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Thread: POTW 165 - The Victor

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    Default POTW 165 - The Victor

    D|Need outlasts the competition in a close battle for the crown in POTW 165.

    Keep up the good work! Love those dark naval shots.

    Once again we call all Knights to the next round of competitions in the POTW!

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    Default Re: POTW 165 - The Victor

    Thanks guys for voting for me
    formerly known as D|need
    m2tw cinematic editor tutorials as video and thread | my total war videos
    the picture of the week subforum with great artworks | my pics and vids gallery
    under the patronage of b. ward

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    Default Re: POTW 165 - The Victor

    I told you that screen was awesome

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    Default Re: POTW 165 - The Victor

    congrats really well deserved

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    Default Re: POTW 165 - The Victor

    You welcome. You really deserve it mate !

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