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    Default - [Modding] The Lordz Map Tools

    Author : hokomoko
    Original Thread : The Lordz Map Tools

    The Lordz Map Tools

    The Lordz Map Tools

    Included within this package are four map editing tools made by Lord Hokomoko for use in creating your own ETW battle maps.

    The Lordz Building Editor
    The Lordz Deploy Zones Editor
    The Lordz HeightMap Tool
    The Lordz Tree Editor

    Important note:
    Microsoft .net framework v2.0 (or a more recent version) is required to run the tools.

    A readme.txt is included.

    To get the full use of these tools please visit the Map Making Tutorial. Created by Badger, the tutorial assists users in creating ETW battle maps using Hoko’s tools.

    Links updated with new version working with the patch (and added as attachment)

    19/09/09 - NEW!!! - Heightmap tool now has a button to tile heightmaps. results have less ripple effect compared to the GIMP script

    D/L links

    Lord Badger's Tutorial:
    Map Pack:

    gimp scripts available here:

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