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Thread: Empire Bug Report Thread

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    Icon4 Re: Empire Bug Report Thread

    In Diplomacy screen when trading Technology, the Philosophy tab of techs is missing, and kinda can be seen under the Military tab. As far as I could pinpoint, it happens when the other side has Industrial and Military tech to offer and I have Military tech to offer too, this makes the Philosophy tab "hidden" and missing. In negotiations the other side can still request those hidden Philosophy techs I have, but I can not offer them because can't click on that tab.

    Here's how it looks, a tab under a tab:

    Searched for any info on this, but couldn't find any. Please help.

    Edit: After some time I noticed that this is not the only scenario for the bug, and found this old description of it:

    I wonder if this bug can be fixed at all, since even in DarthMod it hasn't been fixed. Any info on this is much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Empire Bug Report Thread

    Destroyed plantations and fur buildings provide town wealth. Also they provide town wealth without no ability to export those resources. I did some testing, and it seems it does not depend on territory, settlements just keep receiving town wealth without exporting resources (either because of destroyed buildings, or no trade partners/open trade routes, or both).

    It's like the game can not comprehend war disruption of trade.

    Here's an example: fur market in Finland region is providing wealth to the settlement despite being wrecked. Here's the savefile:

    So any suggestions are appreciated.
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