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Thread: v1.70 DOWNLOAD LINKS AND CHANGELIST (Updated 19 July 2012)

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    Icon4 v1.70 DOWNLOAD LINKS AND CHANGELIST (Updated 19 July 2012)


    Main installer The self installer will install all components needed to run TROM into your ETW directory. After the installation procedure is completed, start Empire: Total War by doubleclicking the The Rights of Man icon on your desktop.

    The Rights of Man v1.70 (complete package with self installer) - GameFront
    The current download link is broken. If you have an alternative download link or have the mod saved on your pc please contact Modding Staff.
    Sorry but I am unable to find a working link at the moment, however when one becomes available, my colleagues or myself will provide it.

    Administrative Note The original download link on this page is not valid anymore, Modding Staff has added an alternative download link to the post.
    Alternative link: Download The download includes the hotfix file. Please see instruction below


    Preparation: Before installing The Rights of Man, please make sure that:
    • The latest version (v1.5) of ETW is installed and working properly
    • You have no other mods installed

    Installation: Follow the instructions in TROM Core Installation.txt included in the download:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    To install The Rights of Man, run the installer program by doubleckicking the TROM_Setup.exe file. The installer program will install all components needed to run TROM into your ETW directory. The installer will guide you through the installation process. When promted, point the installer to the directory in which you installed Empire Total War. Usually this directory is:
    [drive]:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\empire total war

    After the installation procedure is completed, start Empire: Total War by doubleclicking the The Rights of Man icon on your desktop.

    A backup copy of the original campaign files will be placed into the empire total war directory. Do not remove this file!
    If at some point you wish to uninstall TROM, you need this file to restore the original ETW campaign.

    Locate the Empire Total War directory on your computer, and doubleclick TROM_Uninstall.exe. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    After the uninstall process is completed, you need to restore the backup of the original campaign files.
    Open the file (located in your empire total war directory). This contains two directories, "main" (the main ETW campaign) and "main_2" (the RTI campaign). Extract both these directories into empire total war\data\campaigns.

    By default, TROM uses the following submods:


    If you wish to use a different configuration, like for example the blood_smoke_full or medium version (also included in the installation) or the Ornamentum submod for TROM, you will need LtChambers' ModManager utility. This can be found at

    Please note that the custom text strings used for The Rights of Man will overrride any localization in your version. This means that you will be see text in your language as well as English.

    Hotfix Hotfix:
    This fixes an issue where the game would hang during the AI turn. Extract the included trom_core_part_1.pack file into your empire total war\data directory, overwriting the existing file.

    Version history

    Current version:
    - Reworked difficulty levels: "Easy" now corresponds with what used to be "Medium" difficulty. Bonuses/penalties in "Medium" and "Hard" are mostly identical, the difference between them lies in AI aggressiveness and diplomatic reasonability, and success rates for subterfuge missions. "Very hard" is mostly unchanged.
    - Revised victory conditions in the Short and Prestige campaigns.
    - AI governments are less vulnerable to revolutions (i.e. no more French Republic in early game).
    - Major factions start with a number of techs already researched, depending on their historical bias.
    - 13 Colonies, New France and New Spain will remain protectorates until about 1725. This keeps AI Britain, France and Spain more competitive in Europe.
    - Pirates and Barbary States start neutral with most minor and some major factions: this keeps factions such as Prussia from wasting their armies in North Africa early in the game.
    - The war between the Mughals and Maratha can go either way. Tip: the winner is usually the side you trade with.

    - The generic "Provincial Regiment of Foot" is gone. Only Prussia (Fusiliers) and Sweden (Indelta Regiments) have provincial units. Instead, the basic Line Infantry is more readily available within your own territories and you will always find a (generic, region specific, or colonial) Line Infantry unit in foreign lands. Note that the British "Provincial" units are their Colonial units.
    - A major nation's basic line infantry will never have lower stats than a generic unit. With few exceptions, a conquered nation's unit will have lower morale.
    - Revised building and tech bonuses: barracks and military harbours give a recruitment cost reduction.
    - Many naval units are now available in trade harbours, but at higher cost.
    - AI (especially minor factions) will build much less militia and non-military ships.

    - Reworked battle mechanics (the kv_rules table), morale and projectile values, making them closer to TROM2 NTW.
    - Revised unit stats: the main change is that melee defence values have been halved for all infantry.
    - Faster reloading when using Mass Fire, so Grenadier units will outshoot non-elite Line Infantry.
    - Revised unit categories and abilities of many units.
    - Pre-European style infantry (Ottomans, Maratha and Mughals) use independent fire, keeping them more competitive throughout the game. This may make them slightly overpowered in the early stages, but the European factions (player and AI) will have obtained Fire by Rank by the time they start to appear in numbers.

    - Early naval units and non-military vessels have a range of 500, larger frigates and SOL's have 750.
    - 32-gun frigates are listed as "5th rate", 24-gun frigates (new unit) function as 6th rates.
    - Revised naval unit stats.

    - RTI Episode IV campaign made fully functional with TROM.
    - A few new units, such as Bombardiers de la Marine (French Colonial Grenadiers), 24-gun frigates, Ottoman Regiment of Foot (for European nations that conquer Ottoman homelands).
    - Some of the more common character traits (e.g. "Jughead") should appear less frequently.
    - Many text fixes (at last, no more "intergrated artillery"!), fixed vanilla typos in Dutch person names and ship names, and renamed units.
    - Removed post-revolutionary French units from Late Custom Battles. If you want to play Napoleon, play TROM2 NTW ;-)
    - Added preset army selections that were missing in Custom Battles.
    - Added a TROM logo to the main screen.
    - Loading screens from the old separate TROM_media.pack are now included in this install. To use them, activate TROM_loadingscreens.pack with ModManager.
    - No replenishment in enemy lands - mod by T.C. (
    - Animation mods - tiyafeh (
    - Pikemen animation fix - Primergy (

    KNOWN ISSUES: Crash to desktop at the end of the Jamestown RTI Chapter I campaign. If you want to play through the tutorials, it is recommended you disable TROM and only enable it once you start RTI Chapter IV

    Previous versions:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    * Removed formations.bin file to accommodate BAI fix in ETW 1.6 patch
    * Workaround for ETW bug with naval 6-lber guns (was increasing the firepower of ships incorrectly) - thanks to Didz and Isabelxxx
    * Internal changes to accommodate latest TROM_Ornamentum pack
    * Removed "crackling firing" from early custom battles (was unbalanced wrt Grenadiers and Guard units)

    * Price changes in Custom Battles:
    - Reduced cost Line Infantry, Grenadiers, Guard units
    - Increased cost Cuirassiers
    - Increased cost elite heavy cavalry
    * Austrian Grenzer changed into musket armed light infantry (requires Light Infantry Doctrine); Jaeger are now equivalent to Riflemen
    * Added internal regions in the campaign file for the DLC Elite Units of the East
    * Added missing text strings for DLC Elite Units of the East
    * Added text strings for Yarkis' unit variety submod and Ornamentum

    * Hotfix for the Elite Units of the East DLC

    * Bugfix: Line Infantry of DLC Elite Units of America use rank fire correctly
    * Reset price of Provincial Line Infantry to its old value

    * Bugfix: added missing UI for Siberian Hunters
    * Changed models for Dragoons and Carabiniers for better compatibility with 3rd party retexture packs
    * Increased hit points of artillery trains and ammo carriages
    * Increased cost of 24-lber artillery in Custom Battles
    * Increased range of 6-lber land cannon to 450
    * Reduced range of Austrian Jäger and American Long Riflemen
    * Revised unit stats of DLC Elite Units of America for consistency with TROM; DLC dragoons now use swords rather than sabres
    * Reduced morale by 1 point for all land units (except artillery)
    * Reduced morale/increased cost of Provincial Infantry to differentiate them from regular infantry

    * 5th rate changed to an early 2-deck "48 Gun Ship of the Line"
    * Razee changed to "5th Rate Frigate"/"44 Gun Frigate"
    * Eastern factions use Galleon/Xebec type ships in early game; Western type ships become available after Advanced Naval Architecture is researched

    * Bugfix: Ottoman Man-of-War starting unit now has correct number of men/guns
    * Bugfix: Fixed recruitment of French 18-lber Horse Artillery
    * Fixed a number of ETW UI bugs where a Native American theme would show for Eastern factions
    * Integrated further model fixes from Brightworks mod (by Reiksmarshal) and Headwear fix (by Ahiga)

    * Substituted obsolete units in default army selection
    * Removed Shrapnel from Custom Battles
    * 6-lber also available in Late Battles; Puckle Gun and Rockets available to Britain only
    * Added faction-specific skins for Early Line Infantry
    * Increased prices for heavy artillery

    * Cavalry, Medium and Heavy Infantry can no longer hide in light scrub
    * Slightly increased morale hit from flank and rear attacks
    * Adjusted Spotting values of units so that they detect hidden units at shorter distances... In some situations this could decrease the AI tendency to run its army into your lines (fix suggested by Darth Vader)
    * Increased hit points of artillery guns and carriages

    * Platoon Firing is now an optional technology and no longer a requirement for other buildings/technologies; Machined Rifling moved to an earlier position in the tech tree as a requirement for Army Staff College
    * Replaced Light Infantry Doctrine with Advanced Skirmishing for non-European style nations (effects are the same)
    * Added tech requirement (Measuring Tools) for Improved Settlement Fortifications and Star Forts to discourage AI from building them so early
    * Increased tech requirements for European Doctrine
    * Increased cost of roads, forts and settlement fortifications
    * Increased base experience level of Guard units in buildings
    * Increased cost and upkeep of Pandours and Pikemen
    * Fellahin Musketmen (default unit) now correctly recruitable by Morocco and Barbary States

    BETA FEATURE - FEEDBACK APPRECIATED: "Crackling firing", which replaces Volley Fire and allows infantry to shoot from all ranks. Soldiers will fire independently, and not all soldiers will be firing. This mode will be obsoleted when Fire by Rank is researched. At the moment, this feature is only available in Early Era Custom Battles, for Line Infantry units.

    * Bugfix: Death's Head Hussars require Light Cavalry Doctrine
    * Bugfix: All Line Infantry can build fortifications
    * Bugfix: fixed CTD caused by Indian Native Cavalry and Swedish Provincial Infantry
    * Campaign startpos.esf file update: edited starting units (fixed inconsistencies with unit sizes, added heavy cavalry units) - SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE, but changes only take effect with new campaigns
    * Added Full, Medium, and Light versions of Battle Smoke and Blood mod (enable through ModManager)
    * Removed Spanky's Militia Mod (can still be added separately as it is fully compatible)
    * Integrated parts of Brightworks mod (by Reiksmarshal) and Headwear fix (by Ahiga)
    * Modified some unit stats (mostly inconsistencies with armor values and abilities)
    * Removed Fire & Advance for all units (except AOR Marines)
    * Early Ottoman Infantry reclassified as "Line Infantry" so that the Ortas are numbered in campaign; they do not get the European drills
    * Increased cost of all units in Custom Battles to about 75% of vanilla ETW values
    * American Indian cavalry use new horse model
    * Added 6-lber Foot Artillery for European nations, other Foot Artillery has slightly higher building requirements.
    * Alignment of file structure for compatibility with ETW 1.5 patch
    * Cavalry more effective: tires less quickly, higher bonus against infantry, increased unit size to 80 (100 for irregular cavalry)
    * Hessian Infantry can only be recruited in major American provinces
    * Added backpacks for Provincial Infantry for more variety
    * Militia range reduced to 90
    * Marines unit size increased to 120
    * Native Auxiliary warriors and archers available to Britain
    * Modified recruitability of Pikemen (Sweden and Russia)
    * All missile cavalry can fire on the move
    * Carabiniers use carbines, with limited ammo
    * New unit descriptions and icons for Ottoman light artillery

    KNOWN ISSUES: Three Hills map from the Lordz' Map Pack causes CTD. Cause currently unknown.

    * Hotfix for compatibility with ETW 1.5 patch

    * Bugfix: removed unit cap for Cemaat Musketeers
    * Bugfix: Dutch Volunteers no longer recruitable by United Provinces
    * Bugfix: removed French Republican 3lb horse artillery from early custom battles
    * Bugfix: added Grenadiers for minor factions in early custom battles
    * Bugfix: corrected range of Azab Skirmishers
    * Bugfix: corrected model for Native Indian Cavalry
    * Bugfix: corrected text strings for some units in Yarkis' unit variety mod
    * Removed "Scares enemies" description since all units have this
    * Corrected equipment/animation for units armed with musket and knife (Cazadores, Siberian Hunters, Long Rifle Men) so they actually use their knife in melee
    * Corrected Swedish Light Dragoons unit size to 80
    * Added text strings for The Lordz' Map Pack 210909
    * Kaylon can now be used for trading; Ottoman Man-of-War buildable from the start

    v1.60 "Ottoman Makeover Edition"
    === Because of the changes in ETW v1.4 patch and in the current TROM update, you MUST start a new campaign after installing TROM v1.60. ====

    * Made compatible with ETW v1.4 patch
    * Revised Ottoman unit roster
    * Adjusted some of the AOR regions (mainly in Balkans area)
    * Adjusted unit size of starting units to correspond to actual unit size
    * Changed starting units, characters and buildings of Georgia faction to a more Eastern look
    * Fixed some inconsistencies in unit campaign map movement
    * Bugfix: 24lb Foot Guard Artillery and 18lb Horse Guard Artillery now correctly recruitable by France
    * Bugfix: Galleon type ships were missing guns on one side
    * Added localisation text for more units from Yarkis' Unit Variety mod
    * Temporarily removed Tiyafeh's cavalry and officer animations and the Spontoon mod to ensure compatibility. They will be added back at a later date.
    * Updated Blood and Smoke Mod (Light) for compatibility

    Special thanks to Yarkis, moopere and Pdguru for their help

    - Ottoman Infantry are listed as "Irregulars", even though in reality they were of course regular infantry; this is for internal game mechanics only.
    - Ottoman starting unit colour on unit cards is still green, newly recruited units will be correct red
    - Spontoon mod and some of Tiyafeh's animations have been removed temporarily to ensure compatibility. They will be added at a later date.
    - We are currently using vanilla Campaign AI/diplomacy. Changes will be made, where necessary, in later versions.

    * Changed "Improved Grenades" technology (had become redundant) into "Horse Artillery" (European factions) as a requirement to build horse artillery units
    * Fixed cavalry animation bug in Tiyafeh's animations
    * Enabled more units in Early Custom/MP battles, including a new Early Line Infantry unit (generic skin) - these units are NOT meant to be enabled in the campaign
    * Updated a number of unit descriptions
    * Implemented localisation support for Danova's Ornamentum mod and The Lordz' Map Pack
    * Corrected a few inconsistencies in Dragoons/Light Dragoons stats
    * Most medium/heavy cavalry units use swords, and the sword is also visible in the battle animations
    * Only Plains Indians and Cherokee can recruit mounted warriors; Mounted auxiliaries now only available in inland regions
    * French Swiss Infantry converts to Regiment Etranger in Republic
    * Removed Danova's skins for Hungarian Hussars, Dutch Scottish Regiment; they will be included in a separate download
    * Austria can also recruit normal hussars
    * New unit: Native American Mounted Archers (Cherokee and Plains Indians)

    Known issue: the first time you load an ongoing campaign, the Horse Artillery technology will be shown as "unavailable". It will be enabled after you have pressed the "Next Turn" button.

    * Added Improved Animations by Tiyafeh
    * New technology: Light Cavalry Doctrine as a requirement to build regular light cavalry (except units such as Hungarian Hussars that appeared early in the 18th century); this does not affect irregular cavalry such as Cossacks; Eastern factions do not use this technology
    * Removed Carbines technology: Dragoons are now available from the start
    * Fixed agent spawn rate for eastern scholars
    * Prussian Fusiliers wear mitre caps (historical)
    * Venetian Grenadiers wear bearskin hats (historical)
    * Dragoons available for Italian factions (historical)
    * New unit: Schiavoni (Venetian superior infantry, recruitable from Military Governor's Barracks or Royal Palace in Balkan region)
    * New unit: Russian Garrison Cavalry (replace Streltsy Cavalry when they are phased out)
    * New unit: Walloon Line Infantry (Flanders, Military Governor's Barracks; for the Walloon Guard you will need a Governor's Palace)
    * New unit: West India Regiment (available to Britain, France, Spain in the West Indies, requires Governor's Palace)
    * Fixed inconsistent rank spacing for the new Grenadier units from ETW v1.3
    * Fixed texture issue with French Colonial Dragoons
    * Removed unit limits for Line Infantry of major nations + minors that have full range of buildings available
    * Bugfix: French Provincial Infantry now able to form square
    * Bugfix: recruitment areas of Caucasian Hillmen and Irregular Infantry (ex-Cossack) were mixed up
    * 12lb artillery now also available at Ordnance Board and Engineer School
    * 12lb artillery available in late era Custom Battles
    * Increased building times for some Colonial and Native American units
    * Adjusted stats/cost of Volunteer units to correspond more with those of their parent unit
    * Adjusted cost of Provincial (lower) and Colonial units (higher)
    * Renamed Holland Guard to correct Hollandsche Garde
    * Removed AOR Genoese Infantry (redundant since Italian Infantry is available)
    * Adjusted unit descriptions for Provincial, Volunteer and Colonial units
    * New unit descriptions for French Marines and Colonial Infantry

    * Fixed crash bug in region_unit_resources table

    * Improved animations for units armed with muskets and sabres (courtesy of Tiyafeh)
    * Hungarian Line Infantry now use bayonets and sabres
    * Provincial Infantry now recruitable only from Military Governor's Encampment and Barracks, Militia recruitable from Governor's and Minor Governor's Buildings.
    * Fixed inconsistency: removed Morale Shock Resistant ability for AOR Line Infantry
    * Russian Leib Guard and Walloon Guards only available for Monarchies
    * Added description text for Viborniye Streltsy
    * Added Russian Landmilitia (available when Streltsy become obsolete)
    * Added Curonian Line Infantry (Courland, Note: requires campaign started with TROM v1.40 or later)
    * Added Norwegian Line Infantry
    * Renamed Bavarian Freikorps Cavalry to "Freikorps Cavalry", extended their recruitment area to most North German territories. This should give Prussia better access to cavalry early in the game.
    * Factions of the Prussia group recruit normal Provincial Cavalry rather than the French Gendarmerie (fixes issue when becoming republic)
    * Switched textures for Highland Regiments and Dutch Scottish Regiments
    * Fixed some inconsistencies with unit experience through buildings

    KNOWN ISSUES (in ongoing campaigns)
    * Prussian and/or Polish Volunteers may also be recruitable in Saxony
    * Russian Line Infantry unavailable in Ingria (St. Petersburg)

    * Royal écossais and Bulkeley's Regiment are converted to Régiments étrangers after a change to republic
    * Changed the AOR Walloon Guards model (NOT the DLC unit) to default Guard Infantry to fix texture issue
    * Removed standard bearers for Native American units
    * Fixed text string issue for Yarkis' Unit Variety mod
    * Removed Ships of the Line and Bomb Ketch for Barbary States, and Galleons for Pirates (Note that they can still capture those ships)
    * Changed Pirates' campaign AI so that they should not blockade ports, but concentrate more on raiding trade routes (thanks to Aeon221 for pointing this out)
    * Set unit limit for Bomb Ketches, Rocket Ships to 2 each
    * Württemberg Horse Grenadiers recruitable from Minor Governor's Barracks (to accomodate region in ETW 1.3 patch)

    v1.50 Bastille Day edition - A happy 14 juillet to all our French friends!
    * Unique unit roster for French republic: French units are converted to a republican variant when France becomes a republic in the campaign
    * French units replaced with republican units in Custom Battles (Late Era)
    * Changes in campaign startpos.esf file (requires new campaign to see the effect):
    - starting units for France to ensure proper conversion when becoming a republic
    - added regions for future use: trom_province, trom_minor, ottoman_home_regions, france_home_regions
    - changed Saxony from "poland_home_regions" to "prussia_home_regions"
    - West Prussia and Silesia added to "prussia_home_regions"
    - Alsace added to "france_home_regions"
    - Removed Austria from "balkans" region
    * New skins for Hessian Mounted Jaeger, Scottish Highland Regiment and Hungarian Hussars (courtesy of Danova)
    * New unit: Albanian Auxiliaries (courtesy of Danova)
    * New skins for French Dragoons (monarchy) and Bulkeley's Regiment (Special Edition only)
    * New models/skins for British, French, Spanish, Russian and American marines and naval officers (courtesy of Officerpuppy)
    * New models/skins for officers, flag bearers and musicians in AOR units (this makes them blend in better)
    * Guard units and elite infantry use a different flag bearer model
    * New units: French colonial artillery (12lb cannon and howitzer), they replace the generic artillery in the Colonies
    * Updated Spanky's included Militia Mod to v1.3 (improved Minutemen)
    * Fixed a few inconsistencies with unit cards and info screens
    * Removed the Firing Arc mod (was too bright since the new ETW patch)
    * Added text strings for compatibility with Yarkis' Unit Variety mod
    * Prussia now gets Mounted Jaeger rather than Chasseurs à Cheval
    * All grenadiers now use the Mass Fire drill
    * Updated Mech_Donald's Battlefield Smoke Mod to v2.0 Light
    * Removed trom_battlesounds. We recommend Crazypeon's Soundpack available here:

    * Appointed French generals are not converted to the new model after a revolution; starting generals and generals you recruit from buildings work correctly
    * French units on campaign map are still displayed in white after a revolution
    * Note that if you are playing an ongoing campaign, not all units will be converted after a revolution; this works correctly in new campaigns
    * Changes to Prussian, Austrian and Polish home regions will only take effect when you start a new campaign.

    * Fixed compatibility issue with Yarkis' Unit Variety sub-mod.
    * Fixed recruitment of Spanish Grenadiers (they now use the new ETW 1.3 model) and the Walloon Guard (DLC unit).
    * Prussian Fusiliers now completely replace their Provincial Regiments of Foot.
    * AOR Portuguese infantry replaced by Portuguese Volunteers (infantry and cavalry); Portugal can also recruit AOR units just like the other major nations.
    * Pandours now use the correct officer model in Custom Battles.

    * CAI: several changes that were forgotten when new CAI files were imported have been restored.
    * CAI: Somewhat increased the proportionate army size needed for a faction to declare war on another 130 (from 80). (Idea from Yarkis)
    * Ottoman's discount in troop cost (approximately 10%) was lost with v1.33 of TROM; now restored.
    * 3 and 6 pounder galloper guns 10% more expensive, to help discourage the AI from purchasing too many.
    * Spanish Grenadier recruitability fixed.
    * Changed the battle victory strings. This may help resolve the 1.3 patches new "every victory is heroic" feature.
    * A number of further string fixes.

    * Fixed many missing strings for Fusiliers, Volunteers and Regiments of Horse.
    * Yarkis' strings pulled in to make his life easier in the future.

    * Volunteer Infantry stats now same as parent country line.
    * Grenadier's 'hide in scrub' ability removed.
    * Fear ability added for several units that should have had it.
    * Dragoons now have diamond and wedge formation abilities.
    * Chainshot effectiveness reduced about 30%.
    * Pikemen have increased charge, similar to adjusted unit values elsewhere.
    * Fixed Provincial Line stats and cost.
    * Fusiliers (Prussian Provincial Line) stats are slightly different from provincial line.
    * New units pulled directly into TROM, stats and costs tweaked to work better for TROM.
    * New units recruitability tweaked -- several new units are not recruitable, as they were already in TROM. In several cases, a TROM unit is not recruitable, having been replaced by a unit in 1.3. Some of the new units have lower recruitment maximums as well.
    * Known bug: some text strings are missing. I don't have a solution yet, but want to release this for now.

    * Hotfix for game crash after first campaign turn

    * Fixed a number of compatibility issues with ETW patch 1.3
    * New ETW units (free + DLC units) correctly available, some units previously in TROM are replaced (e.g. Russian grenadiers)
    * Added more AOR zones in the campaign starting positions
    * Increased starting money for France to 22500
    * Major nations' named line infantry now recruitable in all their home regions (note: for France, Austria and Spain this does not include their holdings in Alsace, Flanders, Italy, Hungary)
    * Major nations' named line infantry and cuirassiers no longer recruitable by other nations. They are replaced by "Volunteer Infantry" and "Volunteer Cavalry", recruitable in the capital
    * More authentic skins for Hungarian, Irish, Scottish Line Inf
    * Recruitment of Puckle Guns restricted to British Isles

    v1.33.0 (1.3 compatibility update)
    * Normalized acc and reload to patch values
    * Normalized morale to patch values
    * Normalized charge and defense to patch values
    * Normalized unit prices to new values
    * Slight tweaks to artillery values; it's now an average between patch values and TROM values
    * Imported new campaign ai tables, made trom's tweaks
    * Restored flank attack bonuses
    * Agent spawn rates reduced
    * Number of recruitable guard units reduced
    * Wooden stakes ability removed from light infantry.
    * Prussian Line reloads slightly better.
    * Pulled in all changes to campaign_Variables file, including a new value that will reduce the agressiveness / army size of minor nations.
    * Added Chevaux de Frise and Earthworks to grenadier class; all should now have these defensive fortification abilities.
    * Regular line infantry ammo 10 -> 12; regular light infantry 15 -> 18. Irregular infantry, unchanged.
    * TROM Localization strings updated for 1.3 patch
    * Naval movement values increased; this should work okay due to improvement in performance and reliability in the 1.3 patch.

    * Recruitment of grenadiers and cuirassiers by minor nations limited to 2 each
    * Fixed Hessian Mounted Jaeger building requirements (Minor Royal Palace)
    * Portuguese, Bavarian and Italian grenadiers wear bearskin hats (historical)
    * Scots Regiment: name changed into Scottish Lowland Regiment
    * Marines now use bayonets correctly

    * Changed 1st rate quarterdeck 6 pounders to 32 pounders. This obviously not historically correct (what Captain would want so many large smelly sailors on his quarterdeck?!) but is necessary to mitigate a CA bug that was causing the 1st rate range to be set by the ranger of the 6 pounders. This is not visible in Vanilla as all the guns have the same range.

    • Reduced cost by half for all land units in Custom Battles
    • Fixed texture bug that caused some Line Infantry units to use wrong colours
    • Light infantry, dismountable cavalry and militia officers no longer use spontoons
    • Fixed internal naming error that caused inconsistencies in unit availability
    • Increased reload value for Russian Line back to 20
    • Mameluks no longer recruitable in Europe
    • Introduced "European military doctrine" for Maratha as a requirement for Bargir and Gardi Infantry
    • Former Light Dragoons get "shortened carbine" as a requirement... this ensures they show up later in the campaign, as they should, but do not need an advanced building
    • Highlander infantry now recruitable (requires Military Academy) in Scotland
    • Fixed inconsistencies with experience bonuses by buildings
    • Revised building requirements; the overall effect is that you will meet more advanced units in the campaign. The minor nations, too, have access to better units (i.e. Grenadiers and Cuirassiers).
      - Guard type units are now also recruitable from Imperial palace (except Leib Guard: Royal palace); this means they are available earlier, and can also be built by some minor nations
      - All European minors can build Cuirassiers - these are now the typical heavy cavalry unit (exception is Württemberg, they get Horse Grenadiers instead)
      - Uhlans and Hussars now require a Drill School, so they show up slightly later in the campaign
      - "Superior line infantry", i.e. Petits Vieux, Coldstream etc require either Army board or Army Staff College

    * Updated to the correct version of trom_text.pack.

    * Naval dispersion 25 -> 40. Naval half-chance-to-hit 110 -> 135. Naval cannonfire will be a little less accurate at long ranges, but still effective at mid and short ranges.
    * Naval projectile reload base reload times increased about 35%.
    * New units: Marines, Gardi Musketeers, Rohilla Matchlockmen, Georgian Khevsurs, Württemberg Horse Grenadier Guards, Afghan Cavalry, Maratha Light Infantry.
    * changed recruitment area of Prussian Line to "prussia"
    * Unit cards for the old AOR Infantry show up correctly again (a fix for games in progress).
    * Improved unit card for euro_light_dragoons_austria (i.e. Mounted Jaeger)
    * Minor nations do not need barracks to build grenadiers and cuirassiers
    * Spanish Grenadiers now wear (historical) bearskin hats
    * British Greadiers now wear (historical) mitre caps
    * Hindu --> Hindoo. Let us know if we missed an occurence. Note that the province name is currently unchanged.
    * Circassian Infantry now have much improved shield value. They will be tougher in melee because of this. Their cost / upkeep slightly increased to balance.
    * Qizilbashi light cavalry available globably and recruitable without limit. Their missile range slightly reduced. Recruitment AOR is now "Camels".
    * Leib Guards now require 1 level higher of building for recruitment; still lower than other guard types. They will still be recruitable early in the campaign.
    * Renamed one of the internal files to (re)fix a bug that made some units recruitable when they should not have been.
    * 1st rates, Over-strength 1st rates and 2nd rates now have maximum buildable limitations. Additionaly, to reflect these ships primary usage in European waters, rather than foreign stations, their total campaign movement speed has been marginally reduced.

    * New units:
    - Cairo Janissaries (North Africa, requires Drill School or higher); by kind permission of the Ottoman Realism Team
    - Sekban Janissaries (Anatolia, , requires Drill School or higher)
    * Accurate titles for faction leaders/ministers (mod by jeweetwel_youknow)
    * Integrated Spanky's Flags mod
    * Integrated spanky's Militia Mod (improves appearance of European militia and Provincial cavalry) + changed unit cards for consistency
    * Changed model for Colonial Militia to the more authentic model that is used in the RTI campaign
    * Separate skin set for Colonial infantry (similar to default line infantry, but with white cuffs and facings)
    * Slightly improved skins for British, Polish and Russian Line Infantry
    * Added unique skins for AOR Cuirassiers
    * Changed colour assignment for Dutch uniforms to a more pleasing shade of blue
    * New unit card for Circassian Infantry
    * Added Venice to Custom Battles
    * Added more units to Custom Battles (Hakkapeliita, new Janissaries, Winged Hussars, Walloon Guard, Hessian Mounted Jaeger)
    * Name change: Light Dragoons become "Chasseurs à Cheval" for most nations, some German nations use "Mounted Jaeger", their stats remain mostly unchanged
    * Added separate Light Dragoons unit for US, stats remain unchanged
    * Mounted Jaeger (ex Light Dragoons) have tricornes
    * Added Cuirassiers for Russia
    * Carabineers use a different model/unit card to reflect their heavy cavalry status
    * Changed Dragoons 3D model/unit card for authenticity: they now have tricornes (except British)
    * Grenadiers can now form squares
    * Slightly higher building requirements for a number of AOR units: Bosnian auxiliaries (Governor's Mansion), Potsdam Grenadiers (Military Academy; this reflects their status as a prestige unit)
    * Changed building requirements of Circassian Cavalry and Infantry so they are recruitable in Military as well as Civil government building lines
    * Changed building requirements for British Light Dragoons (Army Barracks) to correspond with Dragoons in other nations
    * Changed building requirements for British Dragoon Guards (Military academy) to correspond with Heavy Cavalry in other nations
    * Fixed path bug in battlefield_sounds; sounds will now play correctly
    * Changed "Jaegers" and "Grenzers" into correct German "Jaeger" and "Grenzer"
    * Fixed error in units_to_grouping (sweden > sweden_denmark)
    * Edited some unit descriptions

    * Fixed a bug in Clearances: they should have been -1 happiness to the poor, but were -2.

    * Camel Gunner Range increased.
    * Grenadiers now make use of mass fire instead of rank fire and platoon fire. This can concentrate their their fire a little more right before a charge, although they have less overall firepower over time.

    * Ball naval projectiles do about 40% less damage, and their velocity has increased slightly. Other projectile types are minimally changed. The much greater proportional effective range of the ball ammunition is already a very significant advantage over alternate projectile types.
    * The effect of total and recent hull damage on morale is increased.
    * Ships are more likely to surrender than rout.
    * Ship acceleration speed is about 50% slower. The AI seems to have no problems with this.
    * Ship turn-rate overall significantly decreased. The AI receives a noticable and hardcoded cheat here, and overall seems to handle the changes I made well, i.e. no 'getting caught in stays', although it's basically pretty dumb about the wind. Additionally, the reduction is not linear -- higher values are reduce more than the lower values.
    * Cavalry default rank depth now 3 for most units, not 4.
    * Light Infantry default rank depth now 2 for most units, not 3.
    * All stone and brick buildings are 50% tougher.

    v 1.28.0
    * Fixed Carabineer animation bug.
    * Provincial cavalary types (Yeomen, Gendarmes etc...) are slightly more expensive. This is to help convince the CAI not to buy them.
    * Uhlans, Hussars and Lancers are very slightly less expensive to better differentiate from the heavy cavalary types.
    * Changed Carbineers unit class to Heavy Cav (this is what shows up in the parenthesis after unit title).
    * Walloon Guards now have policing, as this was one of their roles.
    * Westphalia Mounted Jagers have been reverted to their previous, missile cavalry, stats.

    * Pandours are a little more expensive, to discourage the CAI from buying so many of them.
    * All general cost about 15% less to purchase (upkeep unchanged), to encourage the CAI to purchase more of them.
    * Bugfix: added missing strings in loc file (mostly tooltips that appear to have been added in ETW v1.2)
    * Bugfix: corrected typo "wurttemburg" in units_to_exclusive_faction table
    * Officer/drummer/flagbearer in Scots Line Infantry use highlander model
    * Reserve infantry uses slightly different officer and drummer model
    * Added backpacks to reserve infantry, others unchanged
    * Changed animation for musket+sabre infantry, they now charge with swords
    * Added Mughals, Denmark, Portugal and Iroquoi to Custom Battles
    * Moved georgia and dagestan to ottoman group; revised their unit rosters: early Ottoman-style artillery, navy and irregular infantry/cavalry
    * Cleaned up Custom Battles rosters, no foreign units available (Austria keeps Hungarians, Ottomans keep Bosnians)
    * Substituted all double quotes by single quotes in the loc file. This should solve the problems once and for all
    * Removed Pandours again from Ottomans (enabling them was a stopgap measure, they now have other auxiliaries available to them)

    * Clearances lower class happiness -2 -> -1 AND agri Estates, happiness 0 -> -1, AND palatial estates lower class happiness 0 -> -2 but upper +1 -> +2. This spreads out the negative effect on happiness for agri buildings a little more, rather than making it 'all at once' as it was previously with the Clearances.
    * Removed skirmish for Carbineers.
    * Saker campaign speed is the same as other artillery; on a whole, it is quite inferior to modernized artillery.
    * Many small improvements to the quality of the Otttoman troops. This is because I believe that the Ottoman troops are of such poor quality in the early game, that the Turks over-spend on their navy -- hampering their growth.
    * Musselim upkeep almost doubled. This is to help convince the CAI to not waste money on them.

    * Inherrent bonus of cav vs. inf 4 -> 5.
    * British Guard Dragoons only available at higher level buildings.
    Lots of good feedback from ibigscarymonster:
    * Hindu musketeers more widely recruitable (all of India), cheaper, and lower morale. Acc a little higher, reload a little lower.
    * Bargir and Qazilbashi cav and muskets now have a recruitment limit, and are only recruitable in India. Their stats are better, and their price is a little cheaper, to normalize them better with other types of 'named' infantry and lancers.
    * Sipahi Cav not recruitable by Marathas.
    * Elephant troops have a maximum recruitability.
    * Lancer elephants recruitable much earlier.
    (sikhs and pindari already not recruitable by mughals)
    (desert warriors, camel cav etc... already recruitable by mughals)

    * Expanded / rationalized vanillas weird building recruitment for hillmen.
    * Removed hillmen recruitability for Russia and Poland. They don't need the unit, and there's not a solid historical justification.
    * Carbineers faction recruitability changed a little: added to Dutch and Russia, removed from Spain. This is to match historical usage.
    * Carabineers charge and cost both increased slightly. Removed 'Good Stamina' trait as it's not appropriate for heavy cavalry.
    * Changed the horse types for Carabineers (this is only aesthetic) to match their new desigation as heavy cavalry.
    * Added recruitability for the named Cuirassier to the UP -- it was an oversight that they were not recruitable.
    * Removed ability to fire carabines in battles from Carabineers. The reason is two fold: first, they were doctrinally used to break lines, not engage in firefights. Second, removing the ability to fire improves the AI's usage of them (i.e. won't try to engage in firefights with line infantry). Policing ability is unchanged.
    * Heavy Cavalry has a slower campaign movement speed (35 --> 30); Medium cav (35 -> 32).
    * Hillmen campaign move higher (now same as other light irregular infantry).
    * Several unit types were recruitable when they should not have been. This is because of the internal naming scheme of the packed file. Changed this, and now, Streltsy and Winged Hussars obsolete as they are supposed to. This should have been fixed awhile ago, but was taking me a long time to figure out.
    * Level 6 experience morale bonus 0 -> 1.
    * Dragoons now recruitable by France, Spain and Austria. All European countries should be able to recruit Dragoons now.

    To recap cavalry now:
    o Cuirassier are the best, most expensive heavy cavalry.
    o British Guards Dragoons are an unarmored elite heavy cavalry.
    o Carbineers are less expensive, unarmored, but still very good heavy cavalry. They are effective at policing.
    o Dragoons are a flexible medium cavalry, that can dismount and fire if need be. They are effective at policing.
    o Regiment of Horse is a medium cavalry that is slightly better in H2H than dragoons, but less flexible and more expensive.
    o Light Dragoons are a flexible light cavalry that can fire from horseback, or dismount and fight. They are effective at policing.
    o Uhlans and Hussars are light cavalry. They are good for scouting, or fighting light infantry, but they will not do well against line infantry or heavy cavalry.

    * Fixed incorrect maximum recruitment numbers for several line infantry types.
    * Fixed Carabineer strings.

    v1.23.0 (Please re-download Part 2 as well)
    * Dragoons are slightly more expensive to purchase. Colonial dragoons sligtly poorer quality.
    * Polish Uhlans are slightly more expensive to purchase and upkeep.
    * Pulled in Johan's texture fix for the obsolete line units.
    * Change to startpos.esf in Part 2: Starting wealth increased for some factions. Mughals 9k -> 12k; Dutch 7.5k -> 12.5k; French 8k -> 15k; Ottomans 7.5k -> 12.5k. In each case there is a sound argument to be made for game balance reasons (these factions need help) and history (these were not poor nation-states in the beginning of the 18th century). This will only have an impact on a NEW campaign; old campaigns will not be affected by this change at all.
    * Re-purposed the unusued generic "Eastern Hillmen Musketerers" to a be a light infantry for the caucas regions. Renamed Caucasian Hillmen. Recruitable by Russian, Poland, and the minors of that region.
    * Irregular Infantry slightly cheaper, and has a shorter range (i.e. no longer light infantry, since the role has been filled by hillmen).
    * There is a new unit of cavalry that is identical to "Irregular Cavalry", however, it is only recruitable by the minor powers of the cossack regions, and it does not require the Carbine technology to build. Georgia, Dagestan and the Crimea should now have a selection of troops that includes Irregular Infantry, Hillmen Light Infantry and musket-armed Irregular Cavalry.
    * Circassian Cav and Inf recruitment expanded to a few more government building types.
    * Desert Warriors are slightly tougher and slightly more expensive.
    * Carabineers are tougher and more expensive; they are an unarmored heavy cavalry.
    * Two highest level of roads offer slightly lower movement bonus (still higher than vanilla). This should reduce the delay when selecting high movement units France of Spain.

    * Walloon Guards and Leib Guards now have 'Inspire Allies' trait like other Guard units.
    * Change to Part 2: Blood and Smoke now an optional mod (Thanks for reminding me Tomsin!). Enable with LT Chambers mod manager.
    * Household Cavalary now recruitable earlier (with military academy). Max recruitable reduced 6 --> 4.
    * Heavy Cavalry is no longer recruitable. Cuirassiers and Household Cavalary fill this role.
    * Dragoons now recruitable through entire game -- they are no longer replaced by Light Dragoons.
    * British Dragoons renamed "British Dragoon Guards" and stats and cost adjusted upwards. They can no longer dismount, nor do they receive the policing bonus.
    * Dragoon units now sized per regular cavalry units (Though Swedish Dragoons are still larger). Dragoon hand-to-hand and morale stats increased. Price / upkeep decreased to keep balanced. Text description updated. They now function more a flexible medium cavalry, as is doctrinally appropriate for the period. Light Dragoons are completely unchanged.

    * Fixed some strings for naval naming.
    * Differentiated Hussar stats; Hungararian Hussars also have a maximum recruitable.
    * Fixed Leib Guards not being able to fire.

    * Special Edition units now have fear-effect on enemies, and spot hidden enemies from further away, when appropriate.
    * American Long Rifle Men now have longer ranger and slower reload than European rifle men armed with the shorter-barreled, Jager or Baker-style weapon. Their accuracy is also slightly higher, and melee slightly lower.
    * Maximum of 6 Long Rifle Men recruitable.
    * Had swapped $ growth bonus for Coaching Inn vs. Bawdy House. Fixed.
    * Now a limit of maximum 8 recruitable grenadier / bearskin grenadier units.
    * Hakkapeliitat recruitable by other European powers.
    * NA lancers no longer recruitable (but some units may start campaign in existence). These are not appropriate to any of the east coast factions, and not really appropriate as represented to the plains indians.
    * NA Warrior Auxillaries properly recruitable.
    * NA artillery no longer recruitable (no more cherokee / inuit "cannon raiders"). Some units may still start the campaign.
    * Nomenclature for non-British ships changed, i.e. "3rd Rate" is now "74 Gun Ship of the Line". British naming schme unchanged. Note that gun numbers are merely nominal, not exact, per the conventions of the day.
    * A number of Ottoman units now have cheaper upkeep or purchases prices allowing the Ottomans to field a larger army, and fight more cheaply.
    * Grenadier units are cheaper.
    * Cuirassier are tougher in melee combat, but there is a maximum to the number that can be recruited.
    * Colonial Line and Reserve line is slightly cheaper, but still not as good of a deal as named Regiments of Foot.
    * New AOR units added, recruitable by most other factions. These are general superior units, but can only be recruited in limited numbers.
    - Potsdam Grenadiers
    - Italian Carabiniers
    - Freikorps Cavalry
    - Hannoverian Grenadiers
    - Hessian Mounted Jäger
    - Polish Uhlans
    - Circassian Cavalry
    - Circassian Infantry
    - Saxon Freikorps Jäger
    - Bosnian Auxiliaries
    - French Privateer
    - French Cuirassier
    - Austrian Cuirassier
    - Prussian Cuirassier
    - British Dragoons
    - Russian Leib Guards

    * Increased camel gun's range.
    * Irregular (cossack) cavalary cheaper.
    * AI will purchase a slight amount more genearls.
    * AI will weigh strength of an opponent a little lower, and previous relations with that faction higher, when declaring war.
    * Removed flags, battle sounds and 7-years war skins from the default trom_core package. The first two are now optional components.

    * Bugfix: quotation marks were displayed incorrectly (note: there are still issues when a quotation mark is the last character of the string)
    * Changed typo in Dutch character name (Wtters changed to Witters) (bug from ETW vanilla)
    * Incorrect textures for Polish and Dutch line fixed. (i.e. Smurfs banished!)
    The following are taken from Jack Lusted's notes of upcoming patch 1.3 changes:
    * Reduce morale bonus for charging 10 -> 4.
    * Flank attack and rear attack morale penalty -2 and -5 to -3 and -6.
    * Light infantry, rangers and light cavalry will spot hidden enemies from further away.
    * 18 pounder guard artillery accuracy increased to 65.
    * Lethality of shrapnel pieces now same as cannister.
    * Speciality artillery shot-types have slightly reduced range.
    * Velocity for cannon shot only is higher. Not increased for sakers or demi-cannons.
    * Fighting fatigue penalty 18 -> 12.
    * Heavy cav running fatigue penalty -4 -> -3.

    * New Polish line wasn't recruitable in the Polish Prestige building. Is now.
    * Fixed a bug where an elite cav unit was recruitable by Dagestan, and should not have been.
    * Renamed the generic line infantry to, "Reserve Regiment of Foot" as it is more descriptive.
    * Reserve line is slightly better (def 11 -> 12). Colonial line is slightly worse (def 12 -> 11).
    * Dagestan and Georgia can no longer build modern artillery, but can build Sakers / Demi-Cannons as their buildings allow.
    * Small-arms fire is slightly more lethal.

    * Removed the AI counterspying (anti-subterfuge) bonus as this was not reflected in the % results for Rake actions, and made it night impossible to complete simple tasks with a rake.
    * Added script file to package. This add a bonus of 4,000 for the first 5 turns, and 2,000 for turns 6 - 10 to the AI treasurey. Note that this not reflected on the wealth value of the diplomacy screen, as that only reflects income. This will not impact a game past turn 10. Install directions updated to reflect this new file. This was from TheStinger.
    * Removed custom loading screens from core. They are still in the trom_media.pack.
    * The threshold for Very Tired is about 17% higher, and the threshold for Exhausted is about 22% higher.
    * The fatigue penalty for running light cav is halved.
    * *Slight* (~3%) increase to cost of Native American upkeep to help balance the effects of the new campaign script.
    * The following three set of naval changes are purely to improve performance when clicking on fleets on the campaign map. They will be removed when the CTD and performance issues in this area are fixed by CA:
    1. Reduced the campaign move bonus for Admiral traits to movement by 1/3rd.
    2. " " for technologies by 1/3rd.
    3. Reduced all ship movement speeds slightly (although they are still higher than vanilla).
    * Added erasmus777's reworked equipement mod this removes back packs from soldiers in battle, and adds half-pikes for officers / NCOs.
    * Added Warhanomars' Black Marble texture in game. This replaces the white marble texture, and makes it much easier to identify selection, know how many recruitment slots a settlement has per turn etc...
    * Added Warhanomars' Pip Mod in game. This make the unit ID pips on the battlemap radar more legible.

    * It is NOT necessary to start a new campaign if upgrading between v.1.10.0 and v.1.11.0
    * Russian and Swedish Regiments of Foot now have "cold resistant" trait.
    * Fixed the string for the mounted Streltsy.
    * Fixed a slight error in a string for the Irregular Infantry (aka old Cossacks).
    * Rebalanced Steppe Cavalary, except Kamluks, to make them less expensive and more irregular. They should be recruited in greater numbers by Dagestan, Georgia and the Crimean Khanate.
    * Hetman Cossack cavalary now renamed, "Chuguevski Cossacks", and only recruitable by Poland or Russia. These are disciplined, trained light cavalry. They require 2 turns to raise.
    * Sakers, mortars and 64 pounder seige cannon now slower on campaign map.
    * Strings for Siege Canon, Mortars, Sakers and Demi-cannons updated to reflect low speed on campaign map.
    * Vibornye and Gorodskiye Streltsy and Pikemen all obsolete a little earlier.
    * Maximum recruitment applied to Vibornye and Gorodskye Streltsy.
    * Pikemen more expensive to raise and upkeep; this will help the AI buy less of them.
    * Irregular Infantry (formerly Cossack Infantry) have less ammunition and a slightly lower morale.

    * Fixed bug keeping Grenadiers from being recruitable by Russia.
    * Pikemen now recruitable by Russia and Sweden, but quickly become obsolete.
    * Implemented AOR, and added 17 new types of Line; these are recruitable if you own the particular province. Each are uniquely balanced with varied prices, recruiting times, and strong and weak areas.
    * Added Walloon Guards, recruitable in Flanders with an Army Staff College.
    * Mameluks and Pandours recruitable by Ottomans.
    * Cossack troops now only recruitable in the Ukraine, Crimea and Causcus regions.
    * Cossack infantry can now skirmish, is harder to spot on campaign map. They have a slightly lower morale, and are about 10% cheaper. They are recruitable by Poland, but not by Russia.
    * Cossack troops renamed "Irregular" as a temporary solution to make them appropriate for a region inclusive of the Crimea and Caucas.
    * European style troops no longer recruitable in the Crimea, Chechneya or Georgia.
    * Hungarian Hussars recruitable by any European power in Hungary.
    * European-style line and light infantry has a slightly closer rank spacing.
    * Light cavalary and some kinds of irregular infantry are faster on the campaign map.
    * Demi-cannons are slower on the campaign map.
    * Modern sailing ships are about 30% faster on the campaign map. Galleys and Galleon-types are a little faster. The path-finding algorithm can cause a longer pause when selecting your naval unit the first time in a turn.
    * Republican Conscript Infantry are a little better all around. Their relatively inexpensive price will help the CAI choose to buy them as a Republic, and help offset some of the Republic recruiting cost penalty.
    * Line Infantry are no longer morale shock resistant; only elite type units have this trait.

    * Winged Hussars are now a heavy cavalary unit available in the early game. They are only buildable in Barracks or Drill School (i.e. forced obsolence). They are a little more expensive. They are the best early game cavalry.
    * Russia should now be able to recruit Grenadiers. (I may also make Pikemen recruitable by Russia, but this will need to wait for the AOR work).
    * Gorodskiye Streltsy are now armed with muskets. Their H2H is slightly better, and their morale is lower (they were underpaid, and being disbanded). Their campaign cost has been adjusted, but is still lower (they were, after all, underpaid) than an inferior unit (euro_militia). They are also only available in earlier buildings; they become obsolete, and they are only available in Russia's home regions, in order to reflect the anti-Gorodskiye reforms between 1689 and 1720.
    * All melee-type cav has received a +2 or +3 to charge; this will help counteract the much smaller bonus vs. infantry they receive in this mod. If I mad my druthers, I would increase the fear effect of charging cavalry, but this is not possible.
    * Tweaked all Naval loading values a little bit. Brits are best at loading again.
    * NA artillery is 50% more expensive, to help convince the AI to buy less artillery.
    * Elite Infantry types no longer use Platoon Fire / Imp. Platoon Fire.
    * Text strings updated to reflect changes to Winged Hussars and Gorodskiye Streltsy.

    * Some colonial units have slightly more expensive upkeep, to represent the difficulty of raising and continue to suppy units outside of
    Continental Europe. Colonial artillery takes 1 extra turn to build.
    * Grenade Launcher Units (not grenadiers) no longer recruitable in the Campaign game.
    * Rogers Rangers now better than regular Rangers, again.
    * Fire-by-Rank now is researchable with an Army_Barracks and requires a smaller number of research points. The AI will research much earlier as well.
    * Grenzers recruitable.
    * Regiments of Foot, Substandard are now cheaper to recruit, but have a higher upkeep. This is to encourage their use as a stopgap solution
    only; this makes sense as well: they still require pay, chow, uniforms etc... like a real line unit. A maximum of 8 are recruitable to keep
    the AI from over-recruiting them.
    * 18 Pounder Guard Galloper should now be recruitable with Ordance Board and Engineering School.
    * Many fixes naval ship armaments, reflected in the English localized text included with this mod.
    * Xebec crew size larger, to reflect their common Med. usage as a privateer.
    * American heavy frigate morale improved.
    * British ships are +2 morale, -1 speed. British reloading speed now matches other countries (it was about 25% higher!). They notoriously underfunded gunnery practice.
    * Naval projectile roundshot damage slightly tweaked follow physics, e.g. pain=m*v^2.
    * Naval base reload speed increased 18 -> 25; this is still far faster than reality (should probably be around 120). Carronades still fire significantly faster.
    * Galleons, Flyts, Race-built Galleons all now have more appropriate crew sizes, more old-fashion (i.e. lighter) armaments. As per all crew / unit size changes, starting units will not reflect these values, only those post-repair or built during a campaign.
    * Russian Infantry regiments are now normal sized. Their stats have changed: acc: 45, reload 17, melee 9, charge 5, defense 15, morale 10. They are now the best defending Line Infantry.
    * Austrian line cost fixed to account for smaller size than vanilla.

    * The CAI will now weigh the adjaceny, existence of an alliance and military strength as more important when deciding to make war or peace. Diplomatic relations (the +/- values on the diplomatic menu) and interfaction relations (what my friends think of you) are both now a little less important.
    * The flank and rear attack bonuses have been removed. This improves the post 1.2 patch BAI. The morale penalty for flank and rear attacks still exists. This is not a miracle fix, but does generally improve the BAI.
    * Removed my naval morale changes. I just wasn't happy with them, and until I can modify more of naval combat, I don't think they're an improvement over vanilla.
    * Fixed a bug where I had swapped melee values between NA warriors and NA tribesmen.

    * Changed Republican Conscripts back to 1 turn to recruit (this is what they should have been, as they are essentially a militia-type unit).
    * Gave Republic Conscripts and Republican Guard a 5% discount in recruiting cost (but not upkeep). This can be used to help off-set the recruiting penalty that Republics receive.
    * Increased the upkeep cost of demi-cannons. These required large teams of oxen to draw -- as many as 24-per gun (which means 2x - 3x that number on campaign!), and that was one of the (many) drawbacks. This should have been done much earlier, but I missed it when I was hex-editing. This has two benefits: first, it will encourage the AI to modernize artillery and and second, it will balance them better, as, with their longer ranger, they were still pretty useful even without moving.
    * Tax efficiency logbase from 1.25 to 1.35. This shallows the inefficiency curve from owning many provinces *slightly* (if you own 25+ provinces, you might see about +10% boost in taxable income). Note that making protectorates does NOT trigger this inefficiency -- so protectorates are a good way to maintain a solid income.
    * Added the subtle and excellent work by Jingle_Bombs to make the uniforms look more period appropriate, i.e. 7-years war vs. Vanilla ETW's American Revolution.
    * Republican populations are, in general, happier.

    * Fixed bug in unhappiness for iron industrialization.
    * Added middle class happiness penalty to industrialisation buildings. It is, in general, smaller than the penalty to lower classes, but reflects the general unrest that even constitutional monarchies can suffer in periods of social turmoil.
    * Added Obushnikov's musket and cannon sounds. They're hands-down the best I've heard.
    * Made some very small adjustments to gov't types:
    Absolute Monarchy
    Research -30% (slower)
    Recruit -20% (less costly)
    Lower Class Happiness +4
    Upper Class Happiness -4
    10% greater effect from the destabalizing influence of educational facilities.
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Research -10% (slightly slower)
    Recruit -5% (slightly less costly)
    Lower Class Happiness 0
    Upper Class Happiness -1
    20% less effect from the destabalizing influence of educational facilities.
    Research +5% (faster)
    Recruit +15 (more costly)
    Lower Class Happiness +5
    Upper Class Happiness -4
    40% less effect from the destabalizing influence of educational facilities.

    * Fixed a rare crash bug when loading battles in North America.

    Battle Movement Speeds:
    * All land units are about 35% slower. This creates a generally slower game, and increases the time under fire when closing with firing units.

    Weapon Lethality:
    * Small arms ranges are about 25% greater. There is time for a line unit with rank fire to fire 3 full volleys at a closing melee unit.
    * Musket, Matchlock and Light Inf Muskets now represent similar weapons, but different doctrines and training. MUSKETS are weilded by well trained line infantry, trained to level their musket (though, perhaps not aim) and fire, often on command. MATCHLOCK weapons are poorly maintained weapons weilded by ill-disciplined troops that will open fire beyond the range of effective range of their weapons. LIGHT INFANTRY MUSKETS are muskets weilded by troops that have been trained to fire accurately, and engage a greater distance than line troops. Ranges are 90, 105 and 130 respectively.
    * The impact of extended ranges on accuracy is much more significant.
    * All weapons can now misfire, with percussion cap weapons have the lowest misfire chance and matchlock weapons the highest. Misfire causes a 3-second "retry".
    * All artillery, naval and land, now has variable effective ranges based on historical data.
    * All artillery, naval and land, fires a number of grape or cannister pellets that increase in number with gun weight.
    * All naval artillery is now somewhat more accurate, and does a little more damage at close range.
    * All naval artillery is significantly more accurate at range, and ranges have significantly increased.
    * Carronades are now much faster to load than an equivalent gun of equal weight, but of much shorter range. Carronades historically weighed about 1/4th to 1/5th compared to a gun of equal weight, could be fired much faster but threw their heavy shot much shorter distances. Carronade damage is equal to a gun of the same weight.
    * Carbines and pistols both fired a small ball than muskets (usually about .5 caliber vs. .6 or larger), and are therefore slightly less lethal when they hit a target. They are also less effective against armored targets.
    * Net musket lethality is slightly lower than the vanilla game, especially at longer ranges, due to the stronger drop off of effectiveness at range AND the significantly slower battle map movement speeds. This benefits the Battle AI due to its tendency to run back at forth at extreme range. It also encourages a slower and more deliberate play style. Above all however, this provides a
    much more realistic casualty rate under musketfire, and, due to the way morale works encourages the player to utilize a more historical doctrine of a few volley than close with bayonets. At close ranges, musket volleys can still be deadly.
    * Cavalry has had its global melee bonus against infantry reduced.
    Land artillery ranges, ball or shrapnel:
    3 pnd - 270
    6 pnd - 400
    Saker - 350
    9 pnd - 500
    12 pnd - 550
    18 pnd - 550
    Demi - 500
    24 pnd - 600
    Fort mounted weapons have +50 to these ranges, due to elevation and a superior firing platform.
    Note that ranges increase quickly with the lighter guns -- their effective range is also close to their maximum range. Larger guns, however are less limited by ball carrying, and more limited by other factors, such as visibility. The numeric ranges in game equate very roughyl to about 1.5 yards.
    Lastly, as Mortars cannot be used in the doctrinal correct way (trenches dug close to the enemies walls), I have kept their range longer than it should.
    * The effectiveness of grappling hooks has been reduced. I would prefer to remove them from all units, but, in this glorious new age of cannons, the AI appears completely unable to knock a wall down with a cannon, and CA, in its wisdom, neglected to implement saps and the like.

    Land Unit Changes:
    * Many units have received small adjustments to cost and upkeep to maintain balance with the changes below. This is also necessary to keep the CAI from over-prioritizing units.
    * Almost all units now take longer to build. Militia and Irregular units can still be raised in 1 turn. Line and other regular units require 2 turns (assume about 6 months to organize and recruit NCOs and officers, and 6 months to recruit, equip and train the soldiers). Elite units and British Line units require 3 turns. Some elite units may require 4 turns. Prussian and Swedish Line train in 1 turn due to the benefits of their cantonment system indocrinating military age males. In principal it now takes 1 turn of "administrative request" + training time to raise a unit; if a unit comes ready to fight (think: militia, rregulars and feudal-system soldiers), then they require only a single turn to raise.
    * Grenadier units no longer throw grenades. This has been replace by a +2 bonus to melee. They can now also rank fire, and their size has been increased to equal line units.
    * Light Infantry units are now larger in size. Historically, light infantry were used as line troops, and detached occasionally for skirmishing duties. I have chosen not to model this doctrine here, as it would make light infantry too similar to line units.
    * Armed Citizenry has now been renamed, "Urban Militia" and their stats have been increased somewhat. These are units of local militia, perhaps drilling once a month, that will provide the last line of defense to an urban area.
    * Militia units have now been renamed, "Regiment of Foot, Substandard". They can be raised in 1 turn, however they do not have access to advanced firing drills. They represent poorly equiped, poorly trained and poorly led units that may need to be thrown into the line of battle prematurely. There is a limit of 12 at anytime; this is to keep the AI from overbuilding these units, and to encourage the player to replace them with propper line of battle regiments when the opportunity presents itself.
    * Carbineers, like Dragoons, were historically used for policing. They receive the same bonus to policing that dragoons receive.
    * All non-artillery units can now hide in wooded areas. <- CA actually added this for the patch! I added a few more units to the list. Now, only general-type units and elephants cannot hide in woodland. NA general can hide in woodland.
    * The size of General units has not been changed. This is because the CAI is already reluctant to build them in sufficient numbers.
    * Rangers and Native American units are a bit smaller and a bit tougher. Most have build limitiations on them, reducing the number of elite-type units you will see.
    * Grenzers recruitable, but no longer use a weapon for which there is no historical support for wide usage.
    * Artillery is more accurate, however it is not as accurate as it should be. This is because it is allowed unlimited ammunition, so it needs to stay a little bit nerfed. Hopefully CA will implement tracking ammunition in the future.
    * Line units have additional diffentiation to account for doctrinal differences in training and usage. In general, a higher morale represent an experienced NCO corps and lower morale represents forces that did not make use of experienced NCOs; a higher defense value represents better close order training; a higher charge or melee represents training in 'the bayonet'. Highlights are:
    o Prussian line is very effective on defense and offense, and is recruitable in 1 turn, due to the benefits of the Cantonement system.
    o British line has better firepower, and is good defensively, but take 3 turns to build.
    o Austrian line is of low quality, but is less expensive to build and maintain.
    o Russian line is larger, but of poorer quality on a whole.
    o American line has the best accuracy, but may not stand as effectively against a determined charge.
    o Swedish and French line are both good at attack. Swedish line is recruitable in 1 turn, due to the benefits of the Cantonement system.
    * Grenadiers and other elites now have access to rank fire.
    * The reload bonuses for firing drills has been slightly reduced.
    * Pikemen are better defensively, but have much lower charge bonus. They also now 'scare horses'.
    * All unit with musket_matchlocks have had their accuracy reduce to counteract the added range.
    * Ranger units are smaller, but more lethal.
    * Cavalry previously received a large bonus against INF (+10), that has been reduced (now +4). This makes cavalary less effective in a drawn out melee. Use cavalary for its shock value when the enemy is waivering. This will also make squares more effective.
    * Most musket-armed light infantry now has bayonets.
    * Whlie CA gave jagers rifles in the patch, they neglected to fully fix the issue, and they were still shooting shorter range musket balls. Fixed. Their morale has been dropped slightly: these were irregular troops, not trained regulars.

    Land Battle:
    The morale model used in battles has been completely reworked to balance correctly with weapon lethality and slower movement speeds.
    * All units that may fight in the line of battle, or were reasonably competent in H2h, now have the ability to 'Cause Fear', however the radius has been significantly reduced. Historical and credible examples of true melees on the 18th century field of battle are very rare. More commonly a unit would waiver, then rout, when presented with a disciplined line of bayonets. This now occurs sometimes, especially if the unit has taken many casualties, or has take casualties recently. Melees still occur, but tend to be more decisive, with low morale troops routing somewhat more quickly, occasionally before contact.
    * Units are now more likely to regroup to fight again after routing.
    * Infantry alone is not likely to stop a determined charge with musketry alone, however, cannister armed cannons are highly likely to do so unless caught off guard.
    * Fire and advance reload a little faster.
    * The defender's benefits of firing from walls are greater.
    * The value of cover / building has been slightly reduced.
    Unit Experience:
    * All unit abilities increase steadily as a unit becomes more experience, except Morale. Morale peaks at +3 at level 4 experience, and then decreases steadily. This represent the extremely well documented effect of combat fatigue, and the "survivor" mentality of the most veteran troops. They are still more effective than less-experienced troops, but must be used carefully. "Sending in the old guard" should not be a decision taken lightly.
    * Units acheive low experience levels more quickly, to represent the immediate bonding effect even a limited amount of combat can have.
    Naval Battles:
    * The morale impact of being fired on from the stern (raked) has been increased. I cannot find away to increase damage when being raked.
    * The morale impact of suddenly taking many casualties is somewhat greater. A waiver ship, ranked from the stern by grapeshot may strike its colors.
    * Ships rout or surrender a little more quickly.
    * The penalties for being demasted, on fire, and suffering over 30% damage in a short period of time are all greater.
    * The damage bonus for firing a broadside is gone. The benefit of firing a broadside is the morale shock value.

    Campaign Balance Changes:
    * Automatic policing can now only help with a maximum of 3 unhappy people (was 4).
    * Some "happiness buildings" in capitals have had their benefits slightly reduced.
    * Automatic policing now about 2x more expensive. Policing newly conquered regions can be a large economic drag.
    * "Happiness towns" increase regional economic growth slightly. They are more necessary and useful than they were previously.
    * Religious building produce less happiness.
    * All government types adjust significantly
    Absolute Monarchy
    Research -30% (slower)
    Recruit -15% (less costly)
    Lower Class Happiness +4
    Upper Class Happiness -4
    10% greater effect from the destabalizing influence of educational facilities.
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Research -10% (slightly slower)
    Recruit -5% (slightly less costly)
    Lower Class Happiness -1
    Upper Class Happiness -1
    20% less effect from the destabalizing influence of educational facilities.
    Research +15% (faster)
    Recruit +15 (more costly)
    Lower Class Happiness +5
    Upper Class Happiness -4
    40% less effect from the destabalizing influence of educational facilities.
    * Naval hospitals can now build 1st rates (though not strong 1st rates).
    * Steamships are no longer recruitable. They are not appropriate in the 18 century.
    * Campaign map speeds are faster, especially wtih high quality establishd roads (levels 2+). This is done to overcome the rediculously slow movement speeds of armies otherwise. The aids the player and the AI both equally -- the AI, with its tendency to change its mind between turns, is more likely to carry through with attacks.
    * It costs 600 population per recruited unit. While I generally consider TW units to represent "reality" at a rough ratio of 10:1, the AI does not take population into consideration when recruiting, and will hapilly denude its own towns (especially those in the New World, which begin with low populations).
    * School cost is now 3k, 5k, 8k, 15k. I am considering making them more expensive still.
    * School build time is now 3 / 6 / 10 / 18; it will now take 37 turns and 45k to fully build up a new school.
    * Campaign AI weights alliances slightly more favorably when making war and peace decisions.
    * Campaign AI is slightly more likely to support allies in war.
    * Campaign AI will try to recruit artillery at the cost of recruiting dragoons (but other cavalry is unchanged).
    * Campaign AI is slightly more likely to keep small armies (9 or fewer units) together.

    Ancillaries and Traits:
    * Many ancillaries and traits have been modified. Two significant changes have been made: morale bonuses have been significantly reduce. This is to somewhat reduce the positive effect of a great general. Why? First, the command bonuses are already very good. Second, the almost uniformly benefits the player since the AI has such a hard time recruiting and keeping its general alive. The second major change is make it much easier to gain negative effects due to lost battles. Again, the reasoning for this is as noted above: lost player battles are so rare, even on VH that developing negative effects was almost impossible.
    * Research traits for gentlement now have an 'opposite' which takes a negative hit at levels +2 or above.

    * Field uniform colors are slightly less saturated for some countries. Dyes of this period were not, or imperfectly, fixed, and when exposed to inclement weather, uniforms would fade quickly.
    * Projectile trails are subtler, but still visible.
    * Removed recruitment points from the cheats allowed the AI. This allowed them to build much too quickly.
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    Wow, you're quick! Will try tonight after I get off from work.

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    High ratios of upkeep/cost ruins the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vampy View Post
    High ratios of upkeep/cost ruins the game.
    Please post your feedback... in the feedback thread. Be sure to provide more information when you do -- I imagine there are people who don't agree with you.

    Note that the ratio between cost and upkeep is not changed in this mod.

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    Maybe its just me but the filefront link to v1.5 is broken, are there any mirrors?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hounf of Culan View Post
    Maybe its just me but the filefront link to v1.5 is broken, are there any mirrors?
    Try again? Worked for me just now.

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    1.20 Part 1 link is closed...

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    Oh god, gimme my download!

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    Yeah, sorry -- note that I took the download down. This is because Megaupload is being a huge PITB. I am using it because File Front is so slow as to be non-functional right now... I'm trying to upload to mediafire now, although this will be a temporary solution only due to the previous problems with file corruption on early versions of this mod.

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    *hopping up and down impatiently*

    And since i have the minute to spare, i'd like to take a minute to say thank you for an EXCELLENT approach to ETW, sage. Few people are taking so methodical an approach historical wise. I don't mean to dump on any mod in particular, they're all good in their own ways... but PERSONALLY i was eager to see a britain that couldnt field just as many armies as france could easily, the patience to recreate a more "accurate" simulation of each country's forte's and faux-pas' is far more engrossing for me than the regular game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smug View Post
    *hopping up and down impatiently*

    And since i have the minute to spare, i'd like to take a minute to say thank you for an EXCELLENT approach to ETW, sage. Few people are taking so methodical an approach historical wise. I don't mean to dump on any mod in particular, they're all good in their own ways... but PERSONALLY i was eager to see a britain that couldnt field just as many armies as france could easily, the patience to recreate a more "accurate" simulation of each country's forte's and faux-pas' is far more engrossing for me than the regular game.
    I am about to download TROM and remove Darthmod - fingers crossed! I really agree with Smug's sentiments too!

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    Oh for real. TROM is the only full ETW mod I can play without the game feeling...strange. Can't really put it into words. All I know is that I agree with everything you've done, sage2.

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    Default Re: v1.20.0 DOWNLOAD LINKS AND CHANGELIST (Download Back Up)

    Thanks for the kudos guys, but I'm only 1/3rd of a team. Without Tomsin's awesome historical insight and Johan's meticulous texture and unit work, this mod would be nothing but a very thin shadow of what it is right now.

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    Default Re: v1.20.0 DOWNLOAD LINKS AND CHANGELIST (Download Back Up)

    Sorry for the stupid question but how do you install it? This is the first ETW mod I've downloaded and I don't know where to put everything, I do have the mod manager though.
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    Default Re: v1.20.0 DOWNLOAD LINKS AND CHANGELIST (Download Back Up)

    Could you upload part 2 to filefront as well? My part 2 gets corrupted.

    Edit: It is specifically the flags file that doesn't work. Has there been any changes to that one since the last version or could I just keep using the old one?
    Last edited by Fish Dude; May 21, 2009 at 02:58 PM.

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    Default Re: v1.20.0 DOWNLOAD LINKS AND CHANGELIST (Download Back Up)

    Quote Originally Posted by Fish Dude View Post
    Could you upload part 2 to filefront as well? My part 2 gets corrupted.
    Part 2 now links to filefront.

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    Default Re: v1.20.0 DOWNLOAD LINKS AND CHANGELIST (Download Back Up)

    NVM I didn't notice the readme.
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    Default Re: v1.20.0 DOWNLOAD LINKS AND CHANGELIST (Download Back Up)

    cant download part 2 - perpetual timeout ;-(

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    Default Re: v1.20.0 DOWNLOAD LINKS AND CHANGELIST (Download Back Up)

    Quote Originally Posted by Anbar View Post
    cant download part 2 - perpetual timeout ;-(
    Ditto. Part 1 works fine but part 2 times out.

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    Default Re: v1.20.0 DOWNLOAD LINKS AND CHANGELIST (Download Back Up)

    Quote Originally Posted by LtChambers View Post
    Ditto. Part 1 works fine but part 2 times out.
    How is it working now using Megaupload?

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