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Thread: Army positions on Battle Map

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    Playing as Prussia the other day, I assaulted Dresden which was held by Hannover, who were allied with Austria. Austria had an army on the southern side of the city, opposite me. However, when I fought the battle, the Austrians appeared behind me, trapping me between both armies. This is completely unfair and makes no sense. Aside from the topographical inconsistency, an army commander would never have his troops fight between two enemy armies, especially when they're outnumbered (as I was). Does anybody else notice this positioning problem?

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    I know this happened all the time when ETW first came out, it was ridiculous, but I thought they fixed this? I guess it`s not completely fixed then.... Typical.

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    Yes it used to be a huge problem but I havn't noticed it for a while. You have to work out which army is attacking your front and flank before the actual battle and set upa defense line opposite both as much as possible.

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