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Thread: (OLD GIGA THREAD) In less than 2 weeks around 190.000 views and 2000 replies.

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    Default (OLD GIGA THREAD) In less than 2 weeks around 190.000 views and 2000 replies.


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    It is in a "darthmod.pack". Compatible with the latest CA Patch 30/3/2009

    Some extra things:
    Any mod work I do, I do it firstly for my amusement, then to share it with all of you. Everybody can use part of my modifications or all to his own mod, but has to mention if it is unmodded or he has altered it per his own taste.
    Whenever I have used other's work, I always gave credits (See my past DarthMods). I expect the same from everybody else... for the sake of good will.

    2nd Notice:
    I have been receiving recently many PM about "How do you do this.... how do you mod that.... how do I install.... how do I play .... how do I press a button... ?"
    These will be ignored and I hope you can understand the reason. Post here and the massed feedback is more than enough. Better I might say from any kind of lecture I may had the time to offer individually.

    I need some help:
    Can someone fix an intro screen for DarthMod? It has to mention DarthMod Empire NOT the version! Any help will be appreciated.

    Installation Instructions (By ColdFire&Scivian)

    Download the file linked in the first post
    1. Unzip the file using a program such as WinRar, which can be downloaded from here
    2. Copy the subfolders into the location described in the name of the two main folders, this may trigger a merge folder pop-up (depends on OS), click yes

    The in depth location for the script is,
    VISTA C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts, or,
    XP C:\Documents and Settings\(Your User Name Here)\Application Data\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts, possible variation between OS's, but from appdata onwards it will all be the same.


    Lee Cowen "Creative Assemply Senior Games Programmer" for giving me valuable tips.
    LtChampers and all who have helped him to create his masterpiece tool.
    I-R-Cannonfodder & JCR for the research they have offered me about wind speed and sail degrees (then I implemented to the mod).
    billydilly for the forum screen banner.
    You ...the fans who give me all the feedback I need.


    I will write later a most comprehensive list...

    DarthMod Empire 0,7 includes:

    -Optimized Land battle system (Musket lethal in short range but not in long range, Extra balance for all units per faction, more difficult AI by indirect methods etc.)
    -Optimized Naval battle system (Ships turn and handle realistically, each faction has a special battle character, realistic tactical battle AI from indirect methodsetc.)
    -Better Campaign AI (More aggressive AI, Better decisioning in land invasions, better Naval AI blockades, better Alliance group wars etc.)

    • To understand that you have DarthMod installed watch a line infantry to have 110 range.
    • I suggest Hard/Hard difficulty setting for optimal challenge.


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    This is a list of what is mainly included, according to the feedback I had from the community and my own experience:

    Because I have no energetic forum (yet) for Empire Total War, I would like everybody who know my work to come also here and report any inconsistencies they trace. Gameplay inconsistencies, AI mishappens, balance issues ... no bugs and graphics issues. These will be used later to target specific areas of the open code and then hopefully destroy them.

    I report here mine and I will add later yours:
    I make as BOLD these of Top Priority.
    Those in RED means that are fixed according to my claim.
    Those in RED BOLD mean that are fixed according to the Community.

    First wave of fixes are done comparing to Vanilla:

    1. Indians (Native Americans) misbalanced (melee weak+missile strong) (DARTH VADER) Bows and throwing axes + Damage balanced realistically, Melee Increased a little, Speed is better than any other foot unit. Still cannot win easily because the general musket range is increased and they lose too many men by the new Darth efficiency of the musket. In DarthMod Empire 0,2 they are even more historically correct. They try to use hit and run tactics using the woods. I have changed the missile covering parameters and the AI responded. This applies to all units of course. New better balance in DarthMod Empire 0,4.
    2. Square formation bugged (Troops do not fire properly) (DARTH VADER) Seems it has been positively affected by the better cohesion of the units. In DarthMod Empire 0,2 and above I altered the bonus so that cavalry wil not charge at them blindly as before and stop. New responses in DarthMod Empire 0,5 make them even better.
    3. Naval Units endure too much (Some lose completely their wood and do not sink!) (DARTH VADER) Hull strength of ships balanced better. Now critical hits play large role and smaller ships can take bigger part in the battle, by exploiting their advantages of speed and manoeuvrability. In DarthMod Empire 0,2 The Naval Battles are excellent. Try them. There is a penaly for large ranges and a bonus in close ranges so that smaller ships can become real hunters, which can hit the right moment and sink bigger vessels. Of course the bigger ships are powerful as they should but they have their weaknesses. In DarthMod Empire 0,3 the ships have normalised speeds. In DarthMod Empire 0,4 everything feels perfect try it! I have not only normalised the turning rates but also the variance between identical units so that there is a character. Enhanced a little more with DarthMod Empire 0,5. In DarthMod Empire 0,6 you will witness the best naval battles you have seen so far in the game. Using the new number values I discovered I created realism and character for all ships according to their type and the country too. The russians will have less morale, slow and unmanouverable ships but powerful, with strong hull and more crew. The british will have better reload, morale and sailing abilities but lighter hull. The Spanish will have overally strong ships which handle well at low winds but not very quick. The French will achieve easier maximum speed. The Americans will have slightly better accuracy but lighter ships with less maneuverability. A lot to tell here... Play and see!
    4. Indian units (And generally all the irregulars) act too coherently (DARTH VADER) They are not so coherent now, to their advantage.
    5. Nations are kind of passive in normal difficulty and do not attack often (except with navy) (DARTH VADER) This has greatly changed. AI uses too many new priority addons of mine. It will support allied assaults, try to retake a lost province at all costs, fortify to towns and forts, guard the borders, wage wars, raid, blockade.... everything is more lively in the normal difficulty and I would like someone to test to harder ones.
    6. The AI does not use naval landings (Aradiel) I have not tested it yet too much but my target was to improve this. In DarthMod Empire 0,2 and now in DarthMod Empire 0,4, the AI will use its navy much more aggressively but I cannot do anymore... it seems hard coded. You have to test with many turns. Maybe you see some in DarthMod Empire 0,6...
    7. AI refuses to take reasonable offers while beeing in no position to challenge the player (Aradiel, kuruption) It should have changed indirectly because of bigger priorities in military strength weight and so a powerful nation can threaten others more easily.
    8. Some minor states especially Kurland always attack the player (Aradiel) As you see this is a bug from vanilla. The Minor states seem more aggressive.
    9. Protectorates declare war by themselves (Aradiel)
    10. AI is hording armys in cities, does not respond properly to invasions (Aradiel) This is changed a lot as mentioned above. AI will still guard capitals but will sally out in an opportunity, defend or if it calculates it cannot win it will stay to use the bonus of militia. Only then. In DarthMod Empire 0,2, the AI will use all the means of war to destroy the human player, but without cheating. In DarthMod Empire 0,5 the AI will defend better their capitals (OK). In DarthMod Empire 0,6 the AI will be aggressive as much as it is rational (needs testing).
    11. AI Does not properly invade itself, Austria-Poland deadlock (Aradiel) Everything is altered. Total War is spreading with alliance packs. In DarthMod Empire 0,4 and above I made the AI slighly less aggressive.In DarthMod Empire 0,6 allies should be better in helping (needs testing).
    12. Allies hardly ever send assistance (Aradiel) This should have changed. Testing needed. I tried to alter it again in DarthMod Empire 0,4 check it.
    13. AI does not respond to piracy (Aradiel) AI will try to guard trade routes at all costs and energetically try to attack those of the human player. More enhanced in DarthMod Empire 0,2 and above.
    14. Artillery is completely ineffective/inaccurate unless you alter the unitsize to 240+ (Aradiel, Nantok) Artillery range is increased and balanced realistically. Static artillery will still be able to fire across the critical points of a map. Mortars can be shot down. Fort artillery has 100 better range than most artillery so that they can counterfire enemy artillery attack, Only mortars can outshoot them by 50 meters. The game of siege is a far more difficult process now. Remember the siege scene of the "Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day lewis"... artillery will play the biggest part of it.) Artillery is very effective now and balanced.
    15. Technology trade is almost impossible, unless you trade land (Aradiel)
    16. AI is repeating to offer the same deal over and over, or AI is offering to trade 2 or even 3! provinces for 1 (Aradiel) Seems it has been affected by new AI priorities.
    17. Fleets are unbalanced (Aradiel)
    18. Cavalry stopping just before hitting a target (Errabundi)
    19. When turning formations or jumping walls units sometimes go into ultra-run mode (merka) All infantry speeds have been normalised to realistic levels and according to unit. New normalisations of speed in DarthMod Empire 0,2 and DarthMod Empire 0,4....perfect. I need one certain AI file in my hands to optimise it completely, but it is locked.
    20. The "surrender" button when sieging a town is useless. No matter how many units you have and no matter how few they have, they never give up! (helmersen)
    21. Pathfinding problematic in general, especially on bridges and other narrow passages (Argent Usher)
    22. Friendly Line of Fire not working (Argent Usher)
    23. AI priority of attack seems not to work in some occasions (Against artillery for example) (Argent Usher) Everything seems better in DarthMod Empire 0,2 and above due to many balance techniques.
    24. Sometimes AI formations maneuver until they reach 1-2 mtrs ahead of Human Formation and then charge (Normal Difficulty, 1.5 multiplier unit size). (DARTH VADER) Use 1,5 multiplier at your own risk... it messes the AI
    25. Unmounted Dragoons which have lost men, cannot remount and get stuck or behave strangely (DARTH VADER, Lord Willy)
    26. When a special character dies in campaign map (Spy, Gentleman, Priest), he dies endlessly with an annoying sound until you click on the character. Then the message of his death pops up and the tormenting sound stops. (Seems hard coded but I noticed) (DARTH VADER)
    27. Rakes and Gentlemen rarely increase in skill after successfull duels or missions (Nantok)
    28. Hostile armies in your territory will get stuck there when you declare peace, untill you declare war again (Nantok)
    29. AI prioritises your general too highly in battles. Their army will stop what they were doing and run around in circles after him completly oblivious of your army killing them (Nantok) I have not seen this in the end.
    30. Muskets range is very short (DARTH VADER, Nantok) This has changed significantly and realistically. 50%-60% increase of range of all guns is what was needed. Accuracy is affected by distance and it did not need alteration. Units with experience, better accuracy and good reload rate, can now outshoot much bigger armies as they should do. The age of musket is brought back to the game. Witness it. In DarthMod Empire 0,2 I changed completely the battle system. Accuracy is lowered and I added some reload bonuses and penalties. In mix... everything looks realistic. If you liked DarthMod Empire 0,1 then you will be amazed with DarthMod Empire 0,2 and above.
    31. Attacking with a wide formation seem to cause only the men in the middle to fight, while the men on the flanks stand idly (Nantok)
    32. General needs own abilities, like rally troops (Nantok)
    33. Certain factions refuse to trade or ally with you, regardless of how much they like you (Nantok)
    34. Conquering Provinces should be more difficult, not only by taking the capital. (RaduAlexandru) Religion and unrest takes a much bigger part in a province pacification. In my test I finally took France (I played with Britain). How? I sieged it for 4 turns. They attacked with all the militia inside. I won but they still had new militia regenerated! New siege and new battle to win with a lot of casualties. The city is ruined with many damages. My income is depleted and I face bankruptcy. I do not have money to recruit new units and repair my losses. A relieveing french army enters the border. A rebel force is generated at the outskirts of the city. I decide to take an empty star fort outside of the town and abandon the city. Paris is easily taken and the remnant of my forces are sieged by a big and united french army to destroy me completely.... you want more? New enhancements in DarthMod Empire 0,4. New Campaign AI in DarthMod Empire 0,5.
    35. Pirates gone forever if conquered (RaduAlexandru) Not true... Proven False
    36. Troop Units move too fast (DARTH VADER, LordWedggie) As I said above, Speed of units is normalised to realistic levels. This creates not only a better feel but a new challenge for a battle. Optimised in DarthMod Empire 0,2. In DarthMod Empire 0,4 cavalry speed is also normalised.
    37. Ships turning rate too high (DARTH VADER, LordWedggie) In DarthMod Empire 0,4 everything normalised. It was hidden in stats with a very complex way. Try a Naval battle in DarthMod and you will understand....
    38. AI seems to get bonuses in hard difficulties resulting to big endurance and premature charges (DARTH VADER, LordWedggie)
    39. Laser bullet, arrow, cannonball trays are annoying and must be eradicated (DARTH VADER) I leave them for now because they help me to observe the trajectories of the bullets and mod the guns better.
    40. Religion should play more vital role (kuruption)
    41. Leaders are immune to assasination attempts (kuruption)
    42. Cavalry pathfinding is problematic (kuruption)
    43. There should be better variance of reload times between troop types (Remo) I have done this for many troop types and will do more later. For example native americans cannot reload too fast. In DarthMod Empire 0,4 this has been addressed and optimised.
    44. Ammunition should be lowered to get more critical. (Nantok) Not a chance...DarthMod Empire is based on musket fire and ammo is very crucial as it is now.
    45. Troops delay to fire too much (Angel) It has changed due to better cohesion of Line infantry. The concentration of firepower is easily calculated and is devastating as it was historically. In DarthMod Empire 0,5 I altered the delays of troops. I am not sure 100% if this is done but everything seems right... check it!
    46. Crimean tatars use cossack infantry instead of mass of tatar cavalry (InfUA)
    47. Fleet formation gets disorganised for no apparent reason (Alone Elf) This should have beein fixed a lot in DarthMod Empire 0,4 due to new speeds and turning rates of ships.
    48. Ships get stuck at edge of map (rebirthofman) I have not seen this... too rare
    49. Rain not affecting guns (Marine Hoplite, LEGIO_Desaix)
    50. Peace offers not given by AI (Otherside) It should have changed. Needs testing.
    51. Artillery not protected in battle by AI (aus-rotten) This has changed a lot in DarthMod Empire 0,3 and above by side effects.
    52. There is need of a limit of general unit raise number (Xtiaan72) There is already.
    53. AI uses almost every time solid shots and seldom or never boards ships (njk) In DarthMod Empire 0,4 you will notice energetic naval AI boarding.
    54. Artillery crew seems to leave their guns after melee and have to be manually placed there again (Marine Hoplite)
    55. Early artillery unit are wrongly static (
    56. AI sees human hidden units (Marine Hoplite)
    57. Artillery stats almost the same (Ziem) Artillery has different range according to ammo in DarthMod Empire 0,4. Howitzer and Mortar ranges altered as well (thanks to feedback of the mega thread).
    58. Some units are too weak (DARTH VADER) East, Ottoman, Russian Indian units are now bigger and have lower cost. They can raise large armies who compensate the lack of efficiency with big numbers.
    59. Flanking not clearly a better battle option (DARTH VADER) Now any kind of rear or flank attack will have a devastating effect, to a realistic level. A good general from a bad one can finally be distinguished. In DarthMod Empire 0,4 it is slightly more enhanced.
    60. Units should gain experience a little bit faster. At the moment it is nearly impossible to get +6 level units. (herb0815) This has been addressed indirectly. In DarthMod Empire 0,5 I made it easier to gain experience. I think it was too high in demand after 3 chevrons.
    61. Units have some imbalance (DARTH VADER) In DarthMod Empire 0,3 I have started to work in this in some sectors. In DarthMod Empire 0,4 all line infantry are special according to faction. Not too much but enough to give a character. Many other balance stat modifications have occured. In DarthMod Empire 0,45 I made a slight balance change to 3-4 units (Hessian Infantry, American Infantry and some dragoons).
    62. Galleys are ruidiculously powerful (MrMeris) I will correct it in next version as per Lowlander's suggestion... thanks! Corrected in DarthMod Empire 0,4.
    63. Auto calculation of map battles needs to be balanced better (I lost him in this gigantic thread...sorry I just remembered)
    64. Campaign difficulty handicaps cause unrest to the TW community (DARTH VADER) In DarthMod Empire 0,4 all handicaps are eliminated. Still the difficulty seems to vary.
    65. Reload is too high in late technology (Zowrath) Fixed in DarthMod Empire 0,5.
    66. Ships must not be able to sail against the wind (Thomas_Kenobi&Tanyrhiew) Fixed in DarthMod Empire 0,6. I understood how to change this according to degrees. (this and the the ship turning rates numbers must be reported to LtChampers to fix the rows in the unpacker... I have no time but I will inform him later)
    67. Chain and Grape Shots must become more effective (Anbar) Fixed in DarthMod Empire 0,6
    68. BAI often interesects its units in the center (Various) improved in DarthMod Empire 0,6 (Needs testing)
    69. Fluyt hull strength must be decreased to be lower than an average frigate (JaM) Fixed in DarthMod Empire 0,6
    70. Morale penalties for each shot (Naval battles) should last longer (Thomas_Kenobi)

    Also a lot of other minor adjustments are included. I will continue... Δάρτης/Darth

    DarthMod 0,7 Ready

    Read the below post of LowLander for updated FAQ
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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Please read LazyKnight's Q&A below before posting any questions about the mod and it's installation/compatibility or CTD issues.

    From LazyKnight:

    ok, i am doing a quick Q&A so all those questions don't keep getting asked and answered over and over:

    I am getting a CTD, what can i do? / How do I get a "clean" patch.pack?

    Use the Verify Integrity of Game Cache option you find at Steam -> My Games -> ETW/Properties (right click etw Icon) -> Local Files -> Verify...
    This will update your game files, including the patch.pack. it will not overwrite Darth's Mod 0.2 or any other mods that are not using the patch.pack.
    If you are using Mod Manager, try Deleting the user.script_empire.txt (the Mod Manager will create a new one next time you launch it) file found at C:\Documents and Settings\<your User Name>\Application Data\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts

    Question: Is this Mod Savegame compatible?

    Yes. The Mod only alters AI behaviour and Unit Stats.

    Is this Mod compatible with my other Mod?

    Yes! All Mods (that are in a proper mod-pack) run independently! Depending on the load order you set (using Mod Manager or the user.script_empire.txt file you can choose which mod is loaded first.
    Later loaded Mods will overwrite any changes they make. Reskins and other Optical Mods will have no effect on Darthmod, Quixotes Combat Overhaul will overwrite many Battle Changes if loaded after Darthmod.

    Question: Is the Mod compatible with the latest Patch (March 30th 2009)
    Answer: Yes.
    Last edited by Lowlander; March 31, 2009 at 05:34 PM.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Uhh...the MASTERS creation....testing now

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Aaaah, I've been waiting for this for a loooong time. Thanks a lot. Testing.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    hey darth varder

    nice work. i want more information though. i can wait since you have no time.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    guess i shall have to trust the dark side, it hasn't led me astray so far.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    While I trust the end result of your mods, I also have experience with your version control techniques. I shall await documentation to use, but will certainly download per your demand, my lord.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Eagerly awaiting documentation before download, but I expect good things.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Quote Originally Posted by DARTH VADER View Post
    Play enjoy and give feedback.
    I can do the first 2 but it's a little hard to give feedback without knowing what exactly you've done, I think I can be patient and wait for a little more info, I'm sure the end result will be pleasing as usual
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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    battles play much differently, every unit has increased range, including arty. i noticed the AI used their light inf to build stakes quite intelligently around their arty, though maybe ive never seen this until now.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    It would help if I knew the changes this mod made

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    I refuse to play any mod that just increases weapon range without ensuring accuracy suffers greatly. I feel with map sizes that it is un-period.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Quote Originally Posted by coman View Post
    I refuse to play any mod that just increases weapon range without ensuring accuracy suffers greatly. I feel with map sizes that it is un-period.
    Be assured that Darth most like included a massively decreased effectiveness with the increase in range. Most likely the closer you come the more accurate and deadly the volleys get.

    Darth, you recommended to use your preference settings that comes with the mod. Is there a reason to use the "small unit seize"? Otherwise I'll change it back to Ultra.

    I believe as well we are suppose to use your pre-set campaign difficulty?
    Most likely we will have to start a new campaing to fully enjoy it, as you said most of the pressing issues were addresed, of which many were related to the campaign map. E.g. AI handling of strategy and tactics on the campaign map.

    Otherwise I just plyed a quick battle and noticed quite a lot of enhancements towards the AI movements. Love the Light infantry now properly screening the main body, including placing stakes to the flank and rear when engagement is near at hand!!!

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    I like the changes does with range and formation,
    im not sure whats been done but with your preferences but this mod it brings my fps down to ~5 when before i could play everything on ultra at ~15.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    downloading tomorrow.

    just one question: where do i find this patch.pack? thanks for help.

    just free minds

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Lol...I wouldn't install a mod without knowing a single thing about it from too many people...trying it now.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Quote Originally Posted by DARTH VADER View Post
    I have no time to write.
    Documentation will follow.

    Trust the dark side until then.
    Hope you'll soon give information about the changes, Sith Lord! I'll never blindly trust the dark side... never!!! ( )

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Quote Originally Posted by G.Seimore View Post
    Be assured that Darth most like included a massively decreased effectiveness with the increase in range. Most likely the closer you come the more accurate and deadly the volleys get.
    I've not noticed any difference in effectiveness proportional to range (of course, I've been playing this mod). I've only noticed the multiplier (number of units), and increasing the resolution. I hope in campaign we'll se the real difference (I've not played campaign).
    And I think there is not any change in naval battles (I was hoping real movements of the ships).

    Anyway, I hope am wrong.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Hm.. You won't? At least, Good ol' master helmy won't do it. Unless he get's info about things..
    Interested in how Attila and the new LONGBEARDS DLC plays?

    Check out my Total War Attila: Jutes Let's Play:
    Check out my Total War Attila: The Langobards Let's Play:
    Total War: Attila with ERE vs Sassanids GEM at max settings:
    Total War: Rome II Medieval Kingdoms Mod Gameplay:

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire 0,1

    Quote Originally Posted by Chow_Total_War View Post
    I've not noticed any difference in effectiveness proportional to range (of course, I've been playing this mod).
    I recommend Quixote's Combat Overhaul for you. Maybe you've played it already, but there there's a big change between low range and long range musketry!

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