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Thread: Tournament of the Ancients

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    Icon7 Tournament of the Ancients

    Hello, I've been browsing this place for a while but now I felt the need to call upon the forummers here after other RTW sites turned out to be less active than I expected.

    Hosts: darkdude (MagmaLord), El Flesh, The_Vandhaal


    Official Tournament Website

    Official Tournament Email

    Primary Tournament Thread

    Official Sign Up Thread

    The Tournament of the Ancients will challenge eight bold commanders to test each other on the battlefield. Each contestant will attempt to lead their culturally unique army to the ultimate victory. The eventual victor must outwit, outmaneuver, outfight, outplay and outlast all others in one of the most realistic and high quality titles in strategy gaming - Rome: Total War.

    This tournament started mainly as an idea for a fun event between friends. As the structure of the tournament grew to a 8 player double elimination, we decided to extend this to other players a little. 4 more spots is not much, but we hope that anyone who loves RTW and wishes to have fun would join us. But if playing is not the thing for you, don't worry; the tournament website and threads will be updated so that all are welcome to spectate!

    If you wish to sign up, go to the Official Sign Up Thread and follow the instructions!


    Unfortunately I haven't found a way to post tables. Please visit the Primary Thread to see a table with all current participants and their factions.


    • This will be a Vanilla (non-expansion) version 1.5 tourney.
    • This will use Hamachi. See
    • The format will be Double-elimination. See
    • There will be 8 players in total.
    • Each player will have a unique faction which will be used for all games for the entire duration of the tournament.
    • Tournament Map will be Tuscan Bay
    • Army budget for tournament games will be 10000 Denarii.
    • Army composition will not be limited (no "rules" as to how many and what units may be used). All normal in-game units are allowed.
    • Army size will be Huge.
    • Tournament games must be recorded and the replay sent by email to: . Both players should send their replays for confirmation. Do not assume that your opponent has already sent the replay!


    • Prizes are subject to the judges' passing whims. Don't expect all kinds of $$$. Get real. IF there is a prize, expect it to be of sentimental value entirely (e.g. something cool from a dollar store from another country).
    • One prize above all others will certainly be won: Recognition and RESPECT. For all other losers: there is no dishonor in falling before a superior enemy. A place in Valhalla is reserved for all who would FIGHT.
    • Rules are subject to change by the hosts.
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    Oh, I just remembered something. Unfortunately the forum which this tournament is hosted on has "manual approval" settings on temporarily, so registration could be a hassle. Those wishing to sign up should read the sign up thread I linked above but post here instead.

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    Don't expect all kinds of $$$.
    There used to be tourneys for money on rtw and med2 and probably is now for etw shame no more for rtw

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    Come on, anyone interested? :-)

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