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Thread: How to play S:TW MP - Request for a stickie!

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    Default How to play S:TW MP - Request for a stickie!

    Hello guys from the TWCenter,

    I just registered to let you all know you can still play S:TW MP. The old server was shut down but there's a new server running. Here's a quote from my in-progress guide I am working on at my clans board:


    "Part I - Technical issues

    Part I is about all technical stuff regarding playing S:TW/WE MP. Here I tell you all you need to know about how to play MP. If you just don't get it to work, please contact 'Shambles', the person running the server. To do this, go to: and register an account if you haven't already. Go to the 'STW MP' forum and open the 'How to host shogun MP games.' thread. Then explain your situation and describe your problems to Shambles by posting there, and he'll help you out.

    The 1.02 patch

    This guide is about the MI/WE version of S:TW. Playing the original S:TW at the server is possible but there are very few people playing it, so I recommend getting yourself a copy of MI/WE. Because the rights for shogun still have not been sold by the original creators, it is very hard to find it in the stores. You can try ordering it at a big one, but better is to look for a copy at the internet. The site is the best option to do so. They receive your order, and when someone sells them a MI/WE copy you can buy it. Click the link beneath to order the MI/WE copy:

    Once you have your MI/WE copy, you need to install the 1.02 patch of it. Though there are many patches, all players use the 1.02 patch. It is possible that you already have this patch, of course. To check if you do, run shogun and look at the main menu. At the top-left corner of the screen the version is displayed. When it sais 'v1.02' you already have the patch and don't need to install it. When it sais somthing else you don't, and in order to play MP with others, you need to install the patch first. You can download it via the site. Click the link beneath, scroll down to the 'SHOGUN: TOTAL WAR WE/MI UPGRADE PATCH V1.02 Beta' heading, and select the right download.

    Save the download in your shogun main folder and install the patch by running the downloaded .exe file.

    Configuration for the server

    'Shambles' is running the server which people are playing on now, before logging in at it you must configure shogun for it. To do this you must edit the 'Internet.cfg' file, which is located in your shogun main folder. Open the file with notepad, but don't associate notepad with it, so untick the box 'Always use this program to open this file'. Then delete all text in the file and exactly paste this in it:

    ChatserverIPAddress =
    ChatserverPort = 8793
    NewsserverIPAddress =
    NewsserverPort = 8797
    ShogunTotalWarWebsite =

    Save the file and the configuration is ready.

    Logging in at the server

    Once you've configured for the server, you can log in at it. To do so, run shogun, enter the 'Multiplayer' menu, and click 'Play via EA|Play'. Registering isn't necessary at this server, so you can use whatever name you want. Enter your nickname and select a family name, but leave the fields 'CD-key' and 'Password' open, as they aren't necessary. If you wish to, you can change the family names list. Then you can enter your own family names, click the link beneath to see how to do so.

    When you can't connect to the server when trying to log in, that means:

    - The server is offline.
    - Your configuration is incorrect.

    Sometimes the server is temporarily offline because Shambles has some technical problem, normally it is running all day. When this problem occurs, you should:

    - Try later.
    - Check if your configuration is correct.

    When connecting to the server works but you can't log in, that means:

    - An general error has occured.
    - The name you are using is already being used in the foyer.

    Some people need to try logging in a few times before it works, because of those general errors. This problem can't be solved, so you just need to be patient and try as often as needed. Logging in shouldn't take more then a few seconds, so if it takes longer just try again. When logging in fails, you must:

    - Change at least one character in your name.
    - Try again.

    When you are logged in but you don't proceed, that means:

    - A general error has occured.

    This doesn't happen very often but when it does, you must:

    - Go back and try again.

    Hosting games

    Some people cannot host games in S:TW/MI/WE MP, that means others can't see the games those people host. S:TW/MI/WE MP uses certain ports for the communication between the computers of the players, when you cannot host that means:

    - Your router is blocking those ports.
    - Your firewall is blocking the communication between the computer of the players.

    When none of the players can host, you cannot play. So you should solved the problems, to do so you should:

    - Open the needed router ports.
    - Shut off your firewall.

    If you have windows 98 or older, you don't have a Windows firewall. When you have a newer version of windows, you have a Windows firewall. You must shut off all firewalls, or even better let them allow Shogun to communicate with the computer of the other player. When you don't know how to do this, just shut them off entirely.

    When you have a router, hosting a game might still not work when you've shut off your firewall. When this happens you need to forward router port 18321 in udp, to do so enter your router configuration by entering it's WAN IP in your browser. If you don't know your router's WAN IP, check the router's software. When you don't know how to forward router ports, click the link beneath:

    Simply select the router you have, and select port forwarding.

    Preventing LAG in MP games

    When you have a slow connection or an old computer, you will probably have a LAG in MP games. Especially in teamgames, a LAG can be very bad. To reduce the LAG in MP games, you can:

    - Turn off fauna.
    - Turn off smoke.
    - Reduce music volume to 0.

    Best is to do all three, then you reduce the LAG as much as you can. If you really like these features, just put them back on when playing SP and back off when playing MP.

    Talking in battle in teamgames

    The program 'rw_mod1.exe' allows you to talk to your teammates in battle, but of course you need a mic/headphone. To download the program click the link beneath:

    Save the downloaded file into your shogun main folder, and install it. Then simply plug in your mic/headphone, and it should work."


    If you like, visit our forums at:

    Hope to see some of you in the foyer sometime.
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