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Thread: Guess where?

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    Just a mathematician with a fascination for architecture and the bronze age. The latter in particular because it is the period that carries the nuclei of many concepts and structures (hierarchies, division of labour, cities, conflicts, trade, ...) that define what these days we call "our civilisation".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Septentrionalis View Post
    I am not hesitant to let you know that I worked seriously hard to come with a possible identification. Tap O'Noth near Rhynie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. You managed to pick a funky color picture that threw me off.

    If I got it right, it is indeed a Scottish bronze age fort, and the second highest in Scotland, I read. Now I must ask you after so many rounds of this competition. Are you an archaelogist, architect, or historian of some sort?
    It is Tap o' Noth. Mainly know now for being a large early medieval (5th-6th century AD) settlement.
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