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Thread: BC 2.0 RELEASED

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    Default BC 2.0 RELEASED

    Broken Crescent 2.0 Released

    What’s New

    BC 2.0 is the second in series of Broken Crescent mod development releases, and it features many new updates resulted from months of development. The most obvious changes from the first release will be the new and realistically inspired AOR system (Area of Recruitment) with over 40 new or newly edited units by Strelac and YeluDashi, newly configured faction recruitment system for player and AI, and various graphical contribution from community artist.
    In terms of game play, BC 2.0 features brand new unit balance system, and the newly adjusted diplomatic system. BC 2.0 embraces various suggestions, complaints and new ideas, by BC players and Dev team, to offer more polished and improved game play.

    More about the new release and unit preview can be found in this thread:
    2.0 Preview

    Credits for work done on 2.0
    Ahiga – Research Material and Unit Description, Fixing Bugs
    GrandViZ – Battle AI, Campaign AI and Diplomacy, Economy Model, Unit Costs, EDB Recruitment, Fixing Bugs, Campaign Script Updates, Release Support.
    Yellu Dashi – Mongol Units Models and Textures, Mongol Strategy Map Officers
    Miraj – Campaign Map, Character Stats
    Kinniken – Special tools for EDU stats generation and EDB Recruitment
    Strelac – AOR / Recruitment System, Unit Stats, New Unit Models and Textures, Fixing Bugs.

    Contributions by:
    Jermagon - New Muslim portraits.
    Bward – New Battle and Map Officers, Banner Templates
    Pacco – Large Kite and Teardrop ERE Shield Textures
    Leif_Ericson – Round ERE Shield Textures
    Vlad - Mongol banners

    Installation Instructions

    I. Download the mod using either of the methods below


    via torrent

    Extract the attached .zip file and start the bc20.exe.torrent with your preferred client application.

    via megaupload

    II. Preparation for installment

    BC 2.0 will install in a separate mod folder, and it will not interfere with your other mods or the original game. Follow the instructions below to ensure most optimum installation and bug free play.

    • Start with uninstalling previous version of BC (1.0 or 1.05), and MTW2.
    • Install Medieval Total War 2 (vanilla game)
    • Patch to version 1.3
    • Defragment your drive
    • For people who extract their MTW2 files, you cannot have the BC 2.0 and extracted files in the same root folder (SEGA/MTW2) Instead extract your files in separate domain. Failure to do so may crash the BC in some cases.
    • Continue to installation steps

    III. Installation

    • Start the installer by running bc20.exe
    • The installer will automatically detect your M2TW installation folder, if this does not work manually select your main M2TW directory, (e.g. C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War)
    • Select your original game version (ENGLISH vs. NON-ENGLISH) and start the installation process (NOTE: wrong selection here will cause CTD issues!)
    • Start the game with the Broken Crescent shortcut on your desktop

    IV. Installation with the M2TW Gold Edition

    Users of the M2TW Gold Edition please follow these steps to install BC correctly.
    • Install the M2TW Gold Edition with at least one Kindoms expansion and update Kingdoms to version 1.5
    • Install BC 2.0
    • Install the bc.cfg file from here (
    • Apply BC patch 2.01
    • Locate the map.rwm file in Medieval II Total War/broken_crescent/data/world/maps/base and click "compatibility files", then delete the map.rwm
    • Note: map.rwm is not locatable using any search features, you may have to do it manually.

    V. Known issues

    • The installer does not work correctly with M2TW used via Steam.
    • The AOR recruitment scripts seem not to work correctly with the US Gold Edition, which should have patch v1.03 but displays v1.02 under options.
    • The option Quick Battle will lead to CTD. Choose Custom Battle instead.


    What other BC versions do I need?
    BC 2.0 is full standalone MOD for MTW2 (non Kingdoms version of the game). NO previous version of the BC is needed. All previously released patches and fixes are obsolete.

    Does BC work with Kingdoms?
    BC 2.0 works if you have Kingdom installed, however you must use the MTW2 disc and MTW2 executable to launch the game.

    Is BC 2.0 safe-game compatible with previous version?
    BC 2.0 is not save game compatible and it will require starting of the new campaign.

    Does BC 2.0 work with other mods?
    BC 2.0 will not interfere with other mods if installed properly.

    Last edited by Strelac; July 28, 2009 at 11:48 AM. Reason: Updated Known issues

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    Congratulations on release !
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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    Pinch me I must be dreaming goddamit!! This is awesome!1111 W00t!!!!!!!1111ELEVEN

    (Its clickable by the way....An S2 overhaul mod.)

    Seriously. Click it. Its the only overhaul mod that's overhauling enough to bring out NEW clans
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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    Well done guys and thanks very much. Just added myself to the torrent.

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    keep seeding, keep seeding it is coming ...yeeahh

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    I have to wait for new links (((((((
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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED


    Oooh pictures! Faber est quisque fortunae suae

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony83 View Post
    Well done guys and thanks very much. Just added myself to the torrent.
    I added my self too but it needs 7hours and i do not have this time...
    I will wait for another link...and then...prepair for a duel!
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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    Ooaaah yes!
    Who cares if we don't learn from History, its bloodly interesting.

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    In two and a half hours the world shall tremble from my roman/cuman/latin/khwarezmian etc. horses. Thanks BC team, i mean it!

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED


    i formated my PC just yesterday.
    Means BC 2.0 will get a perfectly clean install!

    Does it work on german gold edition too ?

    Thanks a lot for the great work and congratulations for the release!!

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    Great news BC team! Congratulation on your work! Bravo

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED


    I download right now

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but to slow 1 seed but I dont worry because BC 2.0 released !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhh

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    congrat I'll download it tomorrow

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED


    New version of all 77BC and 58BC can be found HERE

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    Thank you.

    Will seed.

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    Holy ! yeah! Rock out with your cock out! A year of waiting and I can finally get my hands on perfection part two, I just spazzed out a little IRL!

    Broken Crescent, Its Frickin Awesome! Sig by Atterdag +rep
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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    wait... Pinch me, im dreaming,

    Did BC 2.0 come out??,
    Ive only been waiting a year.. did it just finally happen
    The only think you have to fear is... Me.


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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    please upload to filefront

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    Default Re: BC 2.0 RELEASED

    Excellent (mr burns)
    Great job guys!
    Sig made by me

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