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Thread: How does one create a revolution?

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    Default How does one create a revolution?

    Is it just by raising taxes high or is there some other method?

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    Default Re: How does one create a revolution?

    Pretty much neglegating a area i suppose, not building naything that the public will be positive to. And to possibly have that area exposed to conflict. Trying to force out the french revolution or what?

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    Default Re: How does one create a revolution?

    Build schools and philosophy techs, then raise taxes and move your garrisons to the countryside. Good idea to destroy any sort of happyness giving buildings like opera houses.

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    Default Re: How does one create a revolution?

    The few times I've had a revolution, and I've chosen the rebel side, I end up with the entire country against me and nothing to fight it with. Just a lone general with a couple of low-grade units to fight the rest of the world.

    Is there a way to tell what side has the "winning numbers" before you make the choice? It's not like the revolt gives you warning. I'd like to see what happens when a revolution takes hold, but so far it's not been possible.
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    To get an easy revolution make sure there are no military units in your capital. Then when your rebel "army" spawns near the town you will only have to fight against a very weak and token force.

    This worked easily for me as Sweden, the harder part was destroying all the +happy buildings i had created and watching all that gold burn to the ground.

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    Default Re: How does one create a revolution?

    lol how hard dont you think it was destroying starfort fortifecations and sommilier (the think after great parlament...) now im in the republic of england
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    Default Re: How does one create a revolution?

    I've found its easiest to start a revolution early in the game. For a Republic at least, lower the taxes on nobility all the way down and crank it all the way up on the poor. It will take three rounds; strike, riot, rebellion.

    As others above me have said, make sure you have your capital empty however, upon conquering and winning the rebellion there will be massive numbers of brigands outside most if not all of your conquered territories, so make sure you have enough garrison everywhere to push them off. Of course, early on this is really an effective way of reducing your territory and creating a sort of buffer zone against your enemies. Allows me to consolidate my forces a bit more and push out from there.

    I really like having a Republic. I have a government with a 90% approval rating and the management is top notch. Plus, if someone bad gets put into office they're gone in eight rounds anyway. It seems a lot easier to keep the populace happy too with fewer buildings and a moderate tax schedule. I haven't tried a Constitutional Monarchy yet, more or less because I'm not sure of how to get it!

    Generally speaking though, this is easiest at the very beginning before you start building a lot of happiness buildings or large garrisons, etc. Just be prepared for the consequences of fighting a near full stack of militia in every territory you own within the first 4 rounds of the game.
    "Those who have the command of the arms in a country are masters of the state, and have it in their power to make what revolutions they please. [Thus,] there is no end to observations on the difference between the measures likely to be pursued by a minister backed by a standing army, and those of a court awed by the fear of an armed people." - Aristotle

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    Default Re: How does one create a revolution?

    Yes, go new gvt early before you have large empire, makes thing much easier.

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    Default Re: How does one create a revolution?

    To get a constitutional monarchy, I'm pretty sure you have to make the lower classes rebel first to get a republic and then have the upper classes rebel. I did this with prussia and at first when I saw the flags were the same as if I had an absolute monarchy I thought I did it wrong but I checked the country info and sure enough it said constitutional monarchy. Another hint was after the 2nd revolution my relations with denmark, poland, and england shot up because of the +same government type bonus.

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    Default Re: How does one create a revolution?

    Do anything to raise unhappiness in your capital region. It will take three turns of red happiness(so try to have around -5 happiness, -2 or -1 will generally turn to yellow before a rebellion occurs) to get a rebellion to pop up. Make sure your other provinces don't rebel as well. If you don't want too big a hit to your economy, let them stay red for two turns, then switch off taxes. Either move your local army out of the province or disband it completely. The armies split upon the arrival of the revolution, but if there's no army, you get a decent one while the AI has only a few units of militia to defend the capital.

    Also, end the revolution as quickly as you can. The AI has full control of your empire and treasury while you're the rebels. It will do very stupid things.

    To replace a King or get an Absolute Monarchy: Raise taxes on Upper Class
    To replace a Republic or get a Republic: Raise taxes on the Lower or the case of a CM raise taxes on the Middle Class
    To get a Constitutional Monarchy you have to first be a Republic: Raise taxes on Middle Class

    One CM can not be replaced for another. You either become an AM or Rep. You can not go straight from AM to CM. Yes, I know, weird right? England did it, and while Jefferson liked to blame George, his real enemy was Parliament.

    Be aware that a radical change in government will create a massive diplomacy fall out. I think it's around -200 relation for a new Republic to all AM. It's not as bad a hit towards CM. On the plus side, any Republic will instantly love you.
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    Default Re: How does one create a revolution?

    You can Stop all taxes in every territory except capital to avoid rebels from arising.....You only need it to take place in your Capital. In addition to that I just Have no garrisoned troops destroy all buildings that create Happyness and raise taxes.....Sometimes you may need a school createing clamour for reform if that isnt enough. Viva la revalotion

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    Default Re: How does one create a revolution?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeohjie View Post
    ...while Jefferson liked to blame George, his real enemy was Parliament.

    In all my years of American History classes, I had never thought of it that way. Meetings in London where people decided my taxes and I am not invited!? I feel a lot better about my country now, thank you.

    If only there was a way to choose the % of the tax, like from 0 to 100.
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