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Thread: Third Age - Total War 1.4 Released!

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    Icon10 Third Age - Total War 1.4 Released!

    A total conversion for the Medieval II Total War - Kingdoms expansion

    Main Features

    1. The Middle-earth Map

    Play on an extensive historically accurate map of Middle-earth as it was in the Third Age, including 114 settlements taken straight from Middle-earth lore and completed with several fictional locations.
    Visit the wonders of Middle-earth, like the Three Towers, the Argonath or Durin's tower and see all the unique locations of Middle-earth like Minas Tirith, the Black Gate or Isengard. See the hills of Rohan, the huge forest of the Mirkwood and the dark ash of Mordor.

    2. The Factions

    Play with all important factions of the Third Age, including Gondor, Rohan, High and Silvan Elves, Dwarves, Eriador, Dale, Isengard, Mordor, Rhun, Harad and the Orcs of the Misty Mountains.
    Every faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, benefits and disadvantages on the battle as well as the campaign map. Decide if you want to face your enemy with a small, but trained and heavily armored army or if you count on masses of units to overrun your foes.
    The unit design is based on visual references of the Lord of the rings movie trilogy, completed with fictional units and artwork, all based on the lore of Middle-earth.

    3. The Gameplay

    The end of the Third Age is a time where good and evil wage a decisive war for the final domination of Middle-earth.
    Both ways, freeing the good people of Middle earth as well as bringing the world under the shadow will not be an easy task for the player.
    A new campaign and battle AI will make the player's life much harder and a unit recruitment based on a cultural level and a regional recruitment requires strategically decisions and will slow down your expansion if not properly planned.
    The AI will also receive certain bonuses like extra money or additional armies if they get in serious trouble to compensate the lack of human intelligence and the lack of income through missions.

    4. The Design

    In order to reflect the world of Middle-earth as good as possible, there is an almost complete rework of the 2D and 3D design, including the menu, the interface, the symbols and pictures and much more.
    To create an even deeper atmosphere, all cultures have a unique set of music and unit sounds and voices were completely changed for many factions.
    Lastly there is a huge amount of new videos, including the intro, the faction intros and many in-game events.

    Download Links

    ### TATW 1.0
    Part1 & 2:

    # TATW 1.0 Alternative Link (torrent)
    Part1 & 2:

    ### TATW Patch 1.1 *

    # TATW Patch 1.1 Alternative Link

    ### TATW Patch 1.2 **

    # TATW Patch 1.2 Alternative Link (torrent)

    ### TATW Patch 1.3 ***

    # TATW Patch 1.3 Alternative Link

    ### TATW Patch 1.4 ****

    # TATW Patch 1.4 Alternative Link

    ### TATW Bugfixer 1.4.1 *****

    ###A torrent link containing 1.0 and all 4 patches!

    *Please note that the "hotfix" isn't required as it is already a part of the 1.1 patch.*

    Thanks to ZeXorG for the upload & link.


    - Install Part1/Part2, Patch 1.1, Patch 1.2, Patch 1.3, Patch 1.4 & Bugfixer 1.4.1 into the default 'Medievall II Total' War directory.
    (Normally this is: 'Programs/SEGA/Medieval II Total War')
    If you have installed Medieval II into another folder, please select the folder manually.

    - Start the mod with the 'Third Age - Total War' shortcut on your desktop

    The Credits

    Please view the credit list here on the forum or watch the credit list in-game to see all people who are involved in this huge project.

    * Changelog for patch 1.1:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    !!!Please note that the patch is save-game compatible, but I recommend to start a new campaign, because many features will not have an effect in an on-going campaign!!!


    - white battle map interface (hotfix included)
    - Dunedain Knights missing their melee weapon fixed
    - wrong faction banners disabled
    - missing rebels and mercenary unit cards fixed
    - diplomatic text refers to wrong factions fixed
    - Dale freeland archers' bows float in the air fixed
    - Beorings javelins float on the air around them fixed
    - snaga skirmishers weapon fixed
    - new meshes for Isengard heavy Uruk-Hai units
    - Breeland riders have invisible weapons fixed
    - Uruk Halberdiers missing secondary weapon fixed
    - Goblin Halberdiers missing secondary weapon fixed
    - warg sprites added
    - Troll Cage descriptions fixed
    - Henneth Annun "object on battle map bug" fixed
    - Horse Guard animation fixed
    - rebel generals/captains with silver textures fixed
    - Harad "invasion" mercenaries with silver textures fixed
    - all floating cities and castles fixed
    - hardly/unplayable bridge and river issues fixed
    - new orcish diplomat/spy/assassin cards
    - eryn dolen stuck at village fixed
    - minor 2d symbols fixed
    - 2hhanded orc error fixed


    - New and huge sound package (a huge thanks to Smirk )

    • all medieval phrases deleted and replaced. No more sultans, gods and piety...
    • all wrong voice references to the vanilla factions fixed
    • new and reworked speeches for all factions and orcs
    • reworked all voices for campaign map
    • dwarves have own scottish accent
    • New troll sounds and orcish voices for battle map
    • fixed missing catapult impact sound
    • and more!

    New unit and battle map balance

    • new animations for better unit cohesion
    • missile units weakened, ammunition varied, new elven arrow type
    • mumakil costs decreased, increased morale
    • trolls more vulnerbale to missiles, slower, more expensive throw units into the air, availability decreased
    • raised morale for all troops
    • improved cavalry and charges
    • improved stamina for dwarves and other units
    • halberds and spear units improved
    • arrow/ballista towers weakened, walls and gateways improved, more logical stats
    • many other little unit stats changes


    • new loading bar
    • several map improvements, like smoother and realistic rivers
    • new event pics for the orcish factions
    • northmen portraits added
    • events for advanced units are earlier
    • Eriador - High Elves alliance
    • no more witches
    • servants of Sauron slightly weakend
    • Generals can get older
    • More logical character traits at campaign start
    • garrison script slightly nerfed
    • good factions will survive longer
    • new fire textures and sound for burning men and burning buildings

    Included Sub-Mods

    • non breakable alliances without a diplomat (Thanks to Archaon)
    • smoother coastlines (Thanks to Nevada)
    • improved Eldar models (Thanks to Razor)
    • Germanicu5 Battle AI (Thanks to Germanicu5)
    • Germanicu5 stakes script (Thanks to Germanicu5)
    • Witchking model (Thanks to Devils_Advocate)
    • spelling mistakes fixed (Thanks to Krazy Krook)

    ** Changelog for patch 1.2:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    !!!Please note that the patch is not save-game compatible, otherwise you will have messed up traits and ancillaries!!!


    • Aragorn

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • Legoals

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • Gandalf

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • Gimli

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • Blackroot Vale Archers

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • Guards of Khazad-dm

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • Warg Riders for OoMM
    • Ents

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    • Animated Bows, bowstrings and arrows
    • New battle AI and formations
    • Generals are aging correctly
    • More generals with hero abilities
    • Hero Biographies
    • 3 summer turns, one winter turn
    • better autoresolve & faction balance
    • New victory videos (Thanks to MasterBigAb)
    • Armor upgrades for all units
    • No penalty for executing evil prisoners as a good faction and vice versa
    • New building icons for evil factions
    • Notification for the one ring
    • Two new river custom battle maps
    • Unit stat changes
    • Recruitment changes
    • Slightly changed win conditions
    • More notification texts
    • Trolls only in mountain areas available
    • AI morale bonus
    • Assassins weakened
    • Money reduction end-game
    • Better ancillary/character traits triggers
    • Deletion of (almost) all wrong/medieval text references


    • Evil factions not recognized as destroyed fixed
    • Snaga archers weapons fixed
    • Wrong strat map buildings fixed
    • dwarven axes texture on pikemen fixed
    • axethrowers get tall while running fixed
    • many trait and ancillary fixes
    • missing witchking trait fixed
    • more river crossings fixed
    • Crusade banners fixed
    • evil ransom/execution sounds fixed
    • pelargir marines & rangers model fixed
    • Rhun horse guard textures fixed
    • Dain's hall fortress upper level floating fixed
    • Missing unit descriptions fixed


    • Visual Enhancement (Thanks to Louis Lux & maxmazi)
    • Reworked Gondor Militia (Thanks to matko)
    • Unique Buildings (Thanks to axnsan)
    • Smoother Coastlines 1.0 (Thanks to Nevada)
    • Retextures Elf Sentinels for armor upgrade (Thanks to bilwit)

    *** Changelog for patch 1.3:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Patch 1.3 Features & Fixes

    !!!Please note that the patch is not save-game compatible!!!


    • Complete rework of Dale

    • complete rework of Gondorian units with plate armor.

    • Beorning units available as mercenaries in Anduin-Vale
    • New armor upgrade textures for Heavy Silvan Elves units
    • New Heroes and Textures (Legolas, Haldir, Theoden, Ugluk, Grishnak)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • Map improvements

    - 2 new settlements
    - 1 new fort
    - snowbourne river near Edoras
    - Esgaroth lies in lake esgaroth
    - some mountain areas fixed
    - several more little things
    • New event pictures & portraits
    • New dwarven building icons and unit info cards
    • New event messages if a faction leader died

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • More realistic Mordor climate with thunder, clouds and better lightning

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    • Ents can hide in woods
    • More realistic combat bonuses on different grounds
    • Swordsmith Guild for dale
    • Florins replaced by gold coins


    • Wrong descriptions and texts fixed
    • Eventpics fixed
    • Southron lancers upgrade fixed
    • Fixed unit sprites
    • Legolas melee bug
    • Fire arrows again available for elves
    • Fixed Aragorn strat model

    Special Thanks

    • bilwit for his awesome Elven and Hero textures and for giving me some skinning tips! Soul Reapir for helping him with models.
    • Louis Lux and maxmazi for Visual Enhancement
    • Yarrum for his pleasure building descriptions
    • Germanicu5 for his AI and for answering my countless questions.
    • maxmazi! Yes, I still have to use your graphics card

    **** Changelog for patch 1.4:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Patch 1.4 Features & Fixes

    !!!Please note that the patch is not save-game compatible!!!

    New Units

    - The Balrog

    - Uruk-hai cleavers

    - Guards of the Orthanc

    - Troll-men of Harad

    - Improved Ithilien Rangers

    New Heroes (by bilwit)

    - Boromir

    - Faramir

    - Glorfindel

    - Elladan and Elrohir

    - King Aragorn Elessar

    New Settlements and Reskins

    - New Castles for all orcish settlements (based on Teutonic order castles)

    • no civilian buildings
    • no farms
    • a lot of space to fight in the castles

    - Minas Tirith reskinned

    - Gondor uses south european, dwarves northern european models

    Map Changes

    - Many new and changed strat map models

    • Rammas Echor for Minas Tirith with attackable forts
    • New hero strat map models
    • New strat map models for orcish castles
    • Settlement model sizes adjusted
    • New dwarven strat models

    - New terrain and map textures

    - Geography more to middle-earth lore

    - Reworked mountain and forest areas

    - 5 new settlements
    - Small climate changes

    Changes of Settlement mechanics

    - Citadels limited to Minas Tirith & Barad-dur, Isengard, Moria
    - Huge Cities only possible at Dol Amroth, Bree, Umbar, Kelepar, Khand, Dale, Erebor
    - less and varied population growth
    - less order & happiness for the player
    - less income through farming

    --> a harder game for the player and more difficult to manage empire happiness, population growth and income.

    Other Features

    - New Battle AI by Germanicu5

    - 6 New regional videos if certain regions are reached

    - reeinforcements are now controllable on the battlefield
    - Different Bodyguards for several Heroes
    - ancillary/trait changes
    - public baths/aqueduct for elves deleted
    - archers sligthly weakened
    - some interface changes
    - a few new animations
    - slightly changed missions rewards
    - darker nights
    - campaign and battle map balance changes
    - some recruitment changes
    - more little things...

    Bug Fixes

    - Evil factions won't die because lack of family members
    - several unit model fixes
    - Grishnak battle model fixed
    - (hopefully) all unplayable battle maps fixed
    - many more little things

    Special thanks and credits

    bilwit - for the new hero models and the superb texturing
    MasterBigAB - for all his support and the awesome in-game videos
    Germanicu5 - for his new Battle AI
    gracul - for some tips and help
    NSFW - for his hints, tips and research about the sudden death of evil factions
    HGLordKoal - for telling me the reeinforcement feature was missing

    Twist of Cain - for inspiring me to change the orcish castles

    Please give some rep to those guys!

    Thank you all for your support and your help!

    Download Links (Thanks to the The Holy Pilgrim for this mirror)

    - Requirement is an installed Third Age - Total War 1.3.

    - Install TATW_1.4_Patch.exe into the default 'Medievall II Total' War directory.
    (Normally this is: 'Programs/SEGA/Medieval II Total War')
    If you have installed Medieval II into another folder, please select the folder manually.

    - Start the mod with the 'Third Age - Total War' shortcut on your desktop

    And happy new year everyone!!!

    ***** Changelog for Bugfixer 1.4.1:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    !!!Please note that the Bugfixer is save-game compatible, but some changes (i.e two possible crash reasons in the early Ai turns) will only work with a new campaign !!!

    !!!Also note that this bugfixer works only with a clean 1.4 installation, it is (obviously) not compatible with most sub-mods. !!!

    #possible crash with Silvan Elves AI fixed
    #possible crash with Rhun AI fixed
    #missing win conditions fixed
    #missing "end turn" sound for Gondor
    #duplicated Dunedain Ranger unit
    #missing imrahil portrait
    #faramir's missing sword
    #mising unit cards for some Bodyguard units
    #wrong texture of Uruk pikes
    #wrong texture of Eldar Lancers secondary weapon
    #wrong texture of Mountain Troll hands
    #troll cages can no longer be build without the "troll" resource
    #some family tree age corrections
    #no more chivalry for joining crusades
    #accepting Aragorn can not give Aragorn bad traits

    Other little changes:

    #family trees extended (should prevent even more that evil faction can suddenly die)
    #Half-Men and Hasharii improved
    #some small unit stats changes
    #some campaign script changes
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    Default Re: Third Age - Total War 1.0 Released!


    EDIT: Thank you TA:TW team for this mod

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    Cool! Thanks KK!
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    Niiiice Thank you very much!

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    Wow you had to release when my pc is broke

    Congrats team

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    Thanks KK, downloading!

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    Downloading now!

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    Downloading!! and congratulations again!

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    downloading now

    commenting later xD
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    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great, I'll start downloading immediately!

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    Wow, faster than I thought! Excellent job, KK!

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    And so we all now gather
    At the Breaking of the world
    Men and all
    Why is it?
    We seek the end
    To see what lies
    Beyond the glass
    The doors of night
    Defeated with shining light

    Because we seek to gather
    To see what lies beyond
    To say we fought
    At the breaking of the world

    And when all is shattered
    And you see it
    What shall you say?
    What is it that you will have seen?
    Things glorious
    You shall fall to your knees

    For it is a thing of men
    To fight at the bleakest times
    For who now can stand against the encroaching dark
    Tell me now
    Who was it that broke the world this way?

    It was the hearts of Men
    So easy to fall
    Deep down unto the Fray

    For they say
    Now fight, fight on my friends
    Now is the time
    Do not falter
    Do not fear
    The light is hear

    What now shall await you?
    Beyond your Greatest Fear?


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    THANK YOU ! ! !

    Hwt w d in re lffc hlori in anu wicnes.

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    Whooo! Finally!! Thx a lot, just made my day

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    yay thx

    lolz 1,4 gb, that will take a while
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    (20 minutes remaining on both parts )

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