If a faction owned province for at least a year (or received it at the start of the campaign) and died, then there is a chance that it will emerge there again even after many years.

The Papacy will be described as an emerging faction because there is more in common.

I) The reemerge of factions.

In order for the faction to be reemerged, the following conditions must be met.

1. First, a certain value must be reset, which is set when the faction dies. An attempt is made every turn with a 9% chance. Without this, reemerge is impossible.

2. As know, immature heirs do not disappear after the death of the faction, but wait in the wings. To reemerge a faction, it must have a Prince who is > 18 and < 60 years old. This is the future Leaders of the faction. There is a bug here when in the end the Leader may not be the Prince who was chosen (or even the Princess).

3. Province-base. It can be any province whose faction ever owned. This province should currently be owned by Rebels or fall out randomly (this can happen in a province where the loyalty of the population is < 98%, the lower the loyalty, the higher the chance). In this province, the Leader of the faction necessarily appears, others reemerging factions cannot use this province as a base.

4. Cheat ".kidsmode." disables the possibility of reemerging factions (except the Papacy).

Now if the conditions have been met and the faction reemerging.

1. In the province-base, faction troops are being created - the Faction Leader's detachment (+ possibly another detachment) + 2 groups (of 32 detachments in each maximum).

2. The faction receives an amount of money equal to the annual income of the faction with the highest income (not profit), but not less than 20,000.

3. For all provinces where the number of years of ownership is > 0 (except the province-base):

a) The number of years of ownership is set at 24 (maximum).

b) Provinces that belong to the Rebels become the possession of a faction with troops.

c) In provinces not belonging to the Rebels, they may Randomly appear army factions (one group of the maximum 32 detachments) if the loyalty of the population is < 118% (if the cheat ".nuttermode." is activated and the province belongs to the Player then < 177%).

d) Rebel armies appearing on the same turn join to a faction if their cultures coincide (Loyalists cannot join to they don't belong to the Rebels).

Thus, if several factions are reemerged at the same time, their armies can be created in the same provinces, but their Leaders they will never end up together.

II) The emerge of factions.

In many ways, everything is the same for the reemerging factions, but there are differences.

1. 4 factions emerge - the Golden Horde, the Swiss, the Burgundians and the Papacy (FN_GOLDEN_HORDE, FN_SWISS, FN_BURGUNDIAN, FN_PAPIST). Of course, if the name is not declared, then the faction will not be able to emerge.

2. If a faction was entered into the game and died, the specified value must also be restored.

3. The names of the provinces-bases are rigidly fixed here - for the Golden Horde it is the ID_KHAZAR, for the Swiss - ID_SWITZERLAND, for the Burgundians - ID_BURGUNDY, for the Papacy - ID_ROME. The Golden Horde appears in 1230 (more precisely after the completion of this turn), the Burgundians in the interval 1351...1452, the Swiss in the interval 1281...1452. Burgundians and Swiss should never own these provinces, and they must necessarily belong to the Rebels at the moment. The emerge/reemerge of the Papacy is possible randomly if the number of years of possession of Rome is < 19, the fewer years of possession the higher the chance (18 years - 5%, 1 year - 90 %, 0 - 95 %).

4. The Burgundians, the Swiss and the Papacy receive the same amount of money as the reemerging factions, but the Golden Horde has an additional 40,000.

5. The age of the Leader is always 30 years (after the turn it will be 31). He can randomly receive one child or none (the Pope, of course, cannot have children).

6. The number of years of possession of the province-base is set at 10 (except for the Papacy), for the Golden Horde also in Volga Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia, which allows the Rebels to join, etc.

7. For factions with REL_PAGAN, REL_HERETIC or REL_JEWISH religion, not 2, but 10 groups (of 32 detachments in each maximum) are created in the province-base. This is one of the reasons why the Golden Horde has so many troops.

8. For provinces that the faction has owned for at least 1 year, the same actions are performed as for the reemerging factions. But here the chances of creating armies in provinces that do not belong to the Rebels are much higher, even 200% of the loyalty of the population will not protect against this. Cheat ".nuttermode."nothing changes here. For factions with REL_PAGAN, REL_HERETIC, or REL_JEWISH religion, not 1, but 4 groups (of 32 detachments in each maximum) are created.

The cost of one emerging/reemerging group is usually at least 80 %of the cost of all the troops in the province (including the army in the castle and Crusades and Jihads if they belong to the owner of the province). The higher the average profitability of the provinces of the faction-owner of the province, the higher the amount. If the province belongs to the Player, then a penalty is added to the cost for the "power" of his faction and the difficulty level; if the ".kidsmode." is activated then this cost will be significantly reduced, if ".nuttermode." is activated that can be increased. The size of the group cannot exceed 32 detachments.

If a Player has given control of his faction into the hands of AI (by pressing "'" in debugging mode), then it will be considered an AI faction and then these cheats and penalties will not work (except for the ban on the reemerge of factions).