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Thread: Frederick the Great a Homosexual?

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    That guy's name was Katt. But even if he was homo, who cares?! Sex back then was extremely liberal (see Marquis de Sade).
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    Well most likely Frederick the Great had no sexlife. He had no children, his wife was pitiable, not any mistress is known (also male mistress not more then some unreliable rumors) and he himself was extreme unsympathetic.

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    No, I'm pretty sure these allegations were based on gossip. He had mistresses in his time I think we can all accept this as fact.
    I know that many courts were pretty liberal with that stuff, but citing that as evidence proves nothing. That would be like if I accused Napoleon of freemasonry just because everyone was doing it. Most were in the 1700s but that does not prove Napoleon was a Freemason.

    Same for Julius Caesar, the claim that he was gay comes from the rumor started by senators who opposed him. The incident in question was that during the Mithridatic wars Caesar was on the staff of a Roman general who had Caesar make negotiations with Prusias of Bythinia, the claim being that Prusias was persuaded by Caesar through sexual favours.
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    There is a new study, written in English and German, showing that Frederick's homosexuality must have been well known in the eighteenth century, as the English artist William Hogarth (1697-1764) depicted the Prussian king as a gay flautist. For more details, see

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    i think he was emotionally handicapped from his abusive father, and had no partner
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    Also, I'd say its definately possible, but he also had a traumatic childhood, which might explain his indifference towards relationships

    If im not mistaken, wasnt he put into a political marriage, and didnt want to be married to that particular woman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sol Invictus View Post
    Caesar was possibly bi as well. Frederick's brother was definately gay and he was also a good commander. The entire Spartan military system was based on state sponsored homosexuality. Bottom line, don't piss off gay people.
    ha ha....!

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