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Thread: Patch 1.4 Released

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    Icon4 Patch 1.4 Released

    Patch 1.4 Features & Fixes

    !!!Please note that the patch is not save-game compatible!!!

    New Units

    - The Balrog

    - Uruk-hai cleavers

    - Guards of the Orthanc

    - Troll-men of Harad

    - Improved Ithilien Rangers

    New Heroes (by bilwit)

    - Boromir

    - Faramir

    - Glorfindel

    - Elladan and Elrohir

    - King Aragorn Elessar

    New Settlements and Reskins

    - New Castles for all orcish settlements (based on Teutonic order castles)

    • no civilian buildings
    • no farms
    • a lot of space to fight in the castles

    - Minas Tirith reskinned

    - Gondor uses south european, dwarves northern european models

    Map Changes

    - Many new and changed strat map models

    • Rammas Echor for Minas Tirith with attackable forts
    • New hero strat map models
    • New strat map models for orcish castles
    • Settlement model sizes adjusted
    • New dwarven strat models

    - New terrain and map textures

    - Geography more to middle-earth lore

    - Reworked mountain and forest areas

    - 5 new settlements
    - Small climate changes

    Changes of Settlement mechanics

    - Citadels limited to Minas Tirith & Barad-dur, Isengard, Moria
    - Huge Cities only possible at Dol Amroth, Bree, Umbar, Kelepar, Khand, Dale, Erebor
    - less and varied population growth
    - less order & happiness for the player
    - less income through farming

    --> a harder game for the player and more difficult to manage empire happiness, population growth and income.

    Other Features

    - New Battle AI by Germanicu5

    - 6 New regional videos if certain regions are reached

    - reeinforcements are now controllable on the battlefield
    - Different Bodyguards for several Heroes
    - ancillary/trait changes
    - public baths/aqueduct for elves deleted
    - archers sligthly weakened
    - some interface changes
    - a few new animations
    - slightly changed missions rewards
    - darker nights
    - campaign and battle map balance changes
    - some recruitment changes
    - more little things...

    Bug Fixes

    - Evil factions won't die because lack of family members
    - several unit model fixes
    - Grishnak battle model fixed
    - (hopefully) all unplayable battle maps fixed
    - many more little things

    Special thanks and credits

    bilwit - for the new hero models and the superb texturing
    MasterBigAB - for all his support and the awesome in-game videos
    Germanicu5 - for his new Battle AI
    gracul - for some tips and help
    NSFW - for his hints, tips and research about the sudden death of evil factions
    HGLordKoal - for telling me the reeinforcement feature was missing

    Twist of Cain - for inspiring me to change the orcish castles

    Please give some rep to those guys!

    Thank you all for your support and your help!

    Download Links (Thanks to the The Holy Pilgrim for this mirror)

    - Requirement is an installed Third Age - Total War 1.3.

    - Install TATW_1.4_Patch.exe into the default 'Medievall II Total' War directory.
    (Normally this is: 'Programs/SEGA/Medieval II Total War')
    If you have installed Medieval II into another folder, please select the folder manually.

    - Start the mod with the 'Third Age - Total War' shortcut on your desktop

    And happy new year everyone!!!
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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    Im first

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    Jeeeuuhhh! Now lets see what people I have to rep for this

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Morder conquers all!
    edit: 200 posts!

    This is not a scam, trust me!
    Depends on how much you trust me I guess

    Oh Yeh, Heres the first Helms Deep video I made! -never got around to making an updated one ->

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    Great work - as always.

    -- Tokus

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    yeah thank you king kong for this great patch

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    Looking fine.

    I'm yet to have played this though, have been waiting for some patches, it looks like there have been a few now.

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    OMG ITS HERE I just went to the toilet and came back



    For all that you have done! and this awesomeful patch!!!

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    Thanks Kong
    TIME TO DIE!!!! Proud Son of Viking Prince

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    Yeiiii! Long awaited patch is here now! *and by the way the great kong kept his promise of realising it before the end of the year XD*
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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released


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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    Awesome! Thank you so much!

    Happy new year to you too!

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    Thanks! I knew it was coming

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    I signed in for this! Great job and thanks

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released


    Now i only have to wait for an updated RC/RR.

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    And I was just about to give this mod another try, this is rather odd .
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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    thanks +rep TATW Team great job
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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    haha no way!
    Tonight we dine in hades!

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    OMG, YES!

    Thanks TW team

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4 Released

    Speak of a nice start of 2010 ! Thanks alot KK, and others !


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