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Thread: Research/WIP: UI Editing/Lua Decompiler

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    Default Re: Research/WIP: UI Editing/Lua Decompiler

    you dont need those luacs for historical events.
    Just open the export_historical_events. lua in your main.pack.

    Notepad is enough to edit them.


    Dont mind, didn't recognize that you mean different "events"
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    Icon5 Re: Research/WIP: UI Editing/Lua Decompiler

    Aha, i thought that i need to open patch.pack file....

    But if you say main.pack, ok i will try.

    I found the list of All default events starting from 1700 to 1800....

    I would like to add some new events messages, because i found on Wikipedia list of all XVIII century discoveries...

    I know that every event should have a name, description, image and date.

    I must only find the events description messages, that's all.

    Thanks for quick answer!!


    I opened the *.lua file, but it is so complicated to understand the entries that i need some help....
    Where are located the text descriptions of the events??
    I mean the message that are displayed under the message image.

    In example:

    3 color printing (name) - (triggers automatically in 1702).



    I would like to add my own events, but i need to add my own event description message, otherwise it will be not trigger....
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    Default Re: Research/WIP: UI Editing/Lua Decompiler

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