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Thread: EB-Twitter updates Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by NapoleonMaster View Post
    I like the new unit and what are their actual horses meant to be?
    They're supposed to be half-barded. We don't yet have a model for them, so they got unarmoured Sakan horses instead.

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    Merry Sakamess

    Great units, thanks for previews!

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    I'm digging the new Mazsaka heavy cavalry. They look fantastic in their suits of armor, with scale, lamellar, brigandine, and even manica/cheires varieties going on there. I find that the heavy cavalry from the steppe is usually the best in the game, especially the bodyguard units for the Scythians and Parthians who can shoot you to pieces from afar and follow it up with an equally devastating heavy charge. The Scythian nobles are also a great regional unit available to various factions.

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    maybe a good reason to hire heavy javelincav
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    Learn. I didn't know how to do anything when I got this game, and now I know how to do quite a bit. Volunteer. Struggle. Figure it out.
    There are lots of cool mods that never see the light of day because people don't realize that mods need workers, not watchers, or realize it but continue to watch anyway.

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    Blessed are those that preview new units.
    I recommend a pugio rather than a spear, because in close quarters combat, a dagger will serve you better than a spear.

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