this.

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    Default Re: More Turns !

    i don`t get what you mean exactly, can`t you just continue the campaign once you finnished it, like in ETW?

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    Default Re: "We want a campaign with Sweden"-mod

    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan262 View Post
    I can make Sweden Playable in the Campaigns of The Coalition (I did it a couple of hours ago with Portugal) but it takes away one of the 4 original playables.
    could yout tell us how you make othe factions playable?

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    Default Re: More Turns !

    i want the turnseditor from empire for napoleon ! so i can set the rounds up for every campain
    that would be realy nice

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    Default Re: More Turns!

    More turns are absolutely necessary. I hate it when I'm forced to play through a campaign in such a short time.
    Isn't there some file where we could edit that?

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    Default Re: unlock all factions mod

    I finally managed to make Romania (an emergent faction) playable, with victory conditions included. It lacks a government, but I'll get to it soon and maybe release a mod that lets you play all emergents later.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Default Re: More Turns !

    You can keep playing after Winter 1813, except you just won't win.

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    Default Re: unlock all factions mod

    Romania looks nice, please release once you get everything fixed.

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    Default Re: unlock all factions mod

    Quote Originally Posted by Umberto202 View Post
    i am busy now with making all factions playable for now it works only for multiplayer in Coalition mode only 4 playable portugal, saxony, batavian republic ,norway here are some pics

    Can you pls give me the link for play with batavia faction plsss you will get +rep from me

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    Default Re: More Turns !

    I can keep playing, yes. But without a goal it's only half as fun, don't you think?

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    Default Re: More Turns !


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    Default Re: unlock all factions mod

    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgianTemplar View Post
    Yes i know that georgia was conquered by russian that time,and knights of st.john were destroyed,but i thought that CA kept those factions in game.

    Laso,if napoleon fought with knights,then order should be there,because this game is about napoleon.

    He did...but it was prior to the egypt campagin. Actually it really wasn't a fight at all, of the order less than 300 knights remained on the island. One member of Napoleon's entourage was a deserter from the ranks of the knights. When Napoleon landed on the beach, he had this man negotiate thier surrender. So actually there was never really a fight, he acquired supplies for the sea voyage, raided the knights treasury, massed his fleet and sailed away before Nelson could figure out where he was. Besides they are relatively a minor faction, even if, at that time period. Having the knights on the map for that time period would be pointless, just another nation to declare war on and wipe out lol.
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    Default Re: More Turns !

    then choose the imperial psychopath achivement--- Declar war on every faction at the first turn of the game and win. Now your victory conditions are still prevelant...but how I defy winning is destroying every faction in the game...ultimate conquerer. But to each his own =)

    (ps, you want a challenge, try it on very hard...haha)
    "These are the names of 100 of the most prominent Senators and friends of Brutus in Roma. We should kill them, all of them, before they learn what we are about"
    Gaius Octavius Ceasar

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    Default Re: More Turns !

    I use the ESF editor to change all the startpos campaign files to a lower date, eg 1700. It is easy to use once you have read the post.

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    Default Re: More Turns !

    I successfully changed the turns per year from 24 to 48 and it works but with one BIG problem.
    The Big Problem is that it disables the change between summer, spring and winter on the map and it will be stuck on Winter the whole game. I've played into a new campaign about 60 turns into it.
    Someone will need to find the way to fix it so its like 3-4 turns per each month of the year so that it changes seasons and doesnt stay in Winter.

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    Default Re: "We want a campaign with Sweden"-mod

    Go here

    Download the ESF Editor and then follow his tutorial on how to make Non Playable Playable.

    Oh and when you open the ESF Editor you have to find the Napoleon Total War folder in your Steam/steamapps/common/napoleon total war/data/campaigns
    /mp_eur_napoleon folder then select the startpos file thats in there (Make a copy first) then follow husserlTW's instructions on how to open up a nonplayable faction.
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    Default Re: More Turns !

    I actually found a problem with the just setting the year to 1700. Every time, ALL my generals, agents, etc. die after 1 year, except Napolean. Furthermore, the general recruiter seems to stall and it will say 1/6 used and 0 turns till new general available, but a new one never shows up so I'm stuck with no generals. So I don't think setting the year to 1700 is a good idea.

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    Default Increase Fatigue to reduce speed

    I know there is a mod to reduce the speed of the units by 75%, but the problem with that is when units become exhausted they just crawl along - and even appear to "run on ice". Actually, I think the speed of the units is pretty good right now. The units look good when they sprint, and they look tired when they're exhausted. The problem is that it takes forever for units to become tired, so the soldiers can race all over the map like speed-buggies. We need a mod to make fatigue kick in much faster.

    If units become exhausted much sooner, then they will have the option of the "one good sprint", but then pay the price with slower movement. Ideally, I'd like to see horses "blown" after one big charge (at least in the case of heavy cavalry) and soldiers begin to tire after running the equivalent of 100 yards or so. That way, when they're tired, they can still run normally and when they're exhausted they won't be running on ice and going nowhere fast.

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    Default Re: Increase Fatigue to reduce speed

    i actually like this idea better than just simply reducing their movement speed, assuming it can be done that is

    it would give a point to marching your men across the battlefield, not running them like i usually see people do, and as i do as well

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