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Thread: Empire Bug Report Thread

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    Battles run perfect on ultra, campaign map locks my comp, god damnit.
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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    my game is not loading correctly. same problem i had with the demo, it loads halfway then the bar starts skipping back and forth and i can hear the adviser talking in the background but it stays in a flickering loading screen. below are my computers specs:
    as far as i can tell i meet all the minimum requirements, and i have all the settings turned all the way down at this point. Can anyone offer some advice please?

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    I discovered that when using cavalry vs cavalry for example they run towards eachother like they have a bolt of lighting coming out their behind. hehe. And on inpact they suddenly just stop from max speed to 0 just like that. If they had done that in real life they would have been thrown out of the saddle. hehe

    Can anyone tell me if this is a bug or just poor game design?

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    soldiers will change stances so quickly that it looks like they have almost teleported.

    2. you can hear 'hidden units' marching

    drummers also sometimes do not listen to commands and continue walking off from the halted unit

    ANIMATION BUGS: an officer will draw his pistol go to fire but no bullet,smoke or sound is heard or seen, the animation then loops until you issue the 'halt' or another commander to then he will draw his pistol correctly and fire if he isn't moved too far out of place. he also does not reload. the animation bassically stops right at the very end and no bullet or sound smoke etc comes out and it just repeats.

    MORE BUGS: from a small distance american long rifles and other units will look like they are wearing round hats but after zooming in a short way their hats will change to tricorns, also navy wise the marines have white hats but once you zoom in they turn black. (sprite issues?) corpses will also sometimes float in the air on land. also the flag will sometimes 'leave' the flagpole and it will look like the flagbearer is holding a spear.

    Cavalry issues: when cavalry passes through other units the cavalry will slide the freindly backwards, and also genurally alot of units sort of slide about..

    the drummer will drum occasionally with no sound

    soldiers can drown in some watery areas(up to their knees)

    i have set the unit detail thing to 'version 2' or maybe it is just a glitch in the game, playing the demo this time around ALL units like officers drummers cavalry ect have black swords, jet black.
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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    I've seen the "sliding" soldiers bug a few times.

    Extremely low FPS on battles with Native Americans.

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread


    The HUD is fine but as you can see the actual game play graphics look psychedelic and those colors just flash all over the place. Does ANYONE know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?

    PC specs:

    Intel dual 3.2 GHZ
    P5Q Deluxe mobo
    4 gigs of DDR2
    ATI 4850HD
    On-board sound
    Vista 32bit home

    Had to use camera since I have no idea how to take a SS and where it is stored.

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    -Sound lagging in video.
    -Sound of units lagging.
    -Having trade ship on trade icon, but doesnt make any income, nor create traderoute. aslo couldnt move the ship, only could sink it.
    -Defeating every unit of the map, but not getting victory screen. Then you have to quit game and accept close defeat (+ population morale loss)

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    I got a few,

    - On the campaign map, when you move your units out of a city, you can't move them into an army straight away
    - Clicks on agents don't always register (keep on send my entire garrison out instead of the agents)
    - Strange performance lags in seige battles, just suddenly become really laggy
    - Campaign Map poor Performance

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    On the campaign map all the factions's ship's flags flash between their own flag and the pirate flag.
    Game freezes occasionaly when I move the camera.

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    Flag marker settings for the battlefield keep resetting to "always" in practice at the start of a new battle, even when "never" has been selected and still shows as "never" selected in the options.

    Advice option always resets to "speech & text" even when "speech" is selected when moving between campaign or battlefield.

    Poor performance of campaign map.

    Occasional ctd experienced, only happened on the battlefield. Would simply get an out of the blue "Empire exe has stopped working" type error message. This was whilst using 182.06 drivers. Now appears resolved by running in Windows XP compatability mode under Vista 32bit Home Premium and surprisingly running 182.08 drivers on hardware in sig. Not able to confirm which of the 2 changes fixed the stability, as I'm not going to revert back now its stable. My rig is not overclocked btw and is supremely stable as a norm.

    Thanks for a fantastic game. My childhood fantasies are now being fulfilled. Superb stuff.

    Looking forward to the refining patches.
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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    The unit model things on the campaign map all look like chocalte soldiers from the demo. Spies, gentlemen, armies all do it. Well, actually, the ships and building dont do it. Again, on the campaign map.

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    I've just discovered a bug on the campaign map.

    If you take two armies and attack an enemy army from either flank, the sword attack animation will become confused. The defending army will deflect the sword attack from the first army and then suddenly turn around and deflect one from the other army, but it will become stuck and it will cause your 2nd attacking army to jitter and glitch uncontrollably until you begin the battle.
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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    About 100 turns into a gc, some countries can take 5 min to process there turns even though they are not doing anything while the rest take minimal time.

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    several units respond with "Highlanders!" when you select them, when they obviously are anything but.

    please consider taking another look at the diplomatic offers from other factions that involve asking for one of your regions. they ask for the same place every single turn, it's harassment. : P

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    my problem until now is just the missing sounds of units (gun fire, horses, etc), how to fix it?
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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    hi, it seems none of you are getting CTD in grand campaign, true?

    I got a notorious ctd playing Russia,

    and now playing British Empire, when i cornered huron conf, and repelled theirs attack on that fort, wich became invisible in next turn, whatever i will do i get the ctd, i managed to pass one round when i removed my troops from their teritory, but now the same...

    anyone any suggestions?


    i succesfully played the french campaing with no major problems... just to easy settings so switched to hard ( campaign )

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    artillery refers to themselves as highlanders sometimes.

    campagin map is laggy

    in stone forts attackers sometimes clip though the wall when climbing up.

    this is a very bug free tw.

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    I've had just a few hiccups.

    1. When moving in the campaign map, I get some blue... stuff. Dunno how to describe it.

    2. That same blue stuff turns up during naval battles.

    3. General stopping and starting.

    4. Iroquois sappin' mah framerate!

    5. Sound delays, confirmation sound, firing sound, and movement sound all lag.

    Note: The first three problems seem to be fixed when I go into slow motion. None of these problems (sound aside) were experienced when I played online.

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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    Game has been playing pretty smoothly for me all in all.

    Except for when I play as the British. I've started three campaigns with them so far, plays through just fine until 1708-1712, then during the AI turn it crashes to desktop. If I reload the save game from that year and end the turn, it crashes again. From reading other peoples similar issue it seems to be early in the 1700's, maybe from a particular event in the game?

    But in regards to a few other things I've read.

    Ships flags changing from X nation to pirate flag- Only seen this when they are raiding trade routes. Feature not a bug, unless this is happening when not on trade routes.

    All enemies killed but can't get the end battle screen to pop up- Sometimes units are still garrisoned in a building but their flag will not show on top of the building, a mouseover will show a garrison number though.
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    Default Re: The official bug reporting thread

    I just had a new one,

    Guns positioned in front of my units on slight uphill (negligent %) enemy units straight in front.

    Looks something like this :

    .I. .I. .I. .I. .I. .I.

    1st canon is firing 90%left of itself, #2,3,4,5 fire right infront into ground and #6 is firing 90% right????

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