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Thread: A Guide to the Ottoman Empire

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    My Ottoman campaign, I have focused improving my buildings and build up 2 full army (One army beside Crimean Khanate and second one in Bagdak). Later my enemy Russian attacked to Crimean Khanate while I was creating my armies. Sametime Venice made war for me and they were planning invasion to Greece. Almost I forgot that I had Greece, but quickly I decided made another army to Greek. Russian took Crimean and got naval forces up and I decided use my main navy against their sloop-brig fleets. After couple turns... I controlled the black sea and blocked their harbor, meanwhile I have 1 full army prepare to attack and also I made invasion army in Istanbul with high trained soldiers and elites and take Crimean back. Russian decided sent half-full army against my full army nearby Crimean area. While I carried my invasion army to Crimean and took it. So sad because I can't liberate Crimean back, so i decided keep it. Then my full army destroyed this russian army and heading to Kiov, what was almost empty. During war with Russia, I attacked to Dagestan and Georgia and used small army take one small russian town for me, so i have the black sea in my control now. Now I prepare 3 full stack near Persia and prepare walk to Indian.
    One my half-full stack army is heading to old United Provinces island in India and it is under rebels rules now, so I am going take it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaDelta View Post
    Possibly the most frustrating, tit-for-tat campaigns I've ever played.

    The first problem is that we get the worlds worst sultan (-10 diplomacy!!!!!) Within 10 years almost every faction on the map will simply hate you. In order to get rid of him, the only option is to engineer a revolution and that's going to mean that EVERY faction WILL hate you. I miss the days of Rome and Med where you could send out your faction leader on a boat and have him sunk by rebels. Ahhhhh.

    Anyhow, I gave it a try.

    I gave Moldavia to the Austrians in return for an alliance. 'Great', I thought, now I'll be protected from the Russians and the Austrians are my buddies. WRONG! Austria back-stabbed me straight away. I wittled down all of their Balkan provinces until they had only Hungary and Vienna then offered them a province and they still wouldn't sign a peace treaty. They are the scum of the ETW universe. It's a real shame vienna is full of troops or I'd shut them up forever.

    Aside from that ,the circle jerk that comes from Ottomans -> Georgia -> Dagestan -> Persia is headache inducing. Georgia just won't settle down, it's revolted 3 times. Dagestan churns out troops and for some reason they get Western style line infantry and regiments of cavalry whilst I get scared villagers and shirtless retards.

    France DOW me and landed on Palestine, with 3 units, but it was enough as I had 0 in that province and 0 troops in the levant at all.

    I've spent so many turns training and re-training units that my economy is fecked, I've got 8 or 9 factions against me, I have no decent units available and Persia just won't die.

    I'm considering gifting all of my regions to the various Native tribes and sending my remaining troops on a very long trip to West Indies for some R&R. They've earned it.


    Not sure what difficulty youre on but theres a few ways to make your time easier. I used only 3 regiments against the russians and took a lot of their undefended territories. I gave all of those territories to the crimean khanate, building up my protectorates power while also creating a buffer against the russians. this also is good because you dont get the dreaded "territorial expansion" diplomacy penalty. The only expansion i did in europe was to take patras and give venice to the barbary states. I also took morrocco but the rest or europe didnt really care. I was actually on "friendly" status with almost every nation at some point through long sustained trade routes. Poland and Austria has been locked in a fight to the death for the 50 years ive been playing so none of them have the energy to focus on me. I also took malta at some point but they werent allied with anyone so i didnt really get any negative repercussions. The only european country to really be pissy with me is the italian states, but at this point my navy is simply superior to theirs.

    georgia underestimated my commitment to defend armenia and after defeating their invasion their home region was easily taken. the source of low public order there is the school, which you can deconstruct. i kept the school since having several schools is important in the early game. I just kept a strong garrison in georgia and that was sufficient until i started upgrading the school. recently the georgians rebelled and even took back georgia, now ive had to deconstruct their school.

    morocco did a similar thing and sent about 800 soldiers to syria. it took me about ten turns, but i eventuallydefeated them through attrition.

    i started the war with persia on my terms and was able to overrun them. Just as i was mopping them up, dagestan invaded persia so i had to double back and take back dagestan. Now, however, ive just about finished conquering india and have a strong economic base for future invasions of europe. ive already started invading austria, allied with poland, and soon will invade spanish controlled naples and spain. (i already have a base in gibraltar which i took from the moroccans)

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    Nearly finished my first 100 years as Ottomans. Was able to end hostilities with Russia in like turn 3 by offering the Czar Moldova. Sweden's been keeping the Great Bear to the north-east busy ever since, lol!

    And I've just conquered Britain, whoah! The Republic of Turkey marches forth.

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    give the khanate and sweden all the technoglogy you can give them and they should be able to hold off the russians. If possible, caputre kiev and give it to the khanate, that will make them more than a match for russia.
    Focus on venice and georgia and all should be good until the endless orange hoard shows up at your border (im terrified)

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    Started a campaign with the Ottomans a while ago.

    In my strategy, I tried to get some buffer regions in the start against austria and russia & poland. Sold serbia and bosnia to france to prevent the threats from middle europe. It didn't quite work out. austria allied with poland and i thought the austrians wouldn't march over the mountains to come at me, thought wrong... ermm.

    Now i'm having a multifront war, at year 1703... playing h/h
    Since the first few turns, austria, persia, russia, poland, georgia and even the british have DoW.d me.
    Austria waits with a stack in the balkans, fielding line inf and mobile artillery. Should i sell bulgaria to someone to stop them? Ain't got like any army in istanbul...

    Georgia got wiped out by me and took their city relatively at ease cause they hadn't remarkable garrison.

    Britain landed a small army in Egypt capable of taking it from me. Havn't got any army nearby. I can't prbl take on their 5th rate fleet this early until i have more ships. Thought to burn down egypt so the invaders have nothing. I should probably wipe out persia asap.

    Afterwards and too late, i guess the barbary states, as a protectorate, are dragging ottoman relations down towards everyone, as the BS are at war with nearly everyone already. So, i un-protected the bs and allied to sweden and prussia in hopes of peace with the major powers a bit later. Trying to boost economy and research the best i can, making some mere 2,5k per turn.

    Hints are welcome
    read the guide also but it seems pre-patch.

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    I just started my fourth Ottoman campaign now, on Hard/Hard. Not because the first three failed so badly, I just keep restarting to try out a new strategy based on lessons learnt.

    No matter where and how I plan to fight, these are the things I always do on the first turn:

    1. Kick the retards from government and make the best with what there is. I leave the candidate pool empty for replenishment.

    2. Disband musellim peasant units.

    3. Make as many trade agreements as possible, usually with Poland, Britain, Savoy, Prussia, Marathas, Thirteen Colonies, Louisiana, New Spain. I could get trade with Austria, Venice, Georgia or Persia too, but it's not worth bothering with since they'll usually DOW very soon. Denmark usually wants payment for trade, which I don't find worthwhile because they'll be blockaded most of the time by Sweden.

    4. In the Balkans, direct all the troops towards Belgrade - leave the useless forts empty.

    5. In the east, I send the army south to Baghdad. Both Persia and Georgia are likely to attack on turn 1 or 2, and I'd much rather lose Armenia to the Georgians than lose Mesopotamia to the Persians. Through Mesopotamia, the Persians are very quick to march onwards to the Levant, while the Georgians take a long time to advance from Armenia (and when they do, it's usually towards Baghdad anyway).

    6. I only keep the admiral's frigate and a single dhow for troop transport - all galleys are disbanded on turn 1. The two remaining ships I move towards Istanbul, for transporting newly recruited units.

    Some lessons that I've learnt from my Ottoman games:

    * I can quite reasonably defeat the Austrians within about 1708. I take Transylvania fairly early, then gradually advance into Hungary, grinding my way through Austrian troops until they tire out and start staying in their cities. I'll usually have a grand final battle against their main force, but once that is won, I can take both Hungary and Austria. I never advance through Croatia. I also try to take advantage of Polish armies marching on Hungary, either advancing behind them or striking Austrian armies immediately after they fight the Poles.

    * Once Austria is defeated and Vienna occupied, no matter how much the Prussians like me, they'll declare war within a few turns (and sometimes the Poles too). Major headache. What I'm planning to try out in my current campaign, is to capture Hungary, have it rebel and then make them my protectorate. Once that's settled, I'll take Vienna and give it to the Hungarians. Maybe the Prussians will declare war on them too but oh well...

    * Dagestan is evil. It's not actually a forgotten Caucasian backwater, it's just a military base run by some epic villain with infinite funds whose only mission in life is to destroy the Ottomans. Supposedly the province has a whopping income of ~30-40 per turn but is somehow able to build a palace, improved fortifications and keep entire stacks of line infantry on the field.... I say someone accidentally added a 0 or two in the starting funds, cause they don't seem to run out of money ever. The thing is though, they never do anything until you control a province on their border. The key, therefore, is to never capture Georgia or Azerbaijan before destroying Dagestan. Usually I'll take Persia first, then send a reasonable army marching through Azerbaijan, and take Dagestan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthShizNit View Post
    give the khanate and sweden all the technoglogy you can give them and they should be able to hold off the russians. If possible, caputre kiev and give it to the khanate, that will make them more than a match for russia.
    Focus on venice and georgia and all should be good until the endless orange hoard shows up at your border (im terrified)

    This. It took Russia like 20 turns to take back Kiev from the Khanate. And by then i had conquered Persia and could free up some resources to take back Kiev. I don't like to give technology to Sweden though, Since they always get so powerful taking all of Scandinavia and Hannover in a few turns. Well, i guess it all would depend on how well Sweden are doing from save to save. I also give all my technology to Barbary States. They usually manage to sink a few british ships with an army heading for Cairo.

    And if you could keep Spain at bay a few extra turns, it would also help a lot. I don't like the fact that Spain is taking over the mediterranean all the way to Egypt almost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apefar View Post
    This. It took Russia like 20 turns to take back Kiev from the Khanate. And by then i had conquered Persia and could free up some resources to take back Kiev. I don't like to give technology to Sweden though, Since they always get so powerful taking all of Scandinavia and Hannover in a few turns. Well, i guess it all would depend on how well Sweden are doing from save to save. I also give all my technology to Barbary States. They usually manage to sink a few british ships with an army heading for Cairo.

    And if you could keep Spain at bay a few extra turns, it would also help a lot. I don't like the fact that Spain is taking over the mediterranean all the way to Egypt almost.
    I give all the technology to Berber too, and Mughal, as well as Crimean just to make them live longer. I also managed to have a good relationship with Persia and Dagestan. This allows me to focus on keeping the western border secure.

    Turks love reality and fairness. They were always fair but they met a lot of unfair things against them.
    -William Pitt (Prime Minister of Great Britain

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    Default Re: A Guide to the Ottoman Empire


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    Default Re: A Guide to the Ottoman Empire

    I actually saw that Georgia and Daghestan were easy i defeated both of them in the first couple of turns and i got ifshan from persia im worried of taking the austrian lands :/

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    Ottoman became my favorite, and by far the richest empire thanks to trading, 60k net per turn by 1725, 120k net by 1750,
    while feeding 5 unemployed armies on lowest tax.

    Turn 1] Switch Bosnia for Morcea, then sell Serbia to Spain for 6000 to shield off Austria, and after that,
    move those armies still with moving points towards black sea coast,
    and cue up Israely's in Capitol, and move the northern army towards Crimean capitol.
    also destroy shipyard and at least 1 fishing port for even more trade ports, move all ships towards Gibraltar straight except one,
    which you instead will send towards the capitol to use as troop transporter between capitol & Crimea,
    pick up the israely in Greece on your way.
    Cue up trading ships.
    Lastly sell off Armenia to Persia for an alliance and trade, (shielding off Georgia & Dagestan while at it)
    build a ship in Persian gulf too, this port is the only one which can reach anchors in a timely manner,
    so this might be a good place to build 1 turn sloops, to secure more anchors.
    Lastly request trade with every possible nation, especially Venice Italy & Poland,
    except Austria, they won't chill down for a long time to come !.

    Turn 2] Ship the troops to meet up with the northern army, and cue up more Israely's, It will become a full stack with which
    you can rush Kiev, then Moscow, and even send some towards Tataria, to shield off Crimea from Russia,
    then it is optional to send some to Karelia to secure trade with Swedes, while also shielding off Russia,
    so the Swedes only has one front in the east, and only one or two nations to fight in the east.
    The downside is some short term looting in Moscow, it is possible to request peace at any time.

    Turn 3] Give Spain some tea money, like 300, and Venice & Italy as well, for improved relations,
    keep producing trade ships, use one light Galley to block the Gibraltar, giving You free passage while blocking everyone else,
    keep requesting trade with whomever can, and you'll become wealthier than ever before,
    cancel trade with Barbary states when trade goes downhill due to Knights, for more profitable trade partners, and focus on trade & economy research.

    Preussia will trade plug bayonet for grenades on turn 1 IIRC, and it will aid them as well as you.
    I have the distinct impression that while negotiating, AI is more likely to accept an offer if you
    offer your very last baht, so for this reason, it works well to first cue up units/ships before bid,
    and de-cue once the offer is accepted.

    head abdulhamid hayreddin
    treasury Carhaci Ramdi
    justice Dilman Nedim
    army Sakisli Hoka
    navy Haci Hayreddin
    Use up all other ministers before placing the right man at the right job,
    to make room for new gentlemen spawn.

    One last tip: Georgia are serious about research, they will eventually build a modern university,
    i found in another game that stealing tech works pretty well, so i believe having one scholar leeching off their research is well worth it
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    60K by 1725, eh? You've just given my campaign another target!

    I'm up to 18,344 at the end of turn, Summer 1711. I guess it depends on who takes what regions, who blockades who, whether I go to war to unblock trade, etc. I have noticed that when my enemies lose territories to my partners I make a lot of money from the extra trade peeps.

    I'm a bit confused about "getting extra ports=extra trade partners": there aint nobody else out there available and I have plenty of surplus ports anyway. I'm trading with everyone I can, basically anyone who has ever had a trade spot available, isn't an enemy, and still exists: at the end of turn one, I'd bribed every single nation I could into Trade agreements, actually making a profit on such negotiations by getting the nations who liked me or were indifferent to give me a few 100k each. So not Georgia or Denmark (since they all went to live in Iceland!), not Russia (yet-might make peace just for the trade if Crimea can keep them in check without help), soon not to be Poland as war with Crimea is inevitable (and with them about to go steamroller on Austria and Prussia, it's time to intervene!). The loss of Polish revenues will be a blow, but I suppose it will be a case of taking Galicia and Poland and making trade a condition of peace with the, ahem, Kingdom of Lithuania. The concern is that they will re-declare war after a bit, they usually do...

    Something similar is planned with Austria. After winning the first 10 years of the Balkan War, they're suddenly taking hits from all sides and are down to just Austria, Hungary and Transylvania plus Bavaria (which Prussia are about to re-take). I fancy Hungary to be emerged (more on that latter) but it's going to be tough to take Austria without war with Prussia. I'd like a rump Austria to remain, but the guys are going to get crushed, like they always do eventually.

    I'm a bit annoyed that I'm going to have to break off trade with Maratha a few years before I invade them (planned before 1715), but then I intend to help the Mughal's back to the sea and trade with me again. I know that trading with Maratha at all is a mistake as it helps them get powerful, but I want that money-and they'll only trade with one of my rivals instead if it aint with me! It should be part-balanced by the mighty UP finishing their new port in a turn or two: they have Westphalia and Flanders as well as Holland, so they will prove a reasonably good partner who will pay back whatever I have to bribe them within a turn. And they might hate me a little less then. Dunno why the French never blockade them, war has just broken out between France and GB and the French went on a raiding rampage the likes of which they haven't bothered inflicting on the Dutch at any point! Ah, the true Old Enemy, I suppose...

    The old trick where Spain and France gain their Protectorates without doing anything to deserve it was annoying, that lost me two trade partners. I got the regions as partners in effect in their trade deals with me, but I'm sure you get much less if they're part of one Empire instead of small independent states. There's like a base starting deal for trade for it being a nation.

    You are absolutely correct that trade with nations is better than destroying them/absorbing them. Minor Factions is the key to success I think. Take Dagestan-under 100 in tax income, but worth over 600 straight off the bat as a trade partner (now I've beaten them and got Protectorate status), so much better than taking the region. That will grow even more if I take and give them or they take another region.

    This is the way to go where possible:

    Poa I know you don't like the battles, and they do need to be fought in person to pull this off, but learning the battle tactics needed to do so are totally worth it. Ottoman's don't really have the best troops for the role I guess, although they have the artillery and the Deli Horsemen should be ace as route chasers. My concern is lacking of quality versatile LI. But then I could abuse that the AI weights skirmishers so lightly in the Autoresolve/Balance Bar, which is what prompts them to "sally forth" when the odds seem to be in their favour...then, bam! Hmm, actually, maybe the Ottoman's are perfect for this...I might even emerge Greece on purpose!

    An obvious target is Malta as soon as I have a few of my first-built 5th Rates and a couple more captured Galleons to spare from guarding the trade nodes (The Knights have a decent fleet by now, although oddly, they've left the Barbary Pirates alone mostly this time out). They're a great contender: they don't have a trade port, so unless you invade, demolish the Shipyard and build one, they'll never be able to trade with you; they're hostile too, so they won't trade unless you force them this way anyway; they have decent income which I fancy having half of-but by doing it the Protectorate (or Vassal as I consider it) way, I don't have to spend the best part of a decade subduing their Catholicism. The Barbary's are getting eaten by France, so the demise of their nemesis should make them less irked-although as KC says, he has never ever been back-stabbed by a Protectorate obtained by his method, and never have I. As such, I can see a few conquered regions coming their way. I want allies with modern LI, and them and Dagestan are going to need some decent land to get stronger. Perhaps I'll fight France some day and give them the rest of Africa, keeping the Barbary lands under my sphere of influence. Maybe they'll get a corner of America or Russia-maybe even India?

    Courland is another contender: I won't be at war with them as war with Poland comes via their DOW on Crimea, but if I can spare the troops before securing peace with Lithuania, ahem again, then I'd love to launch a right-hook up North, do the old Vassal trick, building them a Trade port as I go. Courland used to be a mighty naval force in the old days, but not in 1.5. It would be interesting to see if they could be made useful in that regard again as allies. And having them under my influence might make peace with Lithuania, ahem for the last time, more sustainable..

    I'm about to take Venice, and I could re-emerge them as a Vassal, but it's totally upgraded in terms of Pleasure Gardens, Observatory and Governmenty-type building, so quite easily subdued and very, very rich. It'd be my richest region and I like it's position-trade and a Military Access arrangement (used to launch my invasion from the south to avoid the huge Venetian armies in the North) means peace is well secured with Italy. And I just feel like, y'know, I'm Ottoman, they're Venice....making their land mine is part of my entire raison d'etre! I know we're not Byzantium, but Istanbul has a long memory...this still counts as revenge

    Not sure who else is a potential target yet: I will fight Spain at some point but they're earmarked as my End Phase conflict and we're allied-I have enough enemies to keep me going until 1725 at least, probably 1750, before I fight them. When I do, I can re-emerge Portugal, Naples & Sicily, Mexico and Gran Colombia. That's a lot of extra Trade partners. It could be very interesting indeed to try a Spain campaign where you deliberately emerge these nations and make them Protectorate's through force, you'd probably make much more money out of them, but a few might get invaded.

    I might be able to give the Rebel Goa state to Mysore to get a trade deal with them. Ultimately, I want an India with me owning a couple of the richer regions and 3-4 other nations existing there still as trade partners of mine. I might have to try and pull off some kind of buffer system with me in the middle to keep the Greens and the Oranges from each others throat's..a kind of partition. I wonder if it's possible? I better act quickly, the Greens are down to their North-eastern heartland now!

    Hungary are the ones that could prove key to peace in Europe. I've read the theory about taking it, letting it emerge/enforce as Vassal, then taking Austria and giving it them as a bid to keep peace with Prussia. I don't know if it will work, but I really don't want a border with Prussia ultimately. They're very wealthy trade partners, they're rock hard in battle...we're matey...maybe if I can get an Alliance, I dunno...but I don't want to risk war at all. Alternatively, there's the option of reducing Austria to just Vienna and then doing the Protectorate trick with them: when a nation is wiped out and re-emerged in this way under your influence, it ends all of their existing wars, diplomatic agreements and trade deals. But I don't know if that will be enough to stop Prussia re-declaring on Austria: my longest experience of a similar scenario is my UP Protectorate in my 1730's Bavarian campaign, who I've had for about 3 years; they've stayed at peace with everyone in that time, but then those Bavarian's are pretty fearsome foes to antagonise, and quite popular with France and Spain to boot (Allied with Spain since early in the game when they gave me Gibraltar to stop the Moroccan's from invading them!).

    Anyway, that's the dream, both Europe and India swelling with trade partners and lots of small independent states with no wars against the super powers that don't end swiftly with a trade deal in the peace agreement.
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    wow, a long interesting informative post.
    On the cutting off Maratha from Mughal, i did that by buying 3 regions from Mughal, from Bengal in the east to
    the invert curve in the west, but i think it wasnt a good idea in the end.
    For starters those 300k-350k would have paid off better on Caribbean islands,
    secondly trade didnt jump from port to port, but went over land so trade ports on eastern India didnt generate extra cash,
    and thirdly the morons just started to build dockyards instead, to mess with trade ports and lines.

    I kept those 5 modern armies unemployed cause business was going so well i couldnt bring myself to risk losing trade partners,
    i think Ottoman is less susceptible getting hated and trade cancelled than any other faction tho.

    On the formation of emergent factions and vassalage, i would have a merry time
    in architect that IF the ing camera could be zoomed out and UP, so i have any sort of orientation.

    I usually wait with heavy warships until i've taken Morocco, Morocco is close to a transfer zone
    so its a good spot for both ship & troop production from a logistics PoV.
    It is also practical in being located outside Gibraltar straits in case i messed up on blocking that strait,
    otherwise someone else is going to blockade it, forcing me into a war for free sea lines
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    Some additional findings:
    Venice may in spite of all efforts still declare war, so take note on the muslim priest in Bosnia and get him outa there on turn 1,
    even military access will not stop them.
    Build a fleet on turn 1 for safety, and if you made it to turn 2, give Venice a gift, it is a good investment.
    Also replace the Israely's with ceemat jannisaries, its both batter bang and better buck !

    And i came across this for extra cash on the all important turn 1
    8) w/France, offer your techs (grenades + canister) for trade agreement and physiocracy.
    They will counter for techs only and will pay you $990.
    9) w/Mughals, offer your (now) 3 techs for $3k, they will counter for canister and physiocracy for $1200.
    10) w/Great Britain, get trade agreement for physiocracy.
    11) w/Prussia, offer trade agreement for physiocracy, they will counter for physiocracy + grenades.
    17) Sell physiocracy to Denmark for $500.
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    what difficulty do you play on poa? a lot of what you have posted has helped my VH/VH ottoman game last a lot longer but iv read one of your post that said you play on an unpatched version of empire? I think some things that work for you might not work so well with people with an up to date version?. I thought I read a long time ago that one of the patches changed some things with diplomacy?.

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    Default Re: A Guide to the Ottoman Empire

    I play hardest setting on campaign, but since i auto-resolve, i have normal setting on tactical.
    I think in my game, the trigger when Venice declare war was when i sent the priest towards Greece, instead of into Serbia,
    it looks like the priest got out of Bosnia, but i think he doesnt get outa there fully when i go south on turn 1.
    In all campaigns, Venice will not declare war if i play as described, and send priest into Serbia on turn 1,
    but on the 2-3 campaigns were i sent priest toward Greece, they do declare war, military access or not,
    now i no longer offer military access on that deal, and i also avoid that with Austria.

    The prizes on tech trading does not correspond entirely for me either, but the principle works,
    in some cases, they counter offer with offering more money then i was charging

    IMO, the first two sloops from Iraq goes to spices anchors,
    the rest goes to east africa until those anchors are occupied, and after that, another sloop to spices,
    in case pirates finally leave, after that, i switch to trade ships.
    3 first ships from Mediterranean occupy first west africa, then brazil.
    It is important to leave a ship, for example a light galley, in the Gibraltar straight, just under the bridge,
    or else someone else is going to block that straight.
    I also leave all the starting units in Iraq, to encourage Persia to stick with the plan,
    but the general can be put to use if he set off at once, if you want more than Kiev & Moscov

    ed: I dont know if it make a difference or not, but i assume it does (no reason)
    Short and long campaign has predefined goals of what provinces to own at 1750 & 1799,
    but world domination does not.
    This may or may not be reflected by AI relations, since your objectives is destined to collide with their objectives.
    For this reason, i nearly always select world domination, even tho i have no intention to play after 1750.
    I don't believe in predefined objectives, history is a book yet to be written, there was no director that lead up to current status.
    Holding Moscov was never an objective among Swedish rulers, for example,
    their objective was to hold ports in Baltic, and charge taxes on trade flowing through those ports.
    That said, Moscov is a very wealthy region, and holding Moscov & Kiev cripples Russians.
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    you said you sell Serbia to Spain for 6000? well on my game vs 1.5 you can only give Serbia away because spain or anyone else will not pay for it.. spain will take moldavia for 6000 but not serbia.

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    It can fluctuate from game to game even when i play my game,
    as Spain when i in another campaign was going to rake in cash on Flanderns/French Guyana, France wouldnt play

    My suggestion is to throw in tech on the trade, and should that fail, offer Poland or Preussia.
    You can always count on Preussia to first pay well, then proceed to spawn units as if that is their sole purpose of existance,
    and getting plug bayonets on the deal is worth contemplation. (at least that's what i did, but i had an un-easy feeling)
    In my last campaign, i noted to my horror that Spain had sold Serbia to Austria
    but only after i had taken Moscov, so i had the means if it came to it, and their mongering may have lessened a bit,
    but i none the less decided right there and then to give them a 2500 baht worth of gift, and instantly went from hostile to friendly.

    Now that i think of it, and in spite of cash having priority first few rounds,
    wonder if UP would be willing to trade Curacao for Serbia, so i can strike Pirates quickly
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    Default Re: A Guide to the Ottoman Empire

    I don't think the AI has to worry about money its either unlimited or a very high set amount at the end of each turn... these are just some of frances armies I can see at least 3 more on my map.. its hard to tell how many he has in other places.. its the same with Prussia Poland spain and great brit and martha they all have 13 or more standing armies to my 2. im just wondering if its the same for you?

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    Default Re: A Guide to the Ottoman Empire

    i have to admit curiosity got the better of me and i updated.....and it took a dive,
    now 2500+ & 20 turn military access isnt enuff to get trade with Spain, they wouldnt take Estonia for trade,
    i'm tired and quite fed up, trading was just about the sole reason to play

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