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Mod name: Medieval 2: Three Kingdoms (China) (ALPHA Release)
Platform: M2TW
Mod Creator: antirelic
Mod Description: Antirelic has modified M2TW to recreate the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" saga. The mod includes:
- Full Map of China
- Factions: Shu (Lui Bei), Wei (Cao Cao), Wu (Sun Jian), Dong Zhou, Yuan Shao, Tao Quian, Zhang Lui, Ma Teng, Gongsun Zan, Liao Bao, and the Nanman tribes.
- Reworked religions: Spread your authority of your own faction (Wei, Wu, Dong, Yuan, or Ma), Fight to restore the Han, or spread the belief of Tao throughout the lands!
- Custom Portraits of all your favorite generals (be the mighty "Lu Bu"); Accurate names for the region of China; Over 100 provinces to conquer!
- BBB 2.x
- Real Combat 1.x
- Ultimate AI 1.x (implements)
Other Info: This is an ALPHA release, so please bear with us. We are working hard on bringing this total conversion mod to the community at a neck breaking pace. Look forward to re-skinned units, no build trees, custom Campaign Map icons, Emperor System, and a complete script system that brings to life the events of the famous Three Kingdoms period!
Permissions: Free to use