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Thread: Warcraft: Total War (WTW) Original Thread

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    Default Warcraft: Total War (WTW) Original Thread

    Warcraft:Total War!
    Check out our Moddb page here!

    Warcraft: Total War: Official Beta 1.0 Release!

    Features the Azeroth campaign map with 22 factions (Lordaeron, Stormwind, Stromgarde, Scarlet Crusade, Quel'Thalas, Sin'Dorei (emergant), The Scourge, The Forsaken (emergant), The Horde, The Dark Horde, Theramore, Night Elves, The Naga, Burning Legion, Ahn'Qiraj, Azjol'Nerub, The Farraki, The Gurubashi, The Amani and the Drakkari) using completely new custom models.

    The 4gb patch found in the Warhammer: BotET-mod - it's required for the Warcraft beta to work i've been told. I have decided to upload it here so people won't have to download the entire BotET (Beginning of the End Times) submod for Call of Warhammer.
    Patch your kingdoms.exe, and only do it once. It will make all heavy mods work and be more stable. Without the patch you may experience alot of crashes.

    Warcraft: Total War: Official PUBLIC BETA V 1.0! Download-link:

    - a clean installation of Medieval 2 Total War patched to 1.3
    - a clean installation of the Kingdoms expansion patched to 1.5

    1. Download and unrar
    2. Place the WTW folder in Medieval 2 Total War\mods
    3. Run the .bat
    4. Enjoy!

    To install the mod using the CD-version, move the mod-folder named "WTW" inside of your Medieval II Total War/mods-folder - after first using the latest version of winRAR to extract the folder - by moving it out manually by draging the folder with your mouse. And start the mod by clicking the .bat-file - for Steam use the ordinary method. Be advised that you must move the entire SEGA game folder out of program files to prevent issues on new computers, also you'd have to deactivate the UAC (User Account Control) as it interfere with mods making them not work. - Read more about disabling the UAC at TWC (Total War Center) or just shut it down totally).

    Also, you'd need to download the 4gb patch i've uploaded since before and patch the Kingdoms.exe with it in order for the mod to work, or you'll face crashes a lot and might not even be able to start the mod - using Steam you should patch Medieval2.exe instead i've heard.

    Also, download the MedievalII.Preference-file that i did upload a few days ago & place in main Medieval II Total War folder - replacing the old file there. This will enable you to play defensive battles in hotseat, as well as prevent a bug causing CTD when clicking buildings on the campaign - it will also make FMV's work.


    For Steam watch this video:

    Warcraft: Total War is based in the Warcraft universe by Blizzard Entertainment. The setting for the mod is based around the Warcraft III Reign of Chaos - Warcraft III Frozen Throne, and will contain a large map containing dozens of iconic provinces, along with factions very distinct from each other such as the Scourge, the Horde, the Burning Legion, as well as many units and heroes essential to any Warcraft experience.

    With the mod undergoing a revival, we figured it is time for a list of updated features, to better clear some confusion which might spring up regarding the past and present versions of WTW.

    First and foremost, the mod IS a continuation of the original project started by TheHappyCrusader, which is why we are still using this thread. However, the revival was possible due to an almost entirely new set of people, and they have their own unique twists and changes to the original vision intended for the mod. Therefore it is safe to say that this is a NEW mod indeed. In essence using the old one merely as a base from which to expand, re-utilizing whatever assets and ideas we could salvage.

    However the goal remains the same: to bring the Warcraft 3 era to the Medieval 2: Total War engine.


    The Kingdom of Lordaeron

    The Kingdom of Stormwind

    The Kingdom of Stromgarde


    The Scarlet Crusade

    The Horde

    The Dark Horde

    The High Elves

    The Night Elves

    The Naga

    Khaz Modan

    The Dark Iron Clan

    The Kingdom of Azjol-Nerub

    The Scourge

    The Drakkari Tribe

    The Amani Tribe

    The Gurubashi Tribe

    The Farraki Tribe

    The Burning Legion


    The following factions are emergent on the campaign map
    (although still playable in custom battles):

    The Forsaken

    The Blood Elves

    Q: Will magic be included?
    A: Yes, magic is already included. The units who use magic mostly resembles the byzantine flamethrowers from the Kingdoms campaign, with longer range. In essence small units which are vulnerable in melee and can be easily destroyed, but when properly used, can be devastating to the enemy. However they will be priced accordingly and have a rarity to match their power.

    Q: When will the mod be released?
    A: The public BETA is now officially released at MODDB - any furthre patches or updates will be available as soon as they have been finished. We plan on updates this summer of 2018, and also in the winter during decembre.

    Q: Why are there factions present before their time (such as the Naga) or why does the Horde and Theramore start in Kalimdor if Lordaeron is still in the first stages of fighting the Scourge?
    A: This is due to the ever delicate reason of trying to balance lore with gameplay. Without the Horde and Theramore, for instance, Kalimdor would be quite empty. Then, there are several races we really wanted to be playable, such as the Naga or the Nerubians. Also, a lot of the fun in Total War games is the fact that you can take a faction and lead them into a completely different historical route. The same can be said here at WTW. This is the reason why Lordaeron starts almost fully intact, or why the Nerubians are still present. Lordaeron is set to fall to the Scourge, yes, but what if the player can avoid that? What if the Nerubians held out in their underground kingdom and actually managed to turn back the tide? What if the Naga rose up to Illidan's call much earlier than in the Frozen Throne?

    Q: Will there be new religions in the mod?
    A: Yes, currently we have reached the game limit of 10 new religions, which are divided between: The Holy Light (humans), Adoration of the Sun (elves), Worship of Elune (night elves), Shamanism (orcs), Necromancy (undead), Fel Magic (legion), Worship of Azshara (naga), Troll Gods (trolls), Worship of the Titans (dwarves) and the Old Gods (nerubians and heretics). The purpose of religions is also because we are going to use them to give each race different character portraits (otherwise we would have to give them portraits based on culture, which only has a limit of 7... some races would have to share portraits which would just be very strange). This is the reason why the High Elves for example 'worship' the Sun instead of the Light, so that they can have unique elven portraits. Again, it's a compromise between the lore and what the game allows.

    Q: Will there be heroes and unique generals?
    A: Yes, a lot of heroes will have custom battle models, such as Jaina, Thrall, Grom Hellscream, Arthas, etc. Wether they will have unique abilities or not remains to be decided. In addition, almost every starting character (and agent) in the campaign map is based on actual characters from the lore, in addition to some easter eggs. Whoever recognizes one of the custom Stormwind generals gets a virtual cookie from me.

    Q: What about the other human kingdoms such as Dalaran or Gilneas? And where are the Trolls and the Tauren in the Horde?
    A: The minor human kingdoms are present in the mod. More specifically, they have re-skinned versions of some of the playable human nations, and these units can be recruited in specific AOR zones (for example Dalaran units in Dalaran, Gilnean units in Gilneas, etc) by whatever human faction controls them. It is perfectly possible then, to be playing as Lordaeron and, if you control Dalaran, field a full stack of Dalaran troops led by none other than Antonidas himself. They are also AI independent minor factions before any of the playable factions do in fact conquer them - in the case of Gilneas and Alterac. A similar thing was applied to the Horde's "minor" races, such as the Trolls and the Tauren. Currently, they are recruitable in what are considered to be their home regions, for example the Trolls are recruited in Sen'jin and the Echo Isles, and the Tauren in the regions associated to them in World of Warcraft, such as Mulgore, Taurajo, Thousand Needles, etc. However you are not limited to those regions, for there are specific buildings that you can build, which will be costly and time consuming, but will essentially serve as 'colonies' of those races. This will serve nicely as an immersion feature, as you can decide where in your Horde empire those races will inhabit, and therefore, be recruitable. In addition, the Scourge also has a similar system with the Vrykul. Since they are not their own faction, Vrykul units can be recruited by the Scourge in the Ymirheim, Jotunheim regions and also in places like Utgard Keep and the new Vrykul regions, Dark Horde has a similar system with their Dragons, Drakes, Trolls and Ogres.

    Q: Will Outland, Pandaria or any other such places have a presence in the mod?
    A: No, those regions are not among our present plans unfortunately. It's not that we would not want to add them, but there is a limit to what can be added to a Medieval 2 mod. However certain references are made, for example the Burning Legion has Fel Orcs in their roster. You can imagine them as coming from Outland for some reason, again as a sort of "what if" scenario.
    I think this is all for now, if you have any further questions be sure to ask them in the comment section and we will try our best to answer them for you.

    For more media, please visit our Moddb page.

    Menu and Loading Screens: (By: Sulfurion Blackfyre/Sulphuristical)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Faction symbols: (By: Sulfurion Blackfyre/Sulphuristical)
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Campaign Map: (By: TheHappyCrusader) - (PS: 47 additional regions added by Mr_Nygren.)
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Demo Units: (By: Eoghan Wolfkin) - (PS: Base Human models by Bantu Chieftain, implementation by Mr_Nygren on half of the units).

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Beta Units: (By: Bantu Chieftain) - (PS: Many models downloaded from Warcraft3Underground and created there by various people, riged by Bantu, implementation by Mr_Nygren on all the units + new animations).

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    ==Mod Team==
    We are currently looking for: a cinimatic editor, a mapper and a truck load of modelers and skinners!

    Current Team (2017-2018+):
    Mr_Nygren - Current Mod Leader, unit balancer, implementor, portrait creator, text editor and coder.
    Bantu Chieftain - 3D modeller, Texturer.
    Sulfurion - 2D artist, text editor, coder and retexturer.
    WarcraftHero - Retexturer, coder/scripter, unit portraits creator.
    TheHappyCrusader - Map Creator/Old Mod Leader (2009-2012).
    Eoghan Wolfkin - Unit Modeller/Texturer (2015-2017).

    Old Team (2009 to 2012 - Result: Map-only Alpha):

    -TheHappyCrusader= Mod Leader, mapper, unit balancer and text editor
    -Sulphuristical= PR manager, Co-leader, Text Editor, 2D art
    -MemduhG= Texturer
    -Grimbold= 2D artist
    -TheMalevolentKing= Texturer and 3D modeler
    -xxxMoRaVexxx= Texturer and 3D modeler

    -Varian (MommaG)= Co Founder, 3D modeler, audio editor, some 2D art and text editor (inactive)

    -Blackomur89= 2D art RIP
    Warcraft Total War is dedicated to Blackomur89, February 11, 1989 - March 28, 2010

    Noted Contributors:
    Leroux3369 - faction and unit descriptions

    Lets get this mod off the ground!
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    Thi going to be great

    lease keep informing us with new units
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    ai, this is gonna be great, ill keep sending screens of my unts

    Quote Originally Posted by Karlo'St View Post
    Thi going to be great
    dont forget, we need crap loads of modellers and skinners! create an account on our official forums and post on the recruitment if u wanna join
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    Default Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW)

    Very nice start, but I suggest you to start a bit smaller, perhaps with a Subcampaign focusing on Lordaeron's fight against the Scourge or so.

    This way, you can work toward the great goal with small steps and you won't die that easily (like the old Warcraft mod did..)

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    Default Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW)

    we were thinking of making that like a little demo campaign

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    Default Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW)

    Attachment 46327

    heres a screen of my Dismounted Paladin that is available for Lordaeron, Stormwind, Theramore.

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    Default Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW)

    Here's our list of units so far:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    Peasents- A:4 D:3
    Footman- A:10 D:16 (COMPLETE)
    Axe Militia- A:9 D:10 (COMPLETE)
    Spear Militia- A:7 D:11 (COMPLETE)
    Archer Militia- A:3 D:4 M:7 (COMPLETE)
    Lordamere Archers- A:5 D:6 M:12 (COMPLETE)
    Lordaeron Crossbowmen- A:5 D:6 M:14 (COMPLETE)
    Dismounted Lordaeron Paladins- A:12 D:20
    Mounted Lordaeron Paladins (heavy)- A:14 D:18 CB:9 (COMPLETE)
    Pikemen- A:7 D:10
    Lordaeron Royal Guards- A:16 D:15 (COMPLETE)
    Knights of Lordearon (med)- A:13 D:17 CB:7 (COMPLETE)
    Lordamere Horsemen (light)- A:10 D:13 CD:5
    Kirin-Tor Mages- A:7 D:7 MG:17
    Priests of the Holy Light- A:3 D:4
    Paladins of the Silver Hand- A:22 D:17 HP:2 (COMPLETE)
    Lordearon Seargents- A:11 D:16
    Artillery- Ballista, Catapult, Trebuchet, Bombard, Great Bombard, Culverin

    Peasents- A:4 D:3
    SI7 Rougues- A:17 D:11
    Mounted Stormwind Paladins (heavy)- A:14 D:18 CB:8 (COMPLETE)
    Dismounted Stormwind Paladins- A:12 D:20
    Priests of the Holy Light- A:3 D:4
    Night Watch Militia- A:10 D:14 (sword)
    The Peoples Militia- A:8 D:14 (spear)
    Pikemen- A:7 D:10
    Stormwind Guards- A:10 D:16
    Stormwind Knights (med)- A:13 D:17 CB:7 (COMPLETE)
    Stormwind Archers- A:5 D:6 M:12
    Stormwind Crossbowmen- A:5 D:6 M:14 (COMPLETE)
    Archer Militia- A:3 D:4 M:7 (COMPLETE)
    Stormwind Mages- A:7 D:7 MG:15
    Militia Calvary (light)- A:9 D:13 CB:5
    Stormwind Lancers (med)- A:15 D:13 CB:12
    Stormwind Seargents- A:11 D:16
    Artillery- Ballista, Catapult, Trebuchet, Bombard, Great Bombard, Culverin

    Peasents- A:4 D:3
    Theramore Marines- A:14 D:17
    Theramore Guards- A:10: D:16
    Marksmen- A:5 D:5 M:12
    Riflemen- A:6 D:12 M:20
    Priests of the Holy Light- A:3 D:4
    Archmagi- A:10 D:10 MG:17 (mounted)
    Dismounted Archamagi- A:7 D:7 MG:17
    Mounted Theramore Paladins (heavy)- A:14 D:18 CB:8 (COMPLETE)
    Dismounted Theramore Paladins- A:12 D:20
    Pikemen- A:7 D:10
    Theramore Sergeants- A:11 D:16
    Axe Militia- A:9 D:10 (COMPLETE)
    Spear Militia- A:7 D:11 (COMPLETE)
    Archer Militia- A:3 D:4 M:7 (COMPLETE)
    Mounted Seargents- A:9 D:13
    Theramore Knights (med)- A:13 D:17 CB:7 (COMPLETE)
    Artillery- Ballista, Catapult, Trebuchet, Bombard, Great Bombard, Culverin

    Peasents- A:4 D:5
    Priests of the Holy Light- A:3 D:4
    Gnome Mages- A:6 D:6 MG:16
    Dwarven Riflemen- A:7 D:12 M:24
    Gnomish Rangers- A:6 D:12 M:20
    Engineers- A:3 D:4 M:14
    Steam Tanks- A:0 D:24 HP:20 M:75 (artillary
    Mecha Tanks- A:8 D:34 HP:24
    Grenadiers- A:9 D:14 M:20
    Mounted Ironforge Paladins- A:11 D:17 CB:7
    Dismounted Ironforge Paladins- A:10 D:22
    Mountain Lords- A:10 D:25
    Mountaineers- A:11 D:14 M:19
    Stormpike Pikemen: A:9 D:14
    Stormpike Ram Riders (med) A:11 D:16 CB:6
    Artillery- Catapult, Trebuchet, Bombard, Great Bombard, Culverin, Senpertine, Monster Bombard, Gnomish Long Cannon, Ribault, etc.

    Peasents- A:4 D:3
    Swordsmen- A:11 D:17
    Rangers- A:7 D:8 M:16
    Silvermoon Magisters- A:7 D:7 MG:17
    Blood Mages- A:8 D:9 MG:19
    Sun's Wrath Mages- A:8 D:9 MG:24
    Silvermoon Lancers (med)- A:16 D:13 CB:11
    Sunwell Guardians- A:9 D:22
    Mounted Magisters- A:8 D:7 MG:15 CB:3
    Sunwell Militia (spear)- A:8 D:12
    Farstriders- A:3 D:4 M:9
    Blood Knights (heavy)- A:13 D:16 CB:7
    Sun Knights (heavy)- A:13 D:16 CB:7
    Spell Breakers- A:11 D:18 MG:12
    Artillery- Ballista, Great Ballista, Monster Ballista, Arcane Ballitsa


    Peons- A:3 D:3 (peasent unit)
    Orc Warriors- A:15 D:10
    Troll Spearmen- A:11 D:16 M:13
    Raiders (light)- A:13 D:9 CB:5
    Kodos (heavy)- A:19 :20 HP:12 CB:12
    Grunt Militia- A:11 D:9
    Berserkers- A:22 D:13 HP:2
    Shamans- A:11 D:10 MG:14
    Grunts- A:16 D:10
    Raptoriders- A:13 D:15 M:12 CB:7
    Headhunters- A:9 D:14 M:15
    Whitch Doctors- A:5 D:6 MG:12
    Tauren Warriors- A:18 D:17 HP:2
    Tauren Druids- A:8 D:6
    Orc Archers- A:5 D:6 M:13
    Artillery- Catapult, Siege Engine, Demolisher (fires acurate flaming rocks)


    Acolytes- A:4 D:2 (peasent unit)
    Ghoul- A:12 D:9
    Skeleton Militia (axe)- A:9 D:8
    Skeleton Warriors- A:12 D:10 (sword & shield)
    Undeads- A:11 D:10 (sword)
    Skeletal Soldiers- A:10 D:17 (armored skeleton warriors)
    Abominations- A:20 D:23 HP:12
    Dismounted Death Knights- A:18 D:16
    Dismounted Dread Knights- A:18 D:16
    Skeleton Seargents- A:11 D:16
    Death Knights (heavy)- A:13 D:17 CB:7
    Dread Knights (heavy)- A:13 D:17 CB:7
    Skeletal Raiders (light)- A:9 D:12 CB:5
    Undead Horse Archers: A:3 D:5 M:10
    Skeleton Archers (Militia)- A:3 D:4 M:7
    Necromancers- A:6 D:7 MG:15
    Crypt Lords- A:14 D:26 HP:9
    Crypt Fiends-A:9 D:10 M:14
    Artillery- Meat Wagon, plague wagon, Saronite bomb launcher, Spike shooter(aka ribault)

    Imps- A:4 D:3 MG:5(peasent unit)
    Felhound- A:13 D:14 CB:5
    Felguard- A:14 D:18 HP:3
    Wrathguard-A:14 D:20 HP:3 (spear)
    Doomguard- A:20 D:25 HP:12
    Warlocks- A:7 D:9 MG:16
    Sucubi- A:11 D:13
    Fel Orcs- A:17 D:10
    Fel Orc Warlocks- A:6 D:7 MG:15
    Fel Orc Raiders (light)- A:14 D:10 CB:5
    Pit Lord- A:30 D:20 MG:14 HP 18
    Pitling Riders-(med cav) A:14 D:18 HP:4 (baby pitlords serve as mounts)
    Artillery- Fel Cannons, Great Fel Cannon, Hell`s Breath Cannon, Monster Fel Cannon


    Archers- A:7 D:8 M:16
    Huntresses- A:13 D:15 M:15 CB:6
    Ancient Protector- A:14 D:25 HP:12
    Ancient of Seige- A:8 D:20 M:60 (artillery) HP:6
    Treents- A:10 D:17
    Armored Tigers (med)- A:13 D:17 CB:7
    Druids- A:8 D:8 MG:16
    Dryads- A:10 D:11 M:17 (jav)
    Moonguard- A:11 D:18 (spear)
    Moonguard Archers- A:9 D:10 M:17 (longbow)
    Blades of Elune: A:17 D:16
    Artillery- Ballista, Great Ballista, Moon Ballista

    Bruisers- A:10 D:14
    Sappers- A:5 D:6 M:50 (KAAAAAABOOM!)
    Grenediers- A:8 D:14 M:20
    Goblin Riflemen: A:8 D:10 M:21
    Artillery- Bombard, Great Bombard, Culverin, Senpertine, Monster Bombard, Rocket Launcher, Ribault, etc.


    Slaves- A:5 D:5 (peasent unit)
    Slave Warriors- A:9 D:10
    Centaurs- A:10 D:13 CB:4
    Centaur Raiders- A:11 D:15 M:14
    Centaur Warriors- A:14 D:17 CB:5
    Bloodlusted Centaurs- A:19 D:18 CB:5
    Centaur Archers- A:7 D:9 M:15
    Centaur Lancers- A:15 D:15 CB:9
    Khan`s Guard- A:15 D:20 CB:4 HP:2
    Centaur Shamans- A:11 D:12 CB:3 MG:14
    Artillery- Ballista, Catapult

    Carrion Beatles- A:4 D:3 (peasent unit)
    Cataphracts- A:16 D:20 CB:6 HP:6
    Nerub Lords- A:14 D:26 HP:9
    Nerub Warriors- A:10 D:17
    Nerub Mages- A:6 D:7 MG:16
    Nerub Chargers- A:13 D:16 CB:8 (cav)
    Nerub Skirmishers- A:6 D:7 M:14
    Tunnel Whatchers- A:7 D:8 M 14 )

    Drakari peasents- A:4 D:3
    Diciples of Mam'toth- A:17 D:22 M:14 HP:10 CB:10
    Diciples of Harkoa -A:16 D:16
    Diciples of Sserastus- A:16 D:14
    Diciples of Rhunok- A:11 D:21
    Diciples of Akali- A:23 D:14 CB:15 HP:3
    Drakari Bowmen- A:5 D:6 M:13
    Drakari Warriors- A:11 D:15
    Guardians of Gundrak- A:11 D:16 (Spear)
    Raptor Riders- A:13 D:15 M:12 CB:7
    Spear Militia- A:7 D:13
    Drakari Axemen- A:10 D:15
    Drakari Brutes- A:6 D:25 HP:3

    Peasents- A:4 D:3
    Warlocks- A:6 D:7 MG:16
    Golems- A:10 D:20 HP:3
    DarkIron Riflemen- A:6 D:9 M:21
    Citizen Militia(sword)- A:9 D:12
    Crossbowmen- A:6 D:8 M:14
    Flameguard- A:11 D:19
    Soldiers(sword)- A:10 D:15
    Iron Axemen- A:15 D:12
    Fire Elementals- A:10 D:10 M:18
    Spear Militia- A:7 D:14
    Pikemen- A:7 D:10
    Artillary- Balistas, Catapult, Trebuchet, Bombard, Great Bombard, Flame Spewer

    (just a list of all the mercenaries and where u can get them)

    sentries (they all have the name of the region they come from eg. goldshire sentries, dalaran sentries)
    murk swordsmen
    murk spearmen
    murk archers
    troll mercenaries
    mercenary mages

    murk swordsmen
    murk spearmen
    murk archers
    troll mercenaries

    tuskar warriors
    tuskar skirmishers
    gorloc oracles
    gorloc warriors
    storm giants
    iron rune warriors
    iron rune mystics
    wolvar warriors
    wolvar hunters
    magnataur bloodletters


    (these are the units from the emergent factions and guilds)


    ==Argent Dawn=={available to: Lordaeron, Stormwind, Theramore}
    Argent Paladins- A:13 D:18 CB:8
    Sergeants of the Dawn- A:11 D:17
    Argent Footmen- A:11 D:17

    ==Scarlet Crusade=={available to: Lordaeron, Stormwind, Theramore}
    Scarlet Footmen- A:11 D:17
    Scarlet Sergeants- A:11 D:17
    Scarlet Paladins- A:13 D:18 CB:8

    ==Cenarion Circle=={available to: Night Elves}
    Cenarion Druids- A:9 D:10 MG:15
    Grove Keepers- A:13 D:17 CB:6
    Ancient of Lore- A:5 D:20 HP:6 MG:17


    ==Argemt Dawn==
    Argent Paladins- A:13 D:18 CB:8
    Dismounted Argent Paladins- A:12 D:19
    Sergeants of the Dawn- A:11 D:17
    Argent Footmen- A:11 D:17
    Argent Crossbowmen- A:6 D:7 M:14
    Argent Bowmen- A:6 D:6 M:14
    Argent Pikemen- A:7 D:10
    Argent Priests- A:4 D:3
    Knights of the Dawn- A:12 D:16 CB:7
    Argent Horsemen: A:9 D:12 CB:5
    Betrothed of the Light: A:21 D:17 HP:2
    Argent Militia: A:8 D:9 (Sword)
    Argent Mages: A:7 D:7 MG:17

    ==Scarlet Crusade==
    Scarlet Paldins- A:13 D:18 CB:8
    Dismounted Scarlet Paladins- A:12 D:19
    Scarlet Sergeants- A:11 D:17
    Scarlet Footmen- A:11 D:17
    Scarlet Crossbowmen- A:6 D:7 M:14
    Scarlet Bowmen- A:6 D:6 M:14
    Scarlet Pikemen- A:7 D:10
    Scarlet Clerics- A:4 D:3
    Scarlet Knights- A:12 D:16 CB:7
    Scarlet Horsemen- A:9 D:12 CB:5
    Scarlet Militia- A:8 D:9 (Sword)
    Scarlet Evokers- A:7 D:7 MG:17
    Scarlet Harbingers: A:21 D:17 HP:2

    ==Defias Brotherhood==
    Defias Rouges- A:17 D:7
    Defias Warriors- A:10 D:15
    Defias Raiders (light)- A:11 D:14 CB:5
    Defias Insurgents- A:10 D:16 (Spear)
    Defias Mages- A:5 D:6 MG: 14
    Defias Ambushers- A:6 D:7 M:14


    (this is a list of heroes. the stats go to them and thier bodyguards)

    Prince Arthas Menethil- A:? D:? HP:?
    King Terenas Menethil- A:? D:? HP:?
    King Varian Wrynn- A:? D:? HP?
    Uther the Lightbringer- A:? D:? HP?
    Lady Jaina Proudmoore- A:? D:? MG:? HP?
    Lord Proudmoore- A:? D:? HP?
    Antonidas- A:? D:? MG:? HP:?

    Sylvanas Windrunner- A:? D:? M:? (not mounted) HP?
    Kael'thas Sunstrider- A:? D:? MG:? (not mounted) HP?
    Malfurion Stormrage- A:? D:? MG:? HP?
    Tyrande Whisperwind - A:? D:? M:? HP?

    Arthas (evil)- A:? D:? HP?
    Kel'Thuzad- A:? D:? MG:? HP?
    Anub'arak- A:? D:? HP?
    Malganis- A:? D:? HP?

    King Magni Bronzebeard- A:? D:? HP?
    Muradin Bronzebeard- A:? D:? HP:?
    Brann Bronzebeard- A:? D:? HP?
    Emperor Dragan Thaurissan- A:? D:? HP?

    High Tinker Meckatorque A:? D:? M:?

    Archimonde- A:20 D:25 MG:50 HP:25
    Kil'Jeaden- A:20 D:25 MG:50 HP:25
    Mannaroth- A:40 D:30 HP:20
    Tichondrius- A:20 D:20 HP:6

    Thrall- A:? D:? MG:? HP:?
    Grom Hellscream- A:? D:? HP:?
    Rokhan- A:? D:? M:? HP?
    Sen'Jin- A:? D:? MG:? HP:?
    Cairne Bloodhoof- A:? D:? HP:?
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    Default Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW)

    Just a quick note; right now we are looking at a map with aprox. 119 regions.

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    Default Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW)

    ATLAST a wip thats serious

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    Default Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW)

    loocking good. one sugestion: in kalimdor, i remember there were some kind of pigs-men (can´t remember the name), maybe you could use them as infantry for the centaurs faction? that way you ad versatility to them.

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    Default Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW)

    One Question, what are the mages going to look like in battle? Will they be something like naffatuns?
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxi90 View Post
    loocking good. one sugestion: in kalimdor, i remember there were some kind of pigs-men (can´t remember the name), maybe you could use them as infantry for the centaurs faction? that way you ad versatility to them.
    there going to be mecenaries u can get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ale View Post
    One Question, what are the mages going to look like in battle? Will they be something like naffatuns?
    i havent designed the mages yet, but there going to be their own type of unit [magic] and their gonna be able to cast magic, which is effective against high-hitpoint units. me and happycrusader were thinking of adding a tutorial just for that.

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    Default Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW)

    Oh great, I like Warcraft...

    To the OP:
    If I were you, I would start small, just like Nevada said. Most fantasy mods that have progressed, did so because they started with small but well made steps (for example The Fourth Age Total War). And others, who set themselves to big stuff (like, say, Tales of Arda Total War) ended up not releasing anything...

    Personally, I´d start with a small campaign with The Kingdom of Lordaeron vs Orcs, or something like that...

    Good luck...
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    if you like this idea and want to support, use these advertisments i just made!!
    put them in ur signature!!

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    I have actually never played Warcraft, but I love fantasy mods and this looks promising.
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    Default Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW)

    I wish you good luck with this mod.Which time will this mod cover?What are mage attacks going to be?(missile or like naffatun).By the way Amani trolls will be a good faction.And they have their own unique culture and cities.Better than centaurs.How are you going to model nerubians and centaurs?Humans are easy but they are hard i suppose.

    And you are missing forsaken now.
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    Centaurs could by done either by adding bones to the horse model, or by changing the coordinates for a mounted unit and removing the rider's legs. It's been done before
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    Quote Originally Posted by cenkiss View Post
    I wish you good luck with this mod.Which time will this mod cover?What are mage attacks going to be?(missile or like naffatun).By the way Amani trolls will be a good faction.And they have their own unique culture and cities.Better than centaurs.How are you going to model nerubians and centaurs?Humans are easy but they are hard i suppose.

    And you are missing forsaken now.
    This mod will cover the events of Warcraft 3, begining around the start of warcraft 3. Mages will have their own stat (magic) which effects how powerful their fireballs, frost bolts etc. are. About the Amani trolls, we feel that they would be too cramped in around Zul Aman (their capital) surrounded by Quel'Thalas on one side and Lordaeron on the other and would not fit well in the campaign strategicly. The centaurs are needed to create competition in southwest kalimdor, as without them it would be a vast expanse of rebel regions. And the forsaken apear after the time this mod spans (in lore they apeared after Lordaeron was destroyed and took control of Lordaeron City, however since Lordaeron is still alive and well in this mod, they wouldn't really fit in lol) And as to your question about modeling nerubians and centaurs and for that matter the many other unique races that will have to be modeled. We hope to recruit a large force of modelers and skinners to do the job. As more units get done, faction unit rosters will be filled out and then we can release small demo campaigns that are zoomed in on a particular area (like Lordaeron or Durotar) and scenario battles. And then, (a long way down the road right now) release a full version of WTW.

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    yea, since im a newbie modeller, ill be tackling the humans. and more "experianced" modellers will be tackling the other races, like the orcs

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