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Thread: Empire Mod Questions & Recommendations

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    Default Re: Patches, mods worth getting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sardonicus View Post
    Be careful, mods ALWAYS CTD for me.
    You sure this is a mod problem? There have been reports that installing the latest NVidia drivers can cause crashes with ETW.

    Strangely enough, mods work fine for most people

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    Default Re: Kneeling Mod

    thanks for the post oby. i did a quick battle with one of the kneeling units and a unit of line infantry set up right behind them and whenever the second and third ranks of my line infantry fire, i end up killing four or five of the kneeling infantry per volley. is anyone else having this problem? other than that, great mod man.

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    Default Re: Kneeling Mod

    ...I don't know why is that must be something with projectiles...anyway try to use volley firing unit behind and casulties will be minimal...

    ...I just couldn't resist to post some more screenshots...this is improved version of kneel unit...
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    Default Re: Kneeling Mod

    this looks excellent,adding the aesthetic to the field and tatics that has been sorely missed thus far from the game.Now if only we can get a single unit to use this style of fire....

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    Default Re: Kneeling Mod

    hi. i can't open your file with Packfilemanager ( it's possible to change to Patch file ?). i'he got Error message ! help , please.

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    Default Re: Kneeling Mod

    ...I've made some improvements to previous it looks even better


    ...try to play custom battle with a unit of regular infantry and a KL-infantry unit against one AI charging unit...line your army and put fire at-will on...wait till they came in fire range and watch... (or maybe you want them closer...a colonel of the british army said: ...WAIT untill you don't see white in their eyes,THEN FIRE...)
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    Default Re: Kneeling Mod

    i just tried a bunch of skirmishes with different infantry units behind the kneeling unit and im still taking way too many casualties from my own guys. the only way i dont shoot my own guys is if i place them among the second rank of the line infantry lol. anyone having the same problem?

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    Default Re: Kneeling Mod

    I think unfortunately that may just be a "feature" of ETW. Units do not aim AT the enemy they are shooting at, they aim TOWARDS them. And I am fairly convinced they do not aim individually, but as a group. And they do not aim at their whole enemy, merely what is in range first.

    So for instance this is why you will see whole volleys being shot way way over the heads of approaching enemies (far too much to be explained by the idea line infantry usually aimed high... i doubt CA cared that much about realism with all the other questionable things they added...), or cannons shooting directly into their own men, or trying to shoot through hills.

    This also explains why units will fire at only the edge of a unit if that edge is within range, and why only part of a unit will fire because part of that unit is in range or only part of that unit is within the "firing arc."

    The only suggestion I have is to try and get your infantry on the flattest plane possible so as to minimize them firing at odd angles, since units in ETW have and odd representation of friendly fire... sometimes they wont fire no matter what you tell them, and sometimes they slaughter your own troops willy nilly.

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    Default Re: Kneeling Mod

    ...I totaly agree...ETW is far from being perfect simulation of 18th century warfare but it's the best what we have at the moment...the idea and concept of the game are very good,but realisation is different story...

    ...Foyer look at my screen...I lined up regular infantry with volley fire drill behind casulties from friendly fire in first rank after both units fired...but yes, kneel-mod must be used on flat terrain...
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    Default Re: Kneeling Mod

    Nice idea and realisation

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    Default Re: Kneeling Mod

    will they fire ok if ur on the slope of a hill shooting down?

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    Default Does anyone know what unit this mod is from?

    I'm scratching my brain over where this unit came from and it's not from any of the other mods I have installed. My version is up to date along with drivers as well. Clean install of Empire.

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    Default Re: Does anyone know what unit this mod is from?

    "ToonTotalWar's - Continental, British, Hessian, Spanish, French and Indian Armies mods for American Revolution"

    Brunswick Dragoons
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    Default Re: Does anyone know what unit this mod is from?

    Ya need to sort ya graphics card out matey!!!
    The NEW reskinned version by gary from my original units are available on front page today!!! what you waiting for, go download!!!!

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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations Here

    I found some some more, that I am looking forward to coming out.

    WWI Mod

    Modern War Mod
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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations Here

    I demand that their be an undertaking to make the amount's of money made more realistic! One example is that it costs 1,500,000 gold to build a Great Opera building! Whilst that country's average economic output is around 5,000,000 per year!

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    Default Morocco

    Hey, does anybody know of a mod that fleshes out Morocco's unit roster? i really want to play as them, but they have a.... disappointing unit roster, to say the least. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations Here

    Merged mod recommendation threads.

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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations Here

    How about a new time period level. The already have early and late periods for custom battles but how about a new period afterwards which includes Napoleonic units only. I know there are many mods on the way for the Napoleonic period like NTW3 but think about it. You could have early, late and Napoleonic. All Napoleonic units, flags, weapons.......
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    Default Re: Mod Recommendations Here

    I don't think anyone has mentioned it (if they have, sorry) - How about a ZULU mod???
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    here:BetterMusicMod& here:SharpeThemeMod
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