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Thread: CTD Siege (Solved)

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    Icon3 CTD Siege (Solved)

    Finally figured out why TATW crashed during siege of any sort. It was actually kingdoms causing the problem. When installing kingdoms you must first manually patch M2TW.

    Steps I took:
    1. Fresh install of M2TW
    2. Insert Kingdoms CD
    3. Open kingdoms cd (not autoplay)
    4. Open Update2
    5. Run Setup
    6. Restart Computer
    7. Open kingdoms cd (not autoplay)
    8. Open Update3
    9. Run Setup
    After that, install kingdoms normally. So far no more crashes. I also patched kingdoms and installed TATW and all patches and finally I can play sieges and everything else without problems. Hope this helps somebody.

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    Default Re: CTD Siege (Solved)

    worked for me...thanks for your help

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