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Thread: Index of Gameplay & Strategy Guides (VIEW THIS BEFORE STARTING A NEW THREAD)

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    Icon1 Index of Gameplay & Strategy Guides (VIEW THIS BEFORE STARTING A NEW THREAD)

    Index of Gameplay & Strategy Guides

    Here's a link collection to various ETW guides / tips & strategy discussions to help everyone locate the most useful threads and prevent starting new threads on the same topic. Post here if you found a good thread that should be added. Mods should feel free to edit this post and update it with the latest guides.

    If you are about to write your own guide, please take a look at these tips.

    Please don't start a new thread on the same topic, but find and existing thread and make your post there. Thanks.

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    Faction tips & strategy discussions
    Austria Guide
    A Guide to Prussia
    A Guide to Great Britain
    A Guide to the Ottoman Empire
    A Guide to Spain
    Prussia - tips & strategies
    Russia - faction guide
    France - tips & strategies
    Great Britain - tips & strategies
    Marathas - tips & strategy
    Ottoman Empire - tips & strategies
    Poland - tips & strategies
    Spain - tips & strategies
    Portugal- tips & strategies
    Road to Independence campaign tips
    Sweden - tips & strategies
    United Provinces - tips and strategies
    The Pirates Thread
    Best Way To Start Out?
    Emergent Nations List
    ETW faction guides at the Org (also very good, comprehensive material)

    Campaign strategy discussions
    The Official ETW Gameplay Questions and Answers thread
    Gameplay Hints and Tips by Jack Lusted (CA member)
    General FAQ
    How to win India?
    Road to Independence Walkthrough
    How to dominate in the early years of the game
    ETW Turn Checklist
    How to defeat the France/Spain alliance?
    Imperator5089's Campaign Stategies
    Spraetter's Guide to Empire: Total War
    The Great E:TW Informative Thread
    An overall guide to the Grand Campaign on VH/VH

    Economy & Trade
    Trade - How does it work?
    Simple Trade Guide
    A Brief Economy Building Guide
    Company Man's Guide to ETW Economy

    Technology & Science
    Gentlemen & Stealing Technology
    Anyway to research TECH quicker?
    Rakes - Usage and Training
    Tech tree PDFs (see at the end of this post) - courtesy of [user]Kokonut666[/user]

    Diplomacy - how it works
    Post-war diplomacy
    How do you force a nation to become a protectorate

    How does one create a revolution?
    How to change government type?
    Revolution? How to handle it on rebels' side?

    Top 3 regions to colonize?

    Battle Planning & Strategy Discussions
    Land Battle Tips & Strategies
    Warclaw's Infantry Land Warfare Guide
    Twisted's Defensive Battle Formation
    Simple tactics to help those in need.
    Battle strategies
    Empire Armies Organiser
    Question : How To Win Battles
    Chasing down routers
    What are your Opening Moves?
    Land Battle Video Guides
    How to charge with cav
    How to beat Native Americans
    How to create a balanced army
    Deployable Defences

    Military units discussions
    Line Infantry Comparison
    Falling Line Strategy
    Light Infantry tactics
    How to use your Grenadiers
    ETW Unit Rosters
    Prussian Army Roster
    Ottoman Army Roster
    The Grand School of Cavalry
    Guerra's Cavalry Guide
    Royal Artillery School Guide
    Cannons Are Your Friends

    Naval battle discussions
    Naval Battles for Beginners
    Naval Tactics Thread
    A few tips for successful sea battles
    Naval Control and Double Line (video tutorial)
    Full Stack Naval Battles Strat/Formations

    Historical discussions (not gameplay related)
    Britain - Faction Discussion
    France - Faction Discussion
    Spain - Faction Discussion
    Poland - Faction Discussion
    Austria - Faction Discussion
    Prussia - Faction Discussion
    Sweden - Faction Discussion
    Russia - Faction Discussion
    Denmark - Faction Discussion
    Dutch Republic - Faction Discussion
    Ottoman Empire - Faction Discussion
    Somalia - Faction Discussion
    The Barbary States - Faction Discussion
    The 13 Colonies (United States) - Faction Discussion
    Hungary - Faction Thread
    Portugal - Faction Discussion
    A Guide to the Age of Sail

    Other useful links
    Best Mod Threads Library
    ETW Video Settings Guide
    Some Tips Making Guides.
    A complete list of all ETW regions
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    can you update it?
    What the hell happened to this WORLD?

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