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Thread: IWTE - World editing - (General Discussion)

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    ah, sorry, only just got here...

    for future reference what was the solution to the problem with the arrow towers?

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    I actually did everything right. I attributed collision, animation and flag and firing slot to the towers. They still didn't want to shoot, the height was correct, I could see that from the fact that the flag was on the tower.
    The height was 30.3 (14 ground + 16.3 the tower). Then I set the height of the firing slot to 14 (surface of the earth, my city is on a hill). Then I started the game again and the towers suddenly started shooting, but from the bottom, from the ground. I saved the three files and started IWTE with them again and changed the height of firing slot from 14 back to 30.3 again.
    And now it works. I don't know why, a mystery.

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