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Thread: >>>DOWNLOAD<<< DarthMod Empire Commander 7.0+ (DM)

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    Icon2 >>>DOWNLOAD<<< DarthMod Empire Commander 7.0+ (DM)

    ETW Mod of the Year!

    This is the best mod for Empire: Total War as reviewed by thousands of fans.
    There are two versions:
    DarthMod Empire (DM)
    is closer to vanilla and improves the Gameplay & AI.
    DarthMod Ultimate Commander (DMUC), in addition, includes
    hundreds of new units,
    dozens of graphics & sound mods
    and many selectable gameplay features.
    Witness now... Empire: Total War
    as the game it should have been... from the beginning.

    The recommended difficulty levels are as follows:
    Normal Battle / Hard Campaign (The best compromise)
    Normal Battle / Very Hard Campaign (The most challenging without headaches about the battle bonuses of AI)

    -If you play Normal Campaign difficulty you will notice that the CAI will be the most reasonable but also the most passive. Play that if you find too aggressive the above mentioned.
    -The maximum battle difficulty should be Hard. In Hard battle difficulty the land battles play maybe the best but the naval (hard coded) bonuses make the naval battles against AI somewhat uneven. Very hard difficulty level should be avoided because it gives too many bonuses to BAI and it becomes an obvious and frustrating cheat.


    • This is the original version of DarthMod Empire and the only one capable to use for Multiplayer.
    • It has an easy installer: Use the default installation path or browse according to where you have installed your Empire Total War.
      More info HERE.
    • Also now it has its own simple launcher to help you play and repair it when necessary.

    • Download locations
      Mirror #1 (TWCenter)
      Mirror #2 (Modsaholic)

    Also you can download the below enhanced version of the mod

    • This is the original full version of DarthMod Empire + many extra mods + powerful installer/uninstaller/game launcher created by hip63. Everything is included and more!
    • It has an easy installer so no need for special installation instructions.
    • Download locations:
      Link to central DMUC thread

    Ultra Synoptic Details
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    -DM and DMUC are compatible with the latest CA Patch 1.6, all DLC, including the WarPath campaign.
    -DM and DMUC have increased unit sizes which vary per faction and unit type, creating a challenge for a true Strategist, as the game becomes a real battle simulation with thousands of troops!
    -DM and DMUC include:

    • Optimized Land battle system (Musket lethal in short range but not in long range, extra balance for all units per faction, penetration and havoc in melees, powerful cavalry, more difficult AI by indirect methods and more)

    • Optimized Naval battle system (Ships turn and handle realistically, each faction has a special battle character, realistic tactical battle AI by indirect methods and more)

    • Optimized Campaign AI (More reasonable diplomacy, energetic usage of armies and fleets, unique AI character for each country and generally more challenge)

    Synoptic Differences between the versions:

    -DM is recommended for those who want a mod that is not changing radically vanilla but is improving its gameplay.
    -DMUC includes the maximum of features and it is a complete overhaul. It has countless new units, generally about 100 included graphics & sound submods as well as more optional gameplay features. For more information read Link to central DMUC thread.

    History of changes
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Follow this link to read it.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Creative Assembly for giving us the successful patch 1.6 which finally put some order to the game.
    Lee Cowen "Creative Assembly Senior Games Programmer" for giving me valuable tips.
    hip63 for the excellent collaboration, for the creation of DMUC and for being the ultimate commander modder of DarthMod.
    LtChampers, taw, Alpaca and all who have helped to create the DBEditor and PFM tools.
    Tango12345for helping every user of DarthMod Empire whenever he can.
    Mech_Donald, Spanky, jarnomiedema, Ftmch, Sir Digby Chicken Caesar # for their graphics & sounds mods included in DarthMod Empire.
    Zowrath for the very helpful ideas which gave me innovation for CAI developments and also for his unit and animation mods.
    elianus, Hofan and Lordsith for the valuable help they provided for the special animations of DarthMod.
    yanxu, Primergy, Xwhyzed for their animation mods.
    Xwhyzed again for his special all around help.
    Alhoon for his always helpful feedback.
    shokh for the very helpful feedback/tips about the last version of the mod 6,95.
    Argent Usher old artist of DarthMod, creator of the first official artwork.
    Voice of Treason continuously evolving artist of DarthMod, creator of many artwork and themes.
    diadok for the epic screenshots he usually gives en mass (And of course all the others who keep feeding with nice screenshots).
    Isabelxxx for the all around good help in past versions of the mod.
    HusserlTW for his help in the new starting positions of DarthMod.
    Nanny for the fine promotion videos and his volunteering spirit.
    Swiss Halberdier for being super helpful and willing to collaborate in adapting his mod and other mods to DMUC.
    Luntik for the inspiration he has given to nullify some charge parameters which create melee bug.
    Tharoth for maintaining the sub mod section of DarthMod Empire.
    Don of Atheos, for helping me to moderate my forum at its early stages (Also thanks to Anbar and Rammstein).
    LaDeDaBrigadier Graham, for the all around collaboration and true support for my modding efforts.
    yelowdogg23, Pizza de Oveja for creating extra DarthMod signatures.
    NogaOsibisa for giving me the idea to create the Commander Edition of DarthMod.
    I-R-Cannonfodder & JCR for the research they have offered me about wind speed and sail degrees (then I implemented to the mod).
    billydilly, JFC for some early forum screen splash screens.
    Midknight for helping me to optimize the reload rates of the mod at its early stages.
    Bythesword, Thorn for helping me to balance the Musket Lethality at the early stages of the mod.
    You ...the fans who give me all the feedback I need.

    Extra credits for the new formation files:
    for his always helpful mod tools and his collaborating spirit
    The Hedge Knight for helping taw and for all around help
    HusserlTW for his modified Napoleon PFM with which I pack/unpack the formations

    Also extra-super-special thanks to:
    hammeredalways, Syntax, No0dle, Tango12345, diadok for the invaluable help in the forum and for giving me the honour to collaborate with them.
    Humble Warrior, FedeM, alhoon, CamilleBonparte, Marku for participating actively and helpfully in the beta testing procedure of the gold edition of the mod, version 6.0.
    I also thank the rest of the beta testers who offered to help at the early stage of the beta.

    And finally a big thanks to all the people mentioned in the DMUC credit list (except me):
    DarthMod Empire 7.0 by Darth Vader
    Garrison Units by Darth Vader
    DMUC Ultimate Campaign by Shakyrivers / HusserITW / hip63
    DMUC Ultimate Late Campaign by HusserITW / hip63
    Uprising Campaign by HusserITW / hip63 (based on Warpath DLC)
    All Factions Playable Custom Campaign by HusserITW / hip63
    Proper Militia Mod by spanky
    Smoke and Blood Mod by mech donald
    Sweden Retexture by Ftmch
    United Provinces Retexture by jarnomiedema
    United States Retexture by ToonTotalWar
    Denmark Retexture by erasmus777
    Austrian Retexture by Remo
    Prussian Retexture by Remo
    Ottoman Retexture by Remo
    British Retexture by LegoFingers / Sir Digby Chicken Caesar / ToonTotalWar
    Potugal Retexture by Ranger86
    Polish Retexture by Smatussek1
    Bavaria Retexture by General Cornwallis
    German States Retexture by Pom
    Genoa Retexture by Cornwallis
    Papal States Retexture by Cornwallis
    Piedmont Savoy Retexture by Cornwallis
    Westphalia Retexture by Cornwallis
    French Retexture by Cornwallis / Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
    Spanish Retexture by manormars
    Russian Retexture by Hellfire
    Venice Units Retextures by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
    Knights of Saint John Units Retextures by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
    Hungarian Units Retextures by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
    Naples/Sicily Units Retextures by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
    Württemberg Retextures by Nimrod_1971
    Additional Spanish Units by Rhevant
    Additional Prussian Units by gary
    Additional Austrian Units by Pressuen Gloria
    Additional Swedish Units by Pressuen Gloria
    Additional Ancien Regime Units (France and Spain) by isilendil
    Additional United Provinces Units by jarnomiedema / Okuto
    Additional Greek Units by Demis14 / HusserITW / Greek Mod Team
    Additional German Units by Pom
    Additional Ornamentum Units (Various Factions) by Danova
    Additional Northern War Units (Sweden and Russia) by Danova
    Euro Armed Citizenry by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
    Unit Animations Mods by tiyafeh
    UPC Localization by applelover and Swiss Halberdier
    GUI Font Sizes by Just
    DMUC Introduction Movie by The Nanny
    Events Period Art by jarnomiedema
    Campaign Map City Graphics by jarnomiedema
    Ancillary Period Art by jarnomiedema
    Character Period Art by jarnomiedema
    Historical Mini-Maps by jarnomiedema
    Period Portraits by Onkel Tuca / Yoram777
    Improved Spring and Summer Grass for Battles by Primergy
    Improved Building Textures for Battles by KillZone GB
    Semi-Transperant HUD for Campaign Map by KillZone GB
    Family Tree Mod by GeorgiaPeanuts / Umberto202
    USA Faction Custom Battles by Demokritos / hip63
    Euro Faction Custom Battles by Demokritos / hip63
    Eastern Faction Custom Battles by Demokritos / hip63
    Pipmod by waronmars
    DMUC Launcher by hip63
    DMUC Menu Movies by hip63 / CA
    DMUC Launcher Art by Voice Of Treason
    DMUC Installer Art by Voice Of Treason
    DMUC Loading Screen Art by Voice Of Treason
    DMUC Version of AUM Mod by Swiss Halberdier/hip63/Darth Vader
    DMUC Unlocked Factions for Custom Battles by hip63
    Equipment Tweak Mod by erasmus777
    Empire Total Flags by JFC
    Sgt Mellin's Sound Mod by Sgt Mellin
    Atmospheric Sounds by Pisoiasul
    Realism Sound Pack Mod by Gerald Duval
    Fixed Headwear Mod by Ahiga
    Cross Straps Mod by Ahiga
    Bearskin Officers by DoomBunny666
    Music Overhaul Mod by La-De-Da Brigadier Graham
    Drum and Fife Music by Hollowfaith
    Gun Ports Mod by jarnomiedema
    Sealord Lite Mod by Bladerunner
    Selectable Modified Deployment Zones by Baron von Beer
    Selectable Technology Tree Research Rates by Isabelxxx
    Selectable Blue Skies Mod by adiuvat
    Selectable No Borders Mods by Isabelxxx
    Selectable Warpath Models for GC by Ftmch
    Selectable No Forts Mod by Santini
    Selectable Leather HUD by manonmars
    Selectable Transparent HUB by KillZoneGB
    Selectable Grenades Mod by hip63
    Selectable 2, 3 or 4 Turns Per Year by hip63
    Selectable Artillery Mods by Tharoth / Topcat / hip63

    Thank you for playing this product of the combined hard work of modders and fans of Total War series.

    Featured Reviews
    Humble Warrior's DM / DMUC 6.0 Review
    Review DMUC 6.0 by Mandelus
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    Default Re: >>>DOWNLOAD<<< DarthMod Empire Commander v6.95 (DM)

    The new DM 6,95 is now available. Moddb will have it authorised during this day. DMUC 6,95 will follow next.

    Special new in version 6,95

    • AI ships should manoeuvre more efficiently.
    • CAI composition of armies and navies should be better.
    • CAI Lite campaign handicaps were working the opposite (!) so I made them to work as intended. You should now notice insane difficulty in Hard modes and above. Thanks to shokh for the very helpful feedback about this.

    Note: The gameplay of 6,95 maybe different/better comparing to the unofficial DMUC 7,0 that few people have, because it was a beta version not finally tested by me.

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    Default Re: >>>DOWNLOAD<<< DarthMod Empire Commander 7.0 (DM)

    Now DarthMod Empire Commander has its own launcher to use.
    This version of the mod is the only capable to be used for multiplayer.

    Special new in version 7,0
    • New melee mechanics for more intense battles and better animation visuals.
    • Fatigue affects more the troops.
    • New battle animation entities: The Native American is swift, strong and quick. The melee man is heavy and stronger. These battle animation entities are enabled for many relevant troop types.
    • Morale revamped so that Artillery and Small arms fire have more impact and several other parameters create a more dynamic system.
    • Infantry walk and run speed are increased and also are balanced accordingly other parameters to create realistic movements. Cavalry walk speed is also increased so that it can manoeuvre much more easily.
    • Now the cannon trails are also not visual.
    • Lancers have more anti-cavalry bonus to make them more resistant against cavalry opponents.
    • Mass tweaked so melee penetrations are more evident especially those of Cavalry charges.
    • Some diplomacy optimisation changes.
    • Now the CAI will research technology much faster, especially army technologies such as Bayonet improvements.
    • All ships can now trade although because of the upkeep costs the more specialised will produce more profit. This was done to encourage CAI to trade more and build super fleets.
    • Income of minor factions is not so much favoured so that the bigger nations finally prevail. This should affect some countries that have difficulties in expanding such as Spain and Netherlands.
    • Troop realistic movement rates improved more.
    • Weak and cheap trade ships (Indiamen, Dhow, lugger) are removed from the campaign unit roster because the CAI insists on recruiting them and to wander around with them. Now the CAI will truly build powerful navies. (For compensation the trade income is slightly increased).
    • Mortars have smaller range but can also fire closer to them. Now they are a better close support artillery which is more vulnerable to Cannons and Howitzers. (Not yet available to this beta)
    • Trade and alliance agreements have more effect so the CAI honours them more.
    • Various CAI changes to make the CAI help more the allies and also to balance regional development vs army technology management.

      The new formations

      The new Darth Formations encourage AI battalion type attacks (reserve system) and also:
      • The AI should attack now in full unison.
      • The AI should lethally flank.
      • The AI light infantry is more dangerous.
      • The AI artillery is located in a powerful battery which unleashes devastating concentrated barrages to the human player.
      • AI general is always careful and not suicidal.
      • Cavalry attacks are better coordinated.
      • No big gaps between units (now they create one long thin line of musketry per group and per formation).
      • Attack and defend offsets are improved so that the AI properly times the assault and muskets more.
      • There are various micro-adjustments to each formation.
      • The official Indian, Native American, Ottoman formations are no longer used because they were not working correctly.
      • AI naval formations should interact better.
      • The AI siege and river battles should play better.

    ***The file must first be authorised by***

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    Default Re: >>>DOWNLOAD<<< DarthMod Empire Commander 7.0+ (DM)

    Hotfixes in version 7,0+
    • All ships have trade ability as they should (DM).
    • All Greek Ships have trade ability as they should (DMUC).
    • Scripts repaired to work for all user systems (DMUC).

    Moddb must authorise the file again... wake them up!

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