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    Quote Originally Posted by Alwyn View Post
    In case it helps - as far as I know, there are three ways to activate mods for Empire Total War, I explained them in this post. I have been able to play large mods which have a launcher (Sturm und Drang and Empire Total Factions) with additional mods by opening the additional mods in Pack File Manager and changing their type from 'mod' to 'movie'. (Movie files are loaded automatically without needing a mod manager). However, I do not know whether that would work when using NTWIII and this mod - it could cause the game to crash. Good luck!
    It worked! Thank you so much.

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    still cant understand how this works pls do a step by step guide with pics or better with video
    ull get

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    Hhi guys. Thanks for the larger fonts, it helps. However I have a big issue with the text being blurry! Yes I made it bigger but it remains too blurry and it's super tiring for the eyes.. Can someone offer a solutions for this. I am using a laptop 17" screen. I tried all the different settings in the graphics of the game but it didn't fix the issue. I also enabled higher graphics by changing the relevant script but again the issue is not fixed. There must be something else.. Thanks.

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    Just log to say thank you for the font size !

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