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Thread: POTW 168 - The Joust!

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    Default POTW 168 - The Joust!

    The Horn has sounded! The crowd screams in anticipation!

    Now is the time to let your voice be heard! Vote for your favorite submission of this week's POTW 168. The valiant and holy warriors can be found below.

    The Submissions

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Submission 1

    Submission 2

    Submission 3

    Submission 4

    Submission 5

    Submission 6

    Submission 7

    Submission 8

    Submission 9

    Submission 10

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    Default Re: POTW 168 - The Joust!

    Sub 8

    (I think I saw sub 6 somewhere in the google unedited)

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    Default Re: POTW 168 - The Joust!

    5 for me.
    And I'm sure you have, AlexTheGood. It's a R:TW promotional picture. But it is nice, so I'm sure no one will mind.
    Alea Iacta Est (The Die is Cast) - Gaius Julius Caesar
    An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep - Alexander the Great
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    Kjertesvein's Avatar Remember to smile
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    Default Re: POTW 168 - The Joust!

    I was going to vote either 8 or 2. I picked 8 as the best Picture of the Weel!
    Thorolf was thus armed. Then Thorolf became so furious that he cast his shield on his back, and, grasping his halberd with both hands, bounded forward dealing cut and thrust on either side. Men sprang away from him both ways, but he slew many. Thus he cleared the way forward to earl Hring's standard, and then nothing could stop him. He slew the man who bore the earl's standard, and cut down the standard-pole. After that he lunged with his halberd at the earl's breast, driving it right through mail and body, so that it came out at the shoulders; and he lifted him up on the halberd over his head, and planted the butt-end in the ground. There on the weapon the earl breathed out his life in sight of all, both friends and foes. [...] 53, Egil's Saga
    I must tell you here of some amusing tricks the Comte d'Eu played on us. I had made a sort of house for myself in which my knights and I used to eat, sitting so as to get the light from the door, which, as it happened, faced the Comte d'Eu's quarters. The count, who was a very ingenious fellow, had rigged up a miniature ballistic machine with which he could throw stones into my tent. He would watch us as we were having our meal, adjust his machine to suit the length of our table, and then let fly at us, breaking our pots and glasses.
    - The pranks played on the knight Jean de Joinville, 1249, 7th crusade.

    Quote Originally Posted by Finn View Post
    This is the only forum I visit with any sort of frequency and I'm glad it has provided a home for RTR since its own forum went down in 2007. Hopefully my donation along with others from TWC users will help get the site back to its speedy heyday, which will certainly aid us in our endeavor to produce a full conversion mod Rome2.

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    Louis Lux's Avatar Into the Light

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    Default Re: POTW 168 - The Joust!


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    Halvar von Flake's Avatar Senator
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    Default Re: POTW 168 - The Joust!

    Sub 5 for me. Greetings to all!

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    Default Re: POTW 168 - The Joust!

    7, I'd vote for 6 if it hadn't these vanilla units.

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    Default Re: POTW 168 - The Joust!

    Hard choice . Though i'll pick 5

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