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Thread: Patch 1.1 Released!

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    Icon2 Patch 1.1 Released!

    Third Age - Total War Patch 1.1 Released

    Patch 1.1 Fixes & Features

    !!!Please note that the patch is save-game compatible, but I recommend to start a new campaign, because many features will not have an effect in an on-going campaign!!!


    - white battle map interface (hotfix included)
    - Dunedain Knights missing their melee weapon fixed
    - wrong faction banners disabled
    - missing rebels and mercenary unit cards fixed
    - diplomatic text refers to wrong factions fixed
    - Dale freeland archers' bows float in the air fixed
    - Beorings javelins float on the air around them fixed
    - snaga skirmishers weapon fixed
    - new meshes for Isengard heavy Uruk-Hai units
    - Breeland riders have invisible weapons fixed
    - Uruk Halberdiers missing secondary weapon fixed
    - Goblin Halberdiers missing secondary weapon fixed
    - warg sprites added
    - Troll Cage descriptions fixed
    - Henneth Annun "object on battle map bug" fixed
    - Horse Guard animation fixed
    - rebel generals/captains with silver textures fixed
    - Harad "invasion" mercenaries with silver textures fixed
    - all floating cities and castles fixed
    - hardly/unplayable bridge and river issues fixed
    - new orcish diplomat/spy/assassin cards
    - eryn dolen stuck at village fixed
    - minor 2d symbols fixed
    - 2hhanded orc error fixed


    - New and huge sound package (a huge thanks to Smirk )

    • all medieval phrases deleted and replaced. No more sultans, gods and piety...
    • all wrong voice references to the vanilla factions fixed
    • new and reworked speeches for all factions and orcs
    • reworked all voices for campaign map
    • dwarves have own scottish accent
    • New troll sounds and orcish voices for battle map
    • fixed missing catapult impact sound
    • and more!

    New unit and battle map balance

    • new animations for better unit cohesion
    • missile units weakened, ammunition varied, new elven arrow type
    • mumakil costs decreased, increased morale
    • trolls more vulnerbale to missiles, slower, more expensive throw units into the air, availability decreased
    • raised morale for all troops
    • improved cavalry and charges
    • improved stamina for dwarves and other units
    • halberds and spear units improved
    • arrow/ballista towers weakened, walls and gateways improved, more logical stats
    • many other little unit stats changes


    • new loading bar
    • several map improvements, like smoother and realistic rivers
    • new event pics for the orcish factions
    • northmen portraits added
    • events for advanced units are earlier
    • Eriador - High Elves alliance
    • no more witches
    • servants of Sauron slightly weakend
    • Generals can get older
    • More logical character traits at campaign start
    • garrison script slightly nerfed
    • good factions will survive longer
    • new fire textures and sound for burning men and burning buildings

    Included Sub-Mods

    • non breakable alliances without a diplomat (Thanks to Archaon)
    • smoother coastlines (Thanks to Nevada)
    • improved Eldar models (Thanks to Razor)
    • Germanicu5 Battle AI (Thanks to Germanicu5)
    • Germanicu5 stakes script (Thanks to Germanicu5)
    • Witchking model (Thanks to Devils_Advocate)
    • spelling mistakes fixed (Thanks to Krazy Krook)

    - Requirement is an installed Third Age - Total War 1.0.

    - Install TATW_1.1_Patch.exe into the default 'Medievall II Total' War directory.
    (Normally this is: 'Programs/SEGA/Medieval II Total War')
    If you have installed Medieval II into another folder, please select the folder manually.

    - Start the mod with the 'Third Age - Total War' shortcut on your desktop

    If you want to give some feedback or comments, please go here:
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    Download link corrected.

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