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Thread: Return of ATG Spartans

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    Default Return of ATG Spartans v1.2 -Updated 7/22/06

    For those of you that don't know, I made a spartan hoplite mod some time ago. I made it during the days when we had no access to the 3D models; only the textures. I wasn't pleased with my original spartans so I started to work on a new model shortly after (thx to Vercingetorix). I was about 50% complete with my new mod before I decided to take a break from RTW and let the patches and mods progress.

    Well its been about 7 months and thanks to the Extended Greek Mod (and other mods as well) I am once again back into RTW and need a good spartan hoplite to lead Greece to victory So I decided to finally complete my original mod.

    These are a new custom models with custom textures based on the official spartan model addon released by CA. I have spent many hours tweaking the model and textures. I even made sure the different LOD models offer a smooth transition between zoom levels. I hope that all the time I've spent on these models is evident when you try them out.

    UPDATED 7/22/06

    New in version 1.2:
    -Corrected a serious bug with the auto-patcher. Now works perfectly.
    -Added sprites for each model.
    -Converted readme file back to .rtf format from html to avoid copy and paste errors for manual install instructions.

    New in version 1.1:
    -Added new Bronze Spartan variant
    -Added gloss maps for all variants
    -New installer that has an option to be fully automated; it will place the models and textures in their proper locations as well as make all the necessary entries to the proper data files so no text editing is required. When you uninstall, the models and textures are removed and all modifications that were made to the data files will be changed back to their default (vanilla) settings. Refer to the readme file for more details.

    This is the final update to my Spartans. Time to move on to other projects....

    ATG's Spartan Pack v1.2

    Includes 4 Spartan variants:
    - Horizontal Plume (HP)
    - Vertical Plume (VP)
    - Red Spartan
    - Bronze Spartan

    Each variant has a custom Unit and Unit Info cards. Also, each variant has 4 different LOD models (High, Med, Low and Very Low) to be framerate friendly. I also gave each unit a Kopis sword; its nothing special...I just tweaked the default sword and added an alpha channel but it looks great in the game. Lastly, all units have gloss maps for those that turn reflections on and sprites for each model.

    Here are the final renders of my Spartans:

    Status: Complete.

    Download Links:
    TWC Downloads Section


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    Good god, ATG!!!

    I was starting to think you were dead or something :lol

    The new model looks beyond excellent. Good job and good luck on the late spartan

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    ATG BLOODY AWESOME. i agree man CA's spartans arent the best

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    hi ATG,
    i remember when i've seen that picture(A version) , that was in 95 and it was- " Warfare in the Classical world" by John Warry(drawnings by Jeff Burn, Peter Sarson,Tony Bryan), of the best ilustrated books i know...
    so ATG , i use Your previous model with my version of shield, its really good, if You plan to release A version soon, i will be waiting for that,
    greetings !

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    Very good man, those skins really stand out.

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    man those are good... shames most of the spartans available.... espcially CAs hhehe
    Former Skinner/Modeller for EB Former Skinner/Modeller for Hegemonia

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    This is my first post, but I've been lurking for about 8 months.

    These are truly amazing ATG, some of the best I've seen. I look forward to their release. One quick suggestion though: would it be possible for you to release 2 versions, one with a vertical plume and one with a transverse? I'm just a stickler for little details like that.

    If it's too much extra work then it's no problem.

    EDIT : I don't know how I didn't see that 2nd pic with the vertical plume.

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    Hi Cyber Ice X,

    were have you been all this time. I was begging and plaeing for somebody to make that spartans on the second pic you posted. Finally hadès heard my crying and we both tried to make it. This is the result:

    (look for my last post).

    Seing your first work I'm pretty sure you can do it better, at least the texture. Hadès said he got much work in his real life, so maybe you could enhance the model and/or the texture. Feel free to change it.... *wink* (hadès, I hope you don't mind ^^)
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    I like the model - the shield could use a little touch up but the body and the cape is fantastic. You should contact DimeBagHo about getting it into the Extended Greek Mod. ATM some Spartans I made are being used, but I'm sure he'd be glad to include yours as an option as well.

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    Originally posted by GODzilla@May 14 2005, 02:57 PM
    (hadès, I hope you don't mind ^^)
    that's not a problem

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    Holy Great Mother Of God :w00t

    Awesome spartans there ATG !!

    Keep it up

    Can't wait

    PH34R T3H M0NK3HH !!

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    Excellent work. I'm eagerly awaiting the release.

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    I love John Warry's book. Awesome stuff.


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    Man make some more!

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    Thanks for all the nice comments.

    Work is progressing well....
    I've been working all night on a vertical plume helmet for my spartans:

    I'll post more info tomorrow (today) after some sleep....

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    Great job :shocked

    " Tell Them In Sparta " That we obeyed our orders to the last man

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    i hope you do a regular new hoplite as well, are you going to release these one by one or all at once?

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    Thanks for making a vertical plumed version. These hoplites should be amazing when done, I can't wait!

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