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Thread: Does anyone else have this bug?

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    Icon4 Does anyone else have this bug?

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    I don't really recognize the bug, but I do have two pieces of advice for you. First, ask this in the Technical Help, there are a lot of guys with way more knowledge about bugs and such there. Second, ask in the Basement, that's the pc section of TWC and they might know what's causing your problem.
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    I used to have this exact same bug mate. I found out that there was no fix and it was because the game doesn't support your 3D accelerator stuff in your graphics card.

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    Sorry for not posting it in the right forum, i only realised that after I made it.

    You say I need a new video card, but it worked on the card I have, then it stoped working, so I don't understand.

    + i'll move it to the other forum.
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