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Thread: [UPDATED 06.12.2015]DOWLOAD LINK version 1.5.1

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    Icon3 [UPDATED 06.12.2015]DOWLOAD LINK version 1.5.1

    DOWNLOAD FULL Version 1.5.1

    Changes of the 1.5:

    • New Faction – Chaos Dwarfs.
    • New provinces on the strategic map.
    • New units, including: the Knights of Origo, Deserters, Anakonda’s Amazons, Golfang Maneater’s Ogres, the Black Mountain Boyz,
    • Notlob's Orc Artillery, Mudat’s Half-Orcs, Dragon Company, Dark Lands Marauders, Shield Maidens,
    • Chaos Ogres, Chaos Trolls, Stone Trolls, Norsca Dwarven Warriors, Norsca Dwarven Crossbows,
    • Forest Goblin Spears, Forest Goblin Archers, Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz, Anvil of Doom, Earthshaker Cannon ,
    • Death Rocket, Vidovdan Guard, Cataphracts, Raiders, Triumphalists, Minotaurs,
    • Various Hobgoblins
    • Chaos Warriors and Marauders reskinned into the colours of their Dark Gods. Slaaneshi Warriors revamped.
    • New battle AI, ReallyBadAI by Germanicu5
    • New settlement strat models
    • New general strat models
    • New unique generals for some factions
    • New scripts, including:

    - Conclave of Light factions cannot fight each other;
    - new scripted battles fol all factions (except Elves and Chaos);
    - new interesting quests with various powerful rewards;
    - AI armies strengthened, boasting more unique and elite units;
    - settlements change names when captured by another faction;
    - scripted alliance between Chaos Dwarfs and Chaos or Orc factions;
    - new mercenaries and unique units scripts.
    - new Crom invasion script, closer to fluff.
    • Tons of new videos – new mercenaries, unique troops and events.
    • New and expanded texts and descriptions.
    • New units cards and info pictures for some factions.

    Patch 1.5.1

    • fix CDT and weakens the minotaurs, ogres and trolls
    • Eliminates the problems with broken saves.
    • Attendants-mortar shall not perish from their own shots.
    • Weak some magicians.
    • The error with impossibility to build camp of mercenaries in native cities of orks is corrected.
    • Fixed bug with treyt generals Sylvania - Necromancer.
    • Steam-tank now alone in the squad.
    • Introduced the antipathy between the captains of mercenaries. Now it is impossible to collect all accessible mercenaries in one campaign.
    • New strategic model-orc settlements and citadels of the gods of Chaos.
    • New models of ships on the strategic map.
    • Added a strategic model Morgan Bernhard (removed from the Empire's strategic model of Warrior Priest Sigmar/Ulric).
    • New textures for the settlements of the Empire on the tactical map (thanks Kahvipannu).
    • New models of DE-Sorceress (compare with the old) and Valkia The Bloody (thanks Kahvipannu).
    • New textures for the Warrior Priests of Sigmar, Witch Hunters, Knights and Warriors of Chaos (thanks Kahvipannu).
    • New models of Empire Archers (thanks Parmizan).
    • New icons and descriptions for buildings of Kislev, and added missing description for the building of Chaos.
    • Updated the strategic map. Now you can swim out to Sea of Claws to Sea of Chaos. Added a navigable river, which flows to the Uzkulak.
    • Reworked script combining AI Chaos. Now all the provinces and the armies of the four gods at the time of unification, the depart Chaos Undivided.
    • Removed the torches on the tactical map in units of undead and demons (thanks Galloper).
    • The new unit of Norska - Berserkers is added (thanks FakeTwin).
    • Notlob's added a new weapon - Mangonel.
    • Updated textures Seekers of Slaanesh and now they do not like sweet pink Pokemon.
    • Icons of units of some factions are updated.
    • Now, most of the unique units, after their arrival can be hired (except for all the magicians, engineers, steam tank).
    • Added diplomats all factions that can make alliances (as long as no new strategic models).
    • Added scripts capture the rebel settlements at the start of the campaign, factions of the Empire and Kislev.
    • Updated ReallyBadAI specifically for fashion (thanks Germanicu5).
    • Changed the bodyguard Bronzino’s, now it is the protection of the cavalry.
    • A new roller of hiring of Harbot.

    Fix for 1.5.1
    Corrected AI Germanicu5
    Fixed dislikes between mercenaries.


    DOWNLOAD 1.5.1
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