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Thread: da mod vundabar! but simple question?

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    Icon11 da mod vundabar! but simple question?

    I love the mod! first mod to actually set Milan( my fav` vanilla faction ) in a geographic situation where it does not have too immediatly seize venice! and then attack the holy roman empire to get a foothold in the game you need at least ten regions to be any where in the top 5 and if your not their b4 the late era it is practically unwinnable at that point! but so far I have remained in the top all the way up until gunpowder and been allied with both venice and the holy roman empire! simple request and if it is too involved or just something I should have known better than to ask thank you for the f#$% kick a@# mod anyway! this was one of the mods I most anticipated! much better than I expected and I expected alot! only complaint no Firenze was looking foward to playiing as them won`t cry though Milan got two more rebel settlements to capture! so querry is: is it possible for me to change Milan and its units to purple?

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    This is my first post since my son was born on Tuesday. As such, my time for modding is decreasing.

    We had originally planned to use Florence as a faction, when we thought the limit was 32 rather than 31. In the future, I may decide to change Milan to Florence, since they would be more historically accurate for this period.

    Changing the color of the faction to a purple shade seems like it should be easy, but it is a rather complex process. Try to find a tutorial on skinning units in the tutorial section of the main forum. If that seems like too much to handle, it is possible that another mod might already have the colors you are looking for. If so, it would just be a matter of renaming those textures to match the Milan faction.

    I hope that helps somewhat.

    PS I'm glad that you are enjoying the mod.
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    Default Re: da mod vundabar! but simple question?

    thank you for your answer and congratz on your son you have been anticipating his birth for for a while and finally it has happened well good thing I wish you and your family wonderful things! there is a mod which does do what I want but it is in Italian "Machiavello 5.0" it iis a great mod but it is unstable after playing a sort time it gets corrupted and will crash every time so i think I will pursue your first suggestion and delve into "skinning" I should get my feet wet so to speak because I have other ideas as well like being able to choose on the first turn whether your factions economy will be mercantile or feudal/agricultural when your princess successfully marries a foriegn general and he comes into your faction you also get the units that where under his command so say a french princess successfully maarriies a hungarian general who was in command of three units of magyar cavalry and four unitxss of croat axemen fraance aquirres those units the only thing that changes is those units are now blue like france and use french banners and sheilds also courtezans who can manage bordellos and when a bordello has a courtezan it can be taxed more importaantly these courtezans can have stong influence over ciivil order/unrest and go missions to incite foriegn governors to rebel from their king and many more ideas but thank you for the answer to my question I will pursue it.

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